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How to Do The Article Analysis

Greetings and welcome to this video on how to do the article analysis journals analysis. This is an assignment in my popular culture in the US course and this is just kind of kind of this is going to give you the bare bones of what you should be doing. There are guidelines and written guidelines that you can find within the course but maybe this might help kind of clarify things as you go through it so the value of this assignment is 130 points and it should be at least a thousand words and there’s two steps to this assignment. The first is going to be the article analysis journals selection which you’re going to post to the discussion board labeled article analysis journals selection in the appropriate folder. Once you find an appropriate article analysis journals to write your essay on the second part is actually writing the article analysis journals analysis and when you finish with that it should be posted in assignment article analysis journals analysis in the appropriate folder. And that should be in the the module which is due so. There’s three major parts to this assignment. The first is to find an academic article analysis journals. The second is to thoroughly read. The academic article analysis journals in the third is to write a thoughtful paper discussing the academic article analysis journals and how it relates to course material so the big emphasis there is academic. We’re looking at journals that are peer reviewed. We’re looking at material that is made for other scholars in the field. You generally shouldn’t be looking at things like The Wall Street Journal or National Geographic. Those are more popular. Publications informative publications but not academic. Alright so what is an academic article analysis journals. We’re looking at something. That’s written by a knowledgeable person within the field of study published in a journal whose focuses on knowledge building not entertaining in or closely connected to the courses discipline so usually this. This means that the content of the journal should be related to popular culture in some way. Now there’s there’s some journals that are specifically have popular culture in their name.

There’s others that are that are close or others that may be relevant so like a journal on television studies or a journal on film studies. Those are likely to fit within this realm and then usually subjected to the peer-review process. This is almost always the case in which these article analysis journalss are peer-reviewed that means another person in that field or discipline will actually look at this article analysis journals and provide feedback several people usually do give it a critique before it’s being read before it’s ready for publish so where do you find such journals. Well of course. There’s the library databases. The library has tons of academic journals that you can access through their databases. This is why it was so important to get your library card in the first week of class. Some recommended databases. I would say academic search premier expanded academic ASAP in JSTOR. Are your best bets to go into explore and make sure that you get your you have your campus. ID because you will need those especially if you’re off campus in order to access the digital resources here so selecting the article analysis journals which you want to look for that the requirements are that if there’s at least 12 page of texts so I’m not talking about. Oh that’s 12 pages regardless of bibliography so you don’t want to include that if there’s lots of images you want to think well then it needs to be much bigger than just you know a set of 12 pages but it really should be 12 pages of analysis. I would recommend 20 because 20 is a good range you’re usually dealing with you. See the person will provide more explanation and not assume the reader knows more the shorter the article analysis journals often the more the writer assumes the audience knows and that might be making it more challenging. I’ve seen people go through 20 pages of text much quickly than 12 pages as I said published in academic journals published after 1970 so I want somewhat contemporary research. You shouldn’t be grabbing an article analysis journals from 1940. It might not have the relevance that is needed especially within the realm of popular culture it must be an actual article analysis journals.

You want to make sure you don’t end up with a book review or you know some other type of writing that may be 12 pages or longer so make sure you’re looking at something that is an actual you know analytical argumentative article analysis journals and then it needs to be directly related to American popular culture so it really does have to be connected to what we’re talking about in the course it doesn’t have to be connected to the topics we cover but it should be focused on American popular culture. You generally shouldn’t be looking at or finding it you know focusing on an article analysis journals about soccer in the UK you want to focus on American popular culture all right so some recommendations. Please use the students the the school library databases. That’s what they’re there for. They will make this much easier. Be sure to use the advanced search feature to limit to limit to relevant results. Because one of the things that you can do is you can set the parameters of your search to be article analysis journalss after 1970 to be article analysis journalss that are twelve or fourteen pages or longer so use those features to really you know refine and make make your results more relevant so you can more quickly find that article analysis journals use keywords that link topics with concepts so you want to think about some of the concepts we explore in this class and you know do a cute do a keyword search with those come with a concept and a topic that you’re interested in maybe you’re interested in roadsters so you do roadsters and you do mass. Their mass culture theory. Whatever you want to do just try to link those and see what the search results give. You always read the first three to four pages of the article analysis journals to make sure you’re comfortable with it. You understand it you feel that you can make sense of it and I generally don’t recommend picking the first I would say get three article analysis journalss and then look at each of them and see which one feels most natural to you and then finally save that article analysis journals to your computer your thumb drive.

Email it to yourself. Make sure you’ve saved it several times so that you have it so when it comes time to actually write about it you don’t have to go back into the database and try to find it. I’ve had several students. Do this too. Usually much frustration because the article analysis journals might not be there or they might not remember exactly how they found it. You really want to make sure you save that article analysis journals and you have it for when it’s time to read it and to write it so once you get that article analysis journals what do you do. You need to post this in information to the discussion board so you should and. I believe it’s called article analysis journals selection. You should be providing. The taught the title. The author’s the journal name publication the year of publication rather the volume number issue number page numberings and then their page count and that’s without the bibliography in the images. So that stuff needs to be posted there in order for me to approve it and then in order for you to move forward and actually write the essay and it’s a first-come first-served basis so nobody can do the same article analysis journals so the sooner you get this in the better chance you have of making sure that it’s your article analysis journals that you can do and not any nobody else has gone in there and already claimed that article analysis journals all right so next you want to thoroughly read that article analysis journals and that entails reading it more than once even even for me. I have to read article analysis journalss two sometimes three times in order to fully understand what’s being said. You want to write notes while reading it. So you know using highlights you really want to annotate. You really want to make this an active process. Be sure to identify the author’s thesis and purpose. This will help you again as you’re writing your paper if you’ve highlighted it squared. It started whatever you can quickly go to that and think about how well the author handles that thesis and delivers on that purpose and then explore how the author uses the particular writing that is from from class so if there’s any writings that are that the author references that are from class you really want to look at how they use that.

You really want to be aware of how that is done. Or if it’s not the writing that any particular concepts ideas that you’ve seen in the course if the author addresses that you really want to pay close attention to that and see what they do with it and then finally you want to read the footnotes. The endnotes as you move through the article analysis journals you don’t necessarily have to. You know understand all of them or pay close attention to all of them but you want to be aware of them and you want to understand what the author is trying to do with them. Because that’ll be another part of the actual writing all right so you go you read it thoroughly and now it’s time to write it the things you want to cover. Is you want an explanation of the article analysis journalss main points so really what it is that the author is trying to argue. And how does that author argue the points your opinion about the piece as a whole along with your justification for such an opinion. You really want to focus here on what you thought. About the argument students sometimes fall into the trap of saying oh it was boring or oh it was this. That’s not really what we’re talking about here. As your opinion this is more about your opinion around the argument. That’s been laid. How you make sense of it how you correlate that with what you understand about the subject and then you also want to compare the ideas and thoughts that you’ve been exposed to in in the course with what you see in the article analysis journals and this is really challenging for students. This is one of the hardest parts of this assignment. Is you need to make connections with what you’re learning in the course it may not. It might not always make sense. But you really want to think about how this author constructs or delivers the argument.

The the kind of approach he or she takes to popular culture and the kinds of approaches. You’ve seen taken with popular culture in the course thus far this is done. This is you know we’re about a third into the course by the time this is due and you really should be paying attention to what other article analysis journalss have done how they’ve influenced your thoughts on popular culture and be able to look at that and compare it with what this article analysis journals does then. You should also assess the author’s notes in bibliography you don’t have to do this substantially but you should look at. What kind of resources do you know. What kind of primary sources. What kind of secondary sources does this author use. What is the research that he or she is using to. Actually you know. Make this argument of there’s powerful also. What’s the author’s background. Why is he or she qualified to actually write this article analysis journals so this will require a little bit of research you need to go out onto the wet into a you know out onto the internet and really look for this information. Who is this person. Where do they work. What have they written. What do they teach you know. What is their degrees. And you want to find some basic information to see whether this person seems qualified to write this article analysis journals and don’t forget that’s research so you’re going to have to cite that that should be in your work cited. You should have citations in your paper. And then a discussion of how this. Keillor article analysis journals fits into this publications theme in overall content students. Sometimes mess up on this. You know how does this article analysis journals fit into the the journal that it’s been published in. How does it how do you. How do those go together. Does it make sense that this article analysis journals is in this publication and why and just to note parts one through three should really be about 80% of your paper while parts four through six should only be about 20 parts. 133 are really the meat of the paper. You really want to make sure you focus on that the other thing is.

I have six points here late. You know numbered out. This isn’t how you have to tackle them in your paper. You can lay out the paper however you want. These are just the six things you really need to address all right. You’ve got questions probably at this point. Be sure to check out the guidelines if you still have questions post them to the questions forum and. I’ll answer them as soon as possible. Thank you for watching.

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