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How to write an introduction to a thesis or research paper (4 key elements you MUST include)

A very important element of your paper thesis research, thesis in research or your  thesis is the introduction. It’s really really   important because this is arguably one of the  first things that your reader will come into   contact with when they start reading your paper thesis research, thesis in research or  thesis. This is also the place where you establish   the context, where you interest the reader, and  when you state the aim of your paper thesis research, thesis in research. So obviously   it is very very important. That’s why I want to  give you four necessary elements that you need   to include in your introduction section. This  will help you write your introduction much much   faster because you will have an easy-to-follow  templates that you can basically use to write   your introduction, and it will also make your  introduction much better organized and clearer   for the reader. So let’s get started! Before we  get into it, don’t forget to hit that subscribe   button and that little bell button so you don’t  miss any of my future videos. And if you’re new   here, my name is Marek Kiczkowiak and I run where I help university   students and researchers write better thesis and  paper thesis research, thesis in researchs. So what are the four necessary elements   that you need to include in an introduction? And  I’m saying necessary because every introduction   regardless of the field that you’re in, whether  you’re doing molecular biology, nuclear physics,   English language teaching, or anthropology, or  whatever else you’re doing, each thesis or paper thesis research, thesis in research   each introduction will have these four elements in  the order that I’m going to give them to you. So   the first element is establishing the importance  of the topic. This kind of includes as well   providing the background and the context for your  study, but very very importantly, you need to show   us why this particular thing that you’re doing is  important. The importance can be for society in   general, for example water shortages have become  one of the major problems that many countries in   the world are dealing with.

So you can use phrases  like a major problem, a major cause of. Another   very typical phrase is play an important role in.  You can also establish the importance of the topic   for your discipline and for your researchers. So  there are different ways in which you can do this,   but that’s definitely the first element that every  good introduction needs to have. Now afterwards   you need to briefly review the literature.  Now a quick a quick side note here: so some   introductions will contain the full literature  review and in other fields the introduction and   literature review will be separate. Whatever  the case may be in your particular field,   and always check with other paper thesis research, thesis in researchs or check with  your supervisor, check other theses that have   been written to see what people do in your field,  but whatever the case might be, you still need to   briefly review the literature in your introduction  after having established the importance of the   topic. So you need to basically tell us what  is already known about the topic, what the   researchers have found about this particular topic  that you’re doing. And remember: you’ve got to be   very very specific here because you don’t really  have much space in the introduction, so pick the   studies very very carefully. Element number three  is to establish the research gap. So first you’ve   presented what is already known about the topic,  right, and then you tell us what is still lacking:   the research gap. And this is very very important  because if you don’t have a research gap you don’t   have an aim, and this means you don’t really  have a thesis or a paper thesis research, thesis in research. There are different   ways of presenting the research gap, and I’ve  explained them in another video, you can find   a link right below here, but one of the main ways  is to show that for example there has been a lack   of research in a particular geographical region,  or a lack of particular type of research that   has used a particular methodology.

Another way of  establishing the research gap might be for example   to point out what the problems or limitations are  with the previous studies. And finally the last   element that every every introduction needs to  have, element number four, is obviously stating   the research aim. There are three main ways in  which you can do this, and I posted another video   about this earlier on, and you can see the link  right below here, but just very quickly, the first   way would be to state it as an aim, as a statement  of aim. So this paper thesis research, thesis in research aims to… You could also   write research questions, and then finally you  could write it as a hypothesis or a prediction. So   just to sum up, the four elements that you really  must include in every introduction to a paper thesis research, thesis in research or   thesis 1) are establishing the importance of the  topic 2) presenting what is already known, so   briefly reviewing the literature 3) establishing  the research gap and then finally element number   four 4) stating the aim of your paper thesis research, thesis in research. So if you  follow these tips and these elements one by one,   it will be much easier to write your introduction.  You will write it faster and it will be much   better organized as well. If you want more tips  like that and you want to start improving your   academic English right now, then definitely take  a look at my instant better academic writing   challenge where in just 10 minutes a day for the  next five days you can significantly improve your   academic writing and write better thesis and  paper thesis research, thesis in researchs, and the link is right below this video.

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