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AI Banned By Science Journals

Major science journals for artificial intelligence, predatory journals list have banned the use of chat gbt or other artificial intelligence from scientific writing as many of you may know AI has been widely used in various Industries including research journals for artificial intelligence, predatory journals list programming and journalism however concerns have been raised about the potential for it to perpetuate bias and inaccuracies in scientific writing and in particular the role that it may play in plagiarism and whether or not an AI can be credited as an author on a piece of scientific literature so what are the reasons behind the ban in AI for scientific writing why can’t AI be an author and will we ever see AI blr back let’s discuss it the type of artificial intelligence like chat GPT are large language models or llms which use various machine learning techniques to train a network on a very large set of text to be able to mimic written language this results in their awe-inspiring ability to generate grammatically correct well-written text on almost any topic but this leads to many problems in the academic space for starters these tools are so good at writing or summarizing texts that it can be very difficult to identify what is written by an AI and what is written by a human we’ll discuss how we can do this later in the video but I think you can already see how this is an issue for assignments involving essays leading to serious problems of how to structure assignments such that students are unable to cheat using AI tools however let’s stick to the conversation about scientific research journals for artificial intelligence, predatory journals list there are three main issues that arise from AI written research journals for artificial intelligence, predatory journals list papers 1. the perpetuation of false information 2. plagiarism and three authorship so let’s discuss each of these in detail to begin with let’s discuss the perpetuation of false information anyone that has used chat gbt or other similar AI tools knows how it can give a response to almost any question but that doesn’t mean that the response is accurate for things like programming these tools can be very accurate at producing code.

That does what you want and works or at least it’s very close but in science close is not good enough we need absolute accuracy here is an example of where I asked it to describe two-dimensional magnetic materials with some references most of what it writes is correct but some of the information is incorrect or misleading and fails to represent the field well likewise some of the references are not correct they seem to be mashing multiple papers together to fit the narrative if people were to use this to perform a literature review or to help write text there is a chance of getting things incorrect furthermore if there is already false information out there these AI tools may just replicate these falsehoods which was certainly not something that we want in scientific Communication in summary the AI tools that we have available to us are not accurate enough for the standards of science this will likely change in the future but for now it must be used with a lot of caution the second issue is plagiarism just like when writing an essay at school in science you can’t just copy texts written by other people in many people’s view these AI tools are the epitome of plagiarism the AI is producing some text because it copied it from some other text I think this does somewhat do the AI some injustice You could argue that we only produce text based off what we have read or heard as well and very few people are actually generating new ideas or describing them in a fundamentally new way but it still does raise the question for the AI if you can’t be sure that the AI hasn’t plagiarized the work then you can’t use it Holden Thorpe the editor-in-chief of science said this on the issue the use of AI generated text without proper citation could be considered plagiarism science journals for artificial intelligence, predatory journals list ask you to confirm that the work is original and to them chat GPT does not fall under this the last issue is about authorship on pre-publication websites there have already been multiple papers.

That have chat gbt as a co-author on the paper but the question is can an AI at least at the level of AI that we have accessible to us now actually be counted as an author authorship in science requires contribution to the scientific content not just writing some well phrased sentences and it is hard to argue that these AI tools actually contributed scientifically additionally authorship in a paper has with it responsibility magnolena Skipper who is the editor-in-chief of nature in London said this on the issue an attributation of authorship carries with it accountability for the work which cannot be effectively applied to llms such as chat GPT last to be an author you have to give your consent and it is hard to argue that these tools can actually give this consent so where does this leave us in terms of AI nature journals for artificial intelligence, predatory journals list have now laid down two principles about the use of AI in research journals for artificial intelligence, predatory journals list papers first no llm tool will be accepted as accredited author on the research journals for artificial intelligence, predatory journals list paper second research journals for artificial intelligence, predatory journals listers using llm tools should document their use in the methods or acknowledgment sections so it would seem like AIS can’t be an author and we shouldn’t use them to write scientifically well at least there’s not a complete census on this yet with some journals for artificial intelligence, predatory journals list saying you can’t use them another saying that you need to acknowledge that you did but can we even detect if someone has used these tools the answer is yes at least for now and even this is tentative tools like chat gp2 have patterns in the way that they write which comes down to patterns from the large catalog of text that they’ve learned from and certain tools can detect this but this is going to get a lot harder over time either AI tools need to include watermarks so that we can detect when someone has used generated text or we will need to potentially constantly train AIS to detect if other AIS have written the text a constant Battle of AIS but not all artificial intelligence is bad for science check out this video about.

Research journals for artificial intelligence, predatory journals list where scientists used artificial intelligence tools to help them simulate a wormhole on a quantum computer.

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