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OPERATION RESEARCH|| Introduction|| definition||phases||applications||scope||uses and limitations

Hi everyone welcome to smart class. Today’s topic is quantitative techniques uses of operational research, uses of operations research and operations research uses of operational research, uses of operations research. The agenda for today’s class is introduction and different phases of our scope applications and uses and limitations of or tarring with the introduction of operational research uses of operational research, uses of operations research what is operational research uses of operational research, uses of operations research we can describe a war or operation research uses of operational research, uses of operations research a systematic approach to solving problems. It uses one or more analytical tools in the process of analysis it also uses variety of mathematical techniques uses of operational research, uses of operations research for problem solving on to obtain an optimum solution. It is the organized application of modern science mathematics and computer techniques uses of operational research, uses of operations research in various fields the purpose is to provide explicit quantitative understanding and assessment of complex situations for activity at best is first definition is or is the scientific method of providing executors with an analytical and objective basis for decision making coming to the second definition or is a systematic method oriented study of the basic structures characteristics functions relationships of an organization to provide the executive with in scientific and quantitative basis for the decision-making we have done with the introduction and definitions of what we are moving ahead with phases of our the falling and the different phases. Involved in this theory of o’er the first phase is formulating the problem here more than the general problem such as increasing the productivity and dealing the problem with the quality we also have to be very clear with what is the specific problem. That is involved with that. So in this phase we have three components to be paid attention that is the first component statement of unambiguous objective it is important to define the scope of objective along with a specification in order to establish limits for the analysis to be carried out though the entire system level solution is desirable it is not always possible. May be unrealistic at time so we have to focus on particular portion or level of system by isolating it and analyzing it completely this is effective.

Even with large and complex systems example to minimize total production cost at pull ahead with the second component specification of factors that will affect the objective. Here we discuss about the alternative courses of action that can be controlled by a decision maker and the uncontrollable factors which are not under the control of the decision maker. Example in a production environment the planned production rates can be controlled but the actual market demand may be unpredictable. The idea here is to form an comprehensive list of all alternative actions that can be taken by decision maker and that will then have an effective on the stated objets take an example for a third component in a production environment. The availability of resources may set a limit to the production and what level the production can be achieved so for this a better idea could be to take down. What is the availability. And what is the requirements and controller objective accordingly which may result in more optimality. So now we have covered the first phase of our that is nothing but formulating the problem we also discuss a different components involved with the formulating problem. Moving ahead with the second phase of or that is construction of models so why we need models are basically built for the better understanding of the problem and which in turn helps us to analyze a problem in a much more easier way so what is models models are nothing but they are the Selective abstraction of the reality where we take a particular topic or a concern. The part of the problem here. I am only mentioning the different types of model. I am NOT going to discuss in detail since that will take very long time its mu head with the third phase of work that is deriving the solution from the model in the first phase we have formulated the problem and we have a clear understanding. What is the problem here and in the second phase based on the problem we come up with the model for the better analysis of the problem so in the third phase with the model which you have developed.

We are going to derive the solution for the problem. Here there are two types of techniques uses of operational research, uses of operations research which have been used one assimilation technique and one more is optimum seeking techniques uses of operational research, uses of operations research simulation techniques uses of operational research, uses of operations research are nothing but which are carried out on simulation models so that are nothing but the computer programs which have been run for different various values in various scenarios and to get the best results out of it and optimum seeking techniques uses of operational research, uses of operations research are basically carried out on the mathematical models and different mathematical techniques uses of operational research, uses of operations research have been used to get the optimum results out of them again here in this optimum seeking technique. I am just giving you the brief idea of basic idea. There’s much more to be discussed. On optimum seeking techniques uses of operational research, uses of operations research much more terminologies has to be on we have arrived to the next phase that is testing the model and its solution that is nothing but updating the model it’s very important to test whether our model and the solution derived from the model is meeting with the requirements and it is solution to the problem which we have derived so it is important to check it and to correct it if in case it is not meeting. The requirements to the last and final step in the process is to implement the final recommendation and establish control over it implementation here means there a set of people who work on bringing up the manuals or the guides which are involved for the particular model and so this team basically come up with the different. News & timetable for putting the plan into effect so later once this implementing is done. It’s very important to monitor the system and to check how this implementation or all these planning has come into force monitoring plays a very important role here phases of oil moving here with scope of war. Let’s see where all we can use over in an organization.

There may be a possibility. That technicians administrators statisticians and economists may work together to solve a particular problem using one the different fields where or has been useful our agriculture finance research uses of operational research, uses of operations research and development marketing personal management and production management. These are few fields only there so many other fields where who are still useful. Let’s go ahead with the applications of four here are few applications scheduling airlines including both planes in crew desiring the appropriate place to site new facilities such as warehouse factory or fire station managing the flow of water from reservoirs. Identifying the possible future development paths for parts of the telecommunication industry establishing the information needs an appropriate system to supply them within the health service. Identifying and understanding these strategies are adopted by companies for their information system the uses and limitations of our uses. It provides a logical and systematic approach to a problem. It allows modification of mathematical solution before it is in use read course of action for the same management facilitates improved quality of decision leads to optimum use of managers. Production factors indicates the scope as well as the limitation of a problem. Let’s see what are the limitations involved with au or requires use calculation which cannot be handled manually required computer and resulting in heavy cost at times the implementation of or mainly depends on the person who provides the solution and the person who uses the solution models are only idealized representation of reality and cannot be regarded as absolute in any case so this completes the video regarding the basics of our hope it provided you with some basic idea of operations as Early’s let me know any suggestion in the comment bar. Please share the video if you like thank you.

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