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How to Develop a Successful Research Proposal

First and foremost when we send out our proposal research proposal writing, writing research proposals to the review committee. What they’re looking for is a really well. Articulated research question. And if you do that right up front it becomes you can grab their attention first. You have to come up with a question that you find interesting and others find interesting. It’s really important that you find that to be an interesting question because the research process is an arduous one and you have to be able to keep up your energy level and your own interest level but secondly it should be interesting to others. A research project that nobody ever reads is not a particularly useful research project to write a good proposal research proposal writing, writing research proposal. I start by trying to identify a really interesting and important question and usually that means what I’ve started with is too big to actually be a manageable research project so then I have to narrow that down to something that is manageable in research. You need to narrow from that general research question that motivated your interest to precisely what your main contribution is going to be. And you don’t want to be drawn off into sort of many different subtopics. It’s important to focus in terms of archival research. We’re also interested in question driven research rather than data-driven research so we’ve talked about having a good research question it comes from the question itself it doesn’t come from the data you ask. What’s the question. And then you try to figure out what data you need to answer that question. I think you need to start in the literature to know very clearly. What’s been done and what’s not been done. But then you also have to ground your questions in an important question related to the profession and you can generate those ideas looking at new standards that are being set. You can look at inspection report data or reports that the. PCAOB are putting out about problems that they see with audits. It doesn’t have to be a new real-world problem it needs. It can be a new aspect of a real-world problem that other people haven’t identified before and analyzed or you could be applying new theory new research methods or new data to an existing piece of a research problem that others have identified before one of the traditional ways that we think about getting research ideas people have said is reading.

The Wall Street Journal I would just say elevate that and move it into the auditing setting and become aware of informed by the activities of the PCAOB including the issues that they’ve selected to discuss and discuss through their standard-setting advisory group and their investment advisory group that are open meetings webcast. And you can find discussion of all stakeholders in the process as part of that and it’s a way to identify research questions on topics that are important for everybody and those are ones that are going to have a high probability of being of interest in terms of the wider audience. Once you’ve developed that idea and that research question most people need tools to help them think about and communicate what they’re doing and I always recommend to people and I use in my own research still to this day is writing what are called the kinney three paragraphs and then ensuring the validity of your design early on using the boxes. Bill Kinney has helped evangelize what we call the Kinney three paragraphs and this is what’s the research question. Why is it important. And how are you going to address it if you can get that down into one page with clarity. You’re well on your way to having identified not just identified a good question but also starting to craft a proposal research proposal writing, writing research proposal around that and then we also have what are called the boxes. The boxes help you identify the conceptual relationships. You’re looking at how you’re going to operationalize them. And then how. You’re going to control for other confounding effects when you think about what a research question is at its at its most basic its specifying the relationship between at least two concepts normally concept de effects concept.

B I think using the boxes is a particularly useful exercise because it will point out potential internal validity flaws in your design and it requires you to think at a conceptual level which again requires that you think about your research question in a very precise way it provides you a basis for applying your theory and then any of the operational problems that you might have where you may have improperly operationalize the variables or not controlled for other variables. These are tools. I use all the time. These are tools you use regardless of what type of research you’re doing or what what type of question you’re asking for these proposal research proposal writing, writing research proposals. The audience is a little different than for a typical academic audience. Because you have academics who are going to review the proposal research proposal writing, writing research proposal and you have senior audit professionals who are going to review the proposal research proposal writing, writing research proposals and both of those groups have to think that your proposal research proposal writing, writing research proposal is interesting and important. It helps to connect the dots to say. Here’s my research question. Here’s my theory. Here’s the hypotheses and here’s how. I’m going to address it. Don’t make them separate parts the proposal research proposal writing, writing research proposal and keep the theme going and make it clear what it is. You’re trying to do well-crafted proposal research proposal writing, writing research proposals. That are up based on a good theory that gives you some predictions of what you expect in the way of a relationship so rather than have a proposal research proposal writing, writing research proposal says. I think this it would be good if you have a proposal research proposal writing, writing research proposal. That says no theory predicts this. And here’s what the theory says one of the things that I find is that if I’m not writing clearly I’m probably not thinking clearly so good thinking good writing go hand in hand to me. The benefit of doing a ciq proposal research proposal writing, writing research proposal is first that we get ready access and maybe easier access to participants than we would if I went through my normal channels so the caq will make sure that my study population gets filled out and I don’t have to be the one making the harassing phone calls.

So that’s a big plus for me and and the writing of the proposal research proposal writing, writing research proposal and all of the thinking that I described has to be done anyway. So there’s really no incremental cost there except maybe the targeting that needs to be done for your specific audience one other benefit from working with the caq is that the proposal research proposal writing, writing research proposals and then the instruments get reviewed carefully by the participating firms and they will often have a perspective on part of the instrument where they say. Well that’s not feasible that we would have that information at this stage that you’re describing or this isn’t realistic and they can really help. Make sure that the participants are going to really understand the instrument in the way you intended and so. I’ve found that to be really beneficial. The caq provides direct support financial support it provides access to data. This is all very important but one of the things that is probably less obvious is that it provides you with a way of actually getting feedback about your research idea from the best lines and the practice side of the profession and this is just worth an amazing amount. I’ve worked with the members of the caq from practice on my own research and the aide in the development of the idea to make sure that my idea matches key issues in practice is invaluable.

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