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Hello and welcome back to the publishing book publisher in delhi, publisher names push channel here. We focus on helping authors with their publishing book publisher in delhi, publisher names journey giving you tools tips resources and important industry knowledge to help you push your book and your writing career form. If you don’t already please make sure to follow us on instagram twitter. Uh of course subscribe here on youtube. Do please like the video if you enjoy. It helps tremendously so we can share with more authors today. I’m going to talk to you about the publishing book publisher in delhi, publisher names process and i’m going to split it down step by step so from book submission right through to publishing book publisher in delhi, publisher names what the steps are. This will apply whether you are diy. You know if you’re doing it all yourself if you’re using a self-publishing book publisher in delhi, publisher names company such as ourselves or if you are going the traditional route these processes these steps will remain relatively the same. There might be a few small changes here and there but this will give you a good overview and a good understanding of the steps involved step one is of course quite self-explanatory it’s your manuscript so the most important part of this entire process is making sure that we have a manuscript to start with or you have a manuscript to start with and of course from there we can then do the next step so what we need is for that manuscript to be submitted. Of course it doesn’t have to be polished by no means should a first draft be polished. But we have the submission. The story is there you know all the main elements are there and then it can go from there on to the next steps. Step two is editing. So this is where an editor will go through your book and of course help you with the elements that can be improved upon and all books will have elements that can be improved upon as the author. Often we get very deep into the book we understand the story intimately but the editor is a checkpoint to just say you could explain this character in more depth. This scene in particular doesn’t make sense. I think you need more dialogue here or less dialogue.

There they’re just going to help you mold it from a great story into a fantastic book. If you choose to work with a company such as yourselves publishing book publisher in delhi, publisher we actually provide a free review service at the start of the process where we will actually review the first 10 000 words of your book and give you honest feedback about whether you need proofreading editing. You know not all books need it. There’s no obligation. You can take that information and do with it as you wish or of course you know if you choose to work with us fantastic on to step number three so step number. Three is proofreading and all these elements are crucial to the success of your book but proofreading is often quoted by readers as one of the biggest turn-offs so if they’re going through a book and they find a huge number of errors just an avalanche of errors typos. Things like that. They’re going to switch off really fast. And what may have been a five-star review because they really like the story the characters could end up being a three star review or potentially worse just because there are so many typos and issues. And we’ve seen this happen so proofreading is something that we really encourage authors to spend the money on for example most authors wouldn’t dream of creating their own cover design because they’re not designers similarly a proofreader is a specialist profession so they have a way a technique. They’ve been trained. They know how to proofread really well. They go line by line so i would highly recommend that you invest in that service. It is worth the money step. Number four is of course your book cover so your book cover is what is going to draw readers into your book when they are you know. On amazon they’re scrolling scrolling scrolling looking for something that jumps out captures their attention. That is your book cover so the way to think about your book cover is. It’s really the front door that lets people in. And then they will take a look.

See what the blurb is about the description look at your reviews and then of course make a decision. Should i buy this book or not. So book cover is extremely important again. Don’t try and do this yourself unless you’re a very talented designer. Leave this up to an expert designer. Who can design something incredible for you step number five is interior formatting or typesetting we actually have a full video all about type setting and the 10 rules. You need to follow when type sending your book. Uh link up here ding to go ahead and watch that video but not until of course we have finished all the steps in the publishing book publisher in delhi, publisher names process type. Setting is really important because again this is going to determine how much someone enjoys your book from. How readable the book is so. It’s often something that we overlook because we think well the story is fantastic. That’s going to carry people through but actually if as we mentioned before proofreading their errors if the type setting isn’t well done again you will come up against this problem where there’s just too much resistance and so people will think oh. This is too much effort and again you might get a bad review because of it and typesetting as well is incredibly important if you have images in your book more graphics. It’s more heavy. From a design perspective. There are tools and apps and things like that that will help you with you know your average 70 000 word text novel but even those i have seen the books that have come out of them. It’s just you know again. It’s just it’s something that’s not worth saving that little bit of money. Um you’re much better off having a professional do this and then you know it’s going to look fantastic when it is released step number six is approval. So if you’re working with us and this will be the case with most other companies and of course if you’re doing it yourself well then it’s only you who will be you will be approving your own work um but if you work with us we get to the approval process and that is where authors then approve the cover design and the interior files and they say yes.

I’m happy with those. They’ve seen a pdf proof and they’ve seen a pdf proof copy of the book so they know how it’s going to look um when it is released and approval of course is really important because it lets us know we can move on to the next steps. If you’re enjoying this video please do make sure to subscribe turn the notification bell on click like if you are enjoying the video and go and check out some of our other videos we have a huge amount of videos to help authors. We also have some author resources in the links down below uh free resources on book marketing and a legal guide as well for self-published authors step number seven is the upload so the upload is where the book is uploaded to distributors so we upload the book onto a variety of distribution websites and then the book gets sent out to retailer the upload to the distributor is of course incredibly important. That’s where we input all the metadata that is where we input your keywords your description and we set the ink quality paper quality sizing all these different elements. This is where it all really comes together. We also add your pricing in there and it’s at this stage that we can give you accurate pricing on. You know what your book is going to be sold for what your royalties are going to be all those different elements. We can then be really accurate at that. Point the reason this is on a slightly different tangent but the reason we can’t give completely accurate pricing until the end we can give an estimate but it’s because the price of ink paper due to supply and demand is always fluctuating. So you will get variations from time to time so when we potentially quote for work and quote from producing a book the price to print that book may have changed a little bit by the time it gets published. That just gives you some idea again. Comment below if you’d like a full video on how the pricing economics work okay.

Step number eight is then distribution so this is where the book is live with retailers. If you’re working with a company like ourselves we publish to amazon waterstones smiths barnes and noble walmart. The list is absolutely endless. There’s a full list on our website of all the outlets to be published too again. I’ll pop a link down below but that is where it hits retailers websites and of course people can actually go and purchase the book again working with a company like ourselves they will actually be able to purchase in store as well. We hope you have enjoyed this video about the publishing book publisher in delhi, publisher names process and the steps involved. If you have any other questions related to the contents of this video drop us a comment below again like subscribe and we will see you oh.

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