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How to Discuss a Research Study in a Research Paper

Take a minute to show a test i wallpaper. I made using to learn my test i wallpaper tool so what you do. Is you enter in key terms that you need to know for your test i wallpaper. Then when you’re done you organize the key terms into categories that make sense to you. Once you’re done organizing your terms into categories then you can enter in differences between terms in the same category to give you a higher level of understanding throughout the whole process of doing this. You’re learning the material. And then one of my test i wallpapers takes this information and uses it to generate a practice test i wallpaper on what you’ve just learned when you’re finished with the practice test i wallpaper you click. OK it’ll give you your results of the test i wallpaper and then you can click on View all results and if you organized the test i wallpaper results into categories you can see your results on each of the categories and focus your next test i wallpaper on the categories. You don’t know as well through maximizing study times to see. I made a hundred on operant conditioning so that I’m not going to focus on that test i wallpaper for the next one so in this video. I’m going to talk about how to take the extracted information from the research i wallpaper article and use it to discuss that research i wallpaper article in a in an actual paper and so one of the things that I I’m going to walk through is there’s I have two different parts. So the first part is provide a discussion of the study goals and the procedure of the study and the methods so the purpose. So you’re gonna the first sentence you’re you’re gonna write the purpose of the study so you can see here. I wrote a study was conducted by Kim. Liu and Shawn on the relationships between social media youth sports participation and psychological well-being so I stated the purpose of the study and so the next statement should be the hypotheses of the study so if they’re if they were listed so the research i wallpaperers hypothesize that sports participation would be associated with increased social media posts about sports and college attachment and college attachment.

So if there’s anything that any terms that could be confused then it’s important to make sure that you define what those terms are so if you remember our last video we talked about what college attachment is so. I’m going to define that. College attachment is a feeling of connectedness and belongingness to one’s college or university and I provided an example here. For example college students who are attached to their school are more likely to feel proud for attending their school than those who are less attached. So if you can think of the art the things. I was writing down in the last video one of the things I wrote down there was. I wrote down the measures. I think it’s down a little bit so yeah I wrote down the different questions they asked and so I took the information from here like I’m pleased about the school. I’m satisfied at the school and I used that to help. Define what you know. Attachment to college is so then. The next hypothesis was that more frequent. Social medias about sporting events would be positively associated with college attachment and finally they hypothesized that college attachment would be positively associated with college students overall levels of psychological well-being and so here. I defined what psychological well-being is so now you’ve told you’ve told the reader okay this is what the Reese the purpose of the study. This is what the the research i wallpaperers expect to happen. These are the terms that you need to know that. I was throwing at you and so then. The next step is to identify demographic information of the participants so to talk about the participants and describe what they did what the procedure was so here. I put Kim. Kim gave 580 undergraduate college students at Division one University extra credit and then I talked about what they did to test i wallpaper the hypothesis. So that gave them a questionnaire assessing sports participation in college attachment frequency of social media posts about sports and psychological well-being so identified the demographic information about participants identified what they did to test i wallpaper the hypothesis and then the last thing that I did is defined what they research i wallpaper or how they measured the constructs in the study.

And so if you think back to the last video I told you a construct is how we measure stuff in psychology or explaining how something’s measured so you can’t just take out a ruler and measure anxiety depression or other psychological variables so in research i wallpaper studies. You have to explain specifically how you measure those things and so in here. Providing a brief explanation of that so the research i wallpaperers measured sports participation and social media used about sports by asking their activities on a scale of never to fruit very frequently and psychological well-being and college attachment were measured by asking their level of agreement of with it should say with statements on a five-point scale of strongly disagreed to agree to earth. Strong to strongly agree so so. I put that the most students felt a strong attachment to their College. So there you go so. I’ve talked about now. I’ve talked about who participated in the study. I talked about what the research i wallpaperers did to test i wallpaper the hypotheses and I talked about what how they measured the psychological constructs in the study and so now I’m going to go to the second section which is a discussion of the results and limitations and so what are what what I do at. The beginning is identifying the results of the study. So you can see here. I define the results. There’s the study yielded positive relationships between sports participation and social media use along with sports participation in college attachment the study also indicated that social media posts about sports were associated with college attachment and college attachment was positively correlated with psychological well-being so. I I talked the results and then at the end I talked about what I thought. The results mean so. They mean that participation in athletics during college whether recreational or as a fan is a good way to increase your feelings of attachment to do school and it also college students can increase increase their attachment by participating in sports activities so so basically.

I talked about the results. And what the results mean. And so the last one is the limitations of the study so we talked about that last time. So what are some potential problems with this study. And what are the results of this study limited to and so. I talked about that. It’s a cross-sectional study that it only surveys people over at one point in time so you can’t say that there is somebody that didn’t participate in sports and then all the sudden they did participate at the second time and from the first time in the second time they posted more about social media they just said at the people the group of people that posted that participated versus the people that didn’t posted more about sports and they also felt higher belonging. So you’re comparing two groups. Basically groups of people. And when you do that you there could be differences between those two groups like for example there could be more extroverts that play sports and so extroverts are more outgoing and then because they’re more outgoing than introverts. That might be more less likely to be depressed and have higher levels of well-being and so that may explain the results rather than them posting about sports and having it all about sports right so that’s a limitation of the study that I talked about and then I talked about future research i wallpaper so I said future research i wallpaper show it address personality like especially introversion and extraversion so I talked about that. The study only was conducted a division-one University so this may not be true for college students at Division two universities so as a result studies in this area should focus on non Division one schools and so then I talked about. The study did not indicate the ethnic makeup of the participants which suggests that minority groups may not be represented proportionally in the sample to the population.

So future research i wallpaper should address the ethnic makeup of the participants in the study so I talked again about frequency of social media posts so basically your your quickly analyzing the study and pointing out what future research i wallpaper should do in order to improve the study and so if you put all these paragraphs together then you combine it together and it provides a good explanation of this research i wallpaper study from top to bottom including the purpose and objectives of the study the hype who participated how they test i wallpapered the hypotheses what the results were what the results mean what. The problems were the study where where future research i wallpaperers can do better and so the remember. The best way to study is to take practice test i wallpapers. And if you can’t find good practice test i wallpapers those our own and learn more you do it using the learn my test i wallpaper study tool. Thank you so much for watching.

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