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Be Careful of Packt Publishing

Um so i every time every time somebody recommended impact publishing packt publishing, suraj paper solapur uh for some books packt publishing, suraj paper solapurabout kernel development and discord channel and which is cool so it says currently watching a couple months rob mentioned one of the best ways to learn c would be to write your own links kernel module publishing packt publishing, suraj paper solapurs. I still stand by that. Um i wrote a hello world. Kernel module publishing packt publishing, suraj paper solapur like in 96. I want to say i felt so proud. Uh that i could never do it again. I have to like study so i looked around amazon recently because so there it looks like sennett was looking for resources here. Uh linux kernel programming it converts to the guideline kernels writing kernel module publishing packt publishing, suraj paper solapurs. I have a number of variables still on it because i keep saying myself. I’m going to do it someday. Uh kernel internals. Writing kernel module publishing packt publishing, suraj paper solapurs current synchronization might be a good book on the topic. If you really hate yourself there’s even another book part. Two linux kernel programming part two uh character device drivers and kernel synchronization. I mean this stuff is is deep and fun and awesome and i really love it and then i saw this packed publishing packt publishing, suraj paper solapur all the code for the book can be found here now. I need to make a video about this without it being an endorsement. So i have to tell you a story okay. So once upon a time i mean i’ve been writing a lot. Uh in different forms through the last 20 something years and one day uh i was writing a blog packt publishing, suraj paper solapur. You know regularly writing about this. I was just saying this is 2014. This is after i started skill stack. I took some retirement money out and started my own mentored community private medical community um and i started writing a lot. I started writing blog packt publishing, suraj paper solapurs um it was this is pre medium. Even this was back when i was writing a jekyll blog packt publishing, suraj paper solapur. I discovered jekyll and get a pretty fun way to do it anyway. So uh and i had you know taught summer camps and stuff like that for game programming at university college et cetera. And and um all of a sudden somebody from pack publishing packt publishing, suraj paper solapur uh contacts me on i remember if it was the email or linkedin but they they contacted me and they said we’ve read your blog packt publishing, suraj paper solapur and you’re writing and we really really really want you to write a book for us and i was like well.

What’s the book and i said it doesn’t matter. What book do you want to write. I was like what and and immediately all kinds of alarm bells went off and i was like and actually at the time i had some packed publishing packt publishing, suraj paper solapur books packt publishing, suraj paper solapurright. Uh the one book that i had was i. It was game maker language. Actually i remember right. Uh which was if you don’t know game development game maker it’s really great to get kids started even though it’s a proprietary language. I don’t use it anymore. I’d rather use you know something like oh god i don’t know anything else. Uh phaser three or something anyway. So i’m reading through the book and i’m like okay. This is good and then but and and i. I don’t remember what i did. I don’t remember it. It’s a horrible story because i can’t remember but but the bottom line is then. I started looking at packed publishing packt publishing, suraj paper solapur. In general i was like what’s going on with this company and it quickly became obvious uh and every year since then this has been confirmed that pact publishing packt publishing, suraj paper solapur has a very specific business model their model is uh flatter as many techies with basic writing skills as we can get them to write books packt publishing, suraj paper solapuras fast as possible. Uh beat other edited uh publications to print. This is their business model. I am a hundred percent convinced at this point that this is packed. Publishing packt publishing, suraj paper solapur‘s business model. They are the fraudsters of the publishing packt publishing, suraj paper solapur world. Who will rush first of all they are constantly spamming people on linkedin. I when i actually shared this story with uh some other people and they had shared with me. Uh i wish i could remember the name of the person on linkedin and this is before i drop lincoln. And um i’m thinking here what was but they had been approached and they they had been approached to do the same thing and like yeah.

It was kind of weird. They just said they wanted me to write a book. So they’re kind of like this sleazy uh uh kind kind of like the sleazy recruiters from linkedin but for authors so so you know they spam everybody they they say. Hey we got this great job for you. It doesn’t have anything to do with your resume. You know what i’m talking about. That’s why i’m off linkedin and there’s great recruiters out there believe me. I don’t want to disparage the whole recruiting community. There’s the one that’s helped me get my job. Currently i love him and i would happily send anybody to him. But but it’s hard and so there’s like a lot of sleazy recruiters out there and there’s a lot of sleazy uh publishers packt publishing, suraj paper solapur. Out there and pact is probably the sleaziest now. Does that mean that. There’s all the material that’s from slack is bad no in fact uh you know occasionally uh occasionally something good comes from slack. Uh and it’s usually because they got lucky. Oh hey yeah we got it. We got uh we got some good publisher uh from an author not packed so it’s not packed they don’t get the credit for it. Uh but so. I’m just telling you right now when you’re going to reach for a book so you know prefer other publishers packt publishing, suraj paper solapur okay. So there are many other more reputable publishers packt publishing, suraj paper solapur. Even though o’reilly has really gone downhill in. My opinion o’reilly has gone crazy. Crazy downhill since the since when i started in the 90s and they don’t have nearly the level of editing. Uh focus that they used to have before um and and i think that they’re probably getting you know pulled into the mud by these other publishers packt publishing, suraj paper solapur or beating everybody to market by doing stuff really quickly and they’re still fighting in a game where you know. There’s a lot of open content now right so prefer uh more established publishers packt publishing, suraj paper solapur. Uh the more established publishers packt publishing, suraj paper solapur. Who actually uh edit books. Uh have editors so one of the things that i noticed was packed. Um uh uh brother uh yeah uh. Let’s see skip the editing process entirely.

Uh skip the uh time wasting uh editors in the process. I mean the you. If you’ve read a pact book you know. I mean some of the books packt publishing, suraj paper solapurthat i’ve read from pact have like they’re just ripe with like spelling errors and technical inaccuracies. Nobody even did minimal vetting of the content at all. There’s nothing uh they’re not just beginner. Books packt publishing, suraj paper solapurhell no no. They’re not they’re not they’re they have. They packed us stuff on every topic. They write stuff on every possible topic. And you can find stuff from a very edgy. Sort of new thing and then stuff from others and stuff. So there’s other more established publishers packt publishing, suraj paper solapur. Um so like like who. And i’m gonna say so i’ve never i’ve never you know i. I don’t want to even put it. But usually addison wesley uh and riley. Um what’s the other one. Uh i’ve actually had no starch. Press has been no starch. Press has been pretty good. Uh from what i’ve encountered so far um easy 100-page reads. Yeah but that’s but that’s that’s but it’s it’s yeah it’s not everything. Packed has lots of different stuff. So um the problem with the books packt publishing, suraj paper solapurfrom like addison wesley. Sms is like this is like the really really really formal books. They don’t take on a book unless it’s going to maybe become a textbook or something and the bad part about that is that you go into it. Thinking it’s going to be a higher quality and then you end up getting somebody like alan donovan or somebody writing a book. That absolutely sucks. They have no business writing a book at all. Like so the first go-lang book uh that was written in its opposed by addison. Wesley is a disaster. It’s horrible it’s kind of what’s uh and i actually almost had somebody. Throw the book at me after i had some of my beginners learning from it. Um people who know are not often the best people to write a book and so you know it doesn’t matter if it had you know some big name on it. It’s usually the big name. Needs to have somebody who knows how to write.

Help them write the book. Uh it’s disastrously bad the the whatever. That book is from us. Obviously the go book. Uh so so. So that’s what’s up so uh i would say go go elsewhere. Look for books. Um and that’s all i have to say about that. Be very very careful with pac. Uh i i am so glad that i didn’t buy into their flattery and start writing a book for them. Uh i feel bad because i’ve actually seen people who seem like decent technologists and i see them with with publishing packt publishing, suraj paper solapur books packt publishing, suraj paper solapurto their name and i i kind of cringe. Because i’m like. Oh dude why would you do that. And then they because they just want to say that they wrote a book you know and i. I have a problem with books packt publishing, suraj paper solapurin general so just know that uh i have a problem with books packt publishing, suraj paper solapurin general i i think gen it’s it’s kind of a. It’s kind of a dilemma right. Because books packt publishing, suraj paper solapurget out of date um you know it depends on the book but books packt publishing, suraj paper solapurget out of date fast. Uh but but they do have but they do have like a single voice. They’re not they don’t have the same problem as wikis and stuff so so i. I think that there’s something else that we need to to focus on out there that um and and you know the knowledge exchange grid that i’ve been trying to get time to work on is related to that it would be everybody would be publishing packt publishing, suraj paper solapur sort of in pseudo-book form all the time and their content would expire over time as as they said and then and then you could everybody could just subscribe to each other and you could weed out. Uh you could remove the middleman from publishers packt publishing, suraj paper solapur and you could remove the you could you could go to the authors directly and if you wanted to sponsor them you could it would be more of an open an open content approach as opposed but some people like to have a book in their hand. And and that’s fine too. Uh things like no search press and git book. I have a hard time saying that because they hate their platform uh are ways of publishing packt publishing, suraj paper solapur books. That are that are that. Are you know that are a way a way to do this.

But just just be really really careful with pack publishing packt publishing, suraj paper solapur. Uh especially if you’re thinking about writing for them because i’ve i’ve heard crazy bad things about them. Uh you might get good content out of them and by the way other books packt publishing, suraj paper solapurhave problems too uh going action is full of errors like really substantially wrong go errors. I can’t recommend it to anybody and uh not to mention grammar and spelling mistakes. It’s like nobody even edited the thing and it definitely wasn’t vetted by somebody who knew go so i can’t recommend going action at all to anybody and that that was i don’t even remember the publisher. It wasn’t packed so it happens everywhere. Um uh are you published on linkedin and you agree with what i’m saying. Okay so somebody who’s actually a publisher or who’s got an authorship it would be great to have q macro log signed into this. He’s he’s been he’s a writer for sap and he’s done a lot of educational material so i have i’m not published. I don’t have any i never will be. I don’t see i don’t plan to do that if i were to write a book it wouldn’t. It would be a book that that would like have weight and stay around for a while like lessons learned or something like that not particularly not a tech book. I think tech books packt publishing, suraj paper solapurare a waste of paper because i mean i love tech books. Don’t get me wrong. I have tons of them but but i just you know. Sometimes it’s easier to flip through the book it sticks in your brain better for me and everything all of that. I agree with you know the candidate. But if it’s still it’s still it’s just it’s just not you know like cooper. Can you imagine buying a kubernetes book. Today it would be like this big and it would have like nothing relevant in it because it would be immediately out of date within three months. Uh you’re also published at the riley msft and a couple of others editors are super important. Yeah and i’m thank you so much for chiming in dimmer so we have. We actually have a published author in our chat right now on while.

I’m doing this little video and they are confirming this as well and then they would know more than me and i. There’s many many people who have been published. I’ve had people. Uh if i were going to publish i would do no search or riley myself um and i. I don’t know what the book would be. People suggested i should do. The beginner boost content for that. But i. That’s that’s not the form for that kind. I think technical content should be managed like software. It should be. It should be managed in a versioned way. That’s not you know. Committed to print uh permanently uh in a publishing packt publishing, suraj paper solapur way if you wanna a version of it at that point of in time great but versions and technical content changed so much that uh i would never be pursuing a book publisher and anything. That wasn’t like i mean you know like data structures and algorithms at c. That’s a very solid thing. It’s not going to change. So that’s a good book right. Um but yeah and funk maintenance says here uh along with all the literature by the going team there is no need for a book. Hell even go out of their way to build tools to teach stuff code walks. Yes uh and i agree with that. I agree with that. Uh from a is that a beginner’s guide from a to zett. You’re so good with the puns scytheric. I love that your opinion. What’s the best source for info these days other than books. Uh the internet and i but i still think the internet’s got lots of problems. Uh you guys know you’ve seen me search using links based tech based searches and um so i i i believe the absolute single best source for reliable tech content is individuals who are posting in whatever way they’re posting to github they’re posting to twitter uh and and following individuals stack overflow unfortunately is the thing that pulls up in search results. I have no control over that but it’s always wrong. It’s always like the fifth thing at the bottom. That has the answer right. Um but but sometimes you need a comprehensive text that takes you beginning to end through a topic and and and i i.

I think the the internet is the best place for that. I have worked a lot to improve on this. Um this is a an effort. I’ve been working on for some years. Called the knowledge exchange grid. It was originally the essential web. And it’s a it’s an entirely different approach to to exchanging knowledge and subscribing to one another and based on what i believe is the best way to get the best knowledge is that you subscribe to a person. Okay so you spend all your time identifying leaders in the field you know rob pike. Tj holloway. Chuck uh you know people who have real skill by the way not people who pump up their star in by doing conferences and stuff like that and remove themselves entirely from the technology and make tutorials that have no relevance to modern to the modern use of that technology. And then don’t take them down and confuse the hell out of everybody that really annoys me. Uh you want to focus on people build yourself a list and follow those people right. And then that’s how i learned about go in 2014 when tj olivoie chuck left. He wrote his famous blog packt publishing, suraj paper solapur parallel to node and and he went to go and i learned about go in 2014. I was ahead of the curve on everybody because i was following a specific knowledgeable technologist who was constantly putting out stuff of relevance and so. I don’t think that you should be focusing on books. I think you should be focusing on people and identifying those people uh you stainless shelf wrote and have no actual talent. Well you know joining the club. I mean everybody else is out there saying i. I don’t think so. Print books packt publishing, suraj paper solapurare simple to uh simple to static. I use them for reference for topics. They don’t change over time. Yeah cryptography logic agreed. I agree and i totally. I’m totally on board with that. I have many books packt publishing, suraj paper solapurthat i go to all the time and i love a good tech book. Even if it’s going to be outdated next week uh but um but so yeah.

Just be aware of your publishers packt publishing, suraj paper solapur. The ones you’re buying or whether you’re going to even use a book at all but again i’m gonna say again so so we have somebody who’s published in our twitch show. I wish we knew who they were. Um because you know i i think you should follow people. Uh follow and sub to people. Uh not books. And i’m not talking about social media twitter or anything like that like you can go read the code posts from a particular user on github and you will learn way more than you would ever learn from any book if you just do the research and read about. If that person also publishes this is why i’m so big into the zeddle casting thing because as you guys know i have i mean i i have you know. Here’s the titles for today. I i maintain a settle casting just like you know uh nicholas lumen started back in the day and and i’m doing this because i want to be able to go back and find my notes but if somebody else actually wants to go along on the journey with me. Uh there’s many things that you know i’m a novice on and i’m open with it. I think i think you want to follow authentic people. You don’t want to follow people that are perception managing in that and i think a lot of the reason that you don’t see more individuals publishing packt publishing, suraj paper solapur live content like this is one they have to have to make a living at it. Some of them and i’ve chosen to make my living another way so i can do this for free and two they. They don’t know i think i think there’s a lot of people with names on their books packt publishing, suraj paper solapurthat have no idea about what’s in the book so so by by following and subbing into authentic people with real skills and merit you eliminate all of the middle layers between there uh of perception management and and false. You know false flag kind of thing not false way but people think you know false authorship stuff like that uh lean pub i i lean pub. Looks pretty good lean pub. The thing i like about lean pub is i mean i like lean pub. The problem is that lean pub is what happens when you then make it too easy uh to to to publish you know what i mean because because if you make it too easy to publish then you get see.

It’s because it’s a distribution mechanism. I’m going to repeat what i said earlier. Follow people not books packt publishing, suraj paper solapurand publishers packt publishing, suraj paper solapur. Okay i’m going to make this sound better. Follow people not books packt publishing, suraj paper solapurand publishers packt publishing, suraj paper solapur right. Because you can’t go wrong with that wherever the person decides to publish then you know you can listen to what they have to say. This also means if they’re in a conference you already know them and you might actually meet them right. And and i’m whoever. The person is by the way be aware of people who spend a lot of time talking and not a lot of time doing and i find myself in danger of being that person all the time. Now that i stream one of the reasons that my stream has gone back down so much and you don’t see me stream as much particularly live like this. It’s because i believe uh that uh that i think most authors would agree with this too right they would rather you follow them and not the public the the publisher um but i think i think it’s very easy. I actually wrote a little set on this called. Avoid avoid avoid um uh where is it. Uh manager suck. Oh it’s a video. I guess. Kind service manager. Success where is it. Oh wow is that that long ago uh i said avoid i wrote a thing called a void manager suck what that means is a lot of people get pulled into meetings and stuff and they get pulled away from the technology and one of the final forms of that evolution of that of that. Sme you know you know. Know it all is to have them start talking a lot in conferences. They’ll like talk at this conference in this conference in this conference. They’re talking in all these conferences. It’s like seriously i think it’s kind of like the final evolved form of the blowhard know-it-all who gets removed from the actual technology. Tj holloway czech. Said it best and and i had actually written this before it was very validating to hear him say it but he said i’ll paraphrase but tg said the more likely you are to hear from someone the less likely you are to want to hear what they have to say.

Uh so that’s why you don’t stream unless you’re doing some fun stuff like code challenges. Yeah i agree with that. Uh yeah day 15 of the boost and and need to shoot shoot out for the great job. Oh that’s nice. Thank you for saying so. And the first tutorial that made me understand the docker and containers. Yeah oh i appreciate that super important. You know docker containers. Oh my god i did not even get that to last year. Um so people people not books packt publishing, suraj paper solapurand certainly not packed fact packed is is really good at flattering. Uh people that get a book out really fast. And they don’t do any editing and then you end up buying it and uh you know it i. I noticed to see because i would search for a topic on amazon and the books packt publishing, suraj paper solapurthat would pop up. Were all packed. I was like what there’s nobody written about this yet. Nobody had written about it yet and the people that were willing to write about it prematurely. You know a lot of times it was wrong so you know i’ll just be aware that’s the end of this video. Let’s let’s talk about something else now. Uh addison leslie is my favorite. Yeah they’re pretty good then books. I i need to read drew’s books packt publishing, suraj paper solapurspin books. I haven’t seen that yet. Yeah but they they do. They’re a good publisher. Yeah they’re pretty good publisher for sure. Um what else we got. We’ve got uh i mean you know it’s just like anything but again people not books packt publishing, suraj paper solapuri’ll end on that note.

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