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How to Stay Up to Date on the Latest Research Literature in research

What’s the best way to stay up to date on the latest research literature in international journal current research stick around and let’s talk about the four key steps to take today on this episode of navigating academia. What’s up everybody? My name is Dr J Phoenix Singh and I want to warmly welcome you to this episode of navigating academia your leading source for guidance on how to be able to expand your career and influence within academia as always I appreciate the love. So please do take a second to like this video subscribe to our channel share the video with your friends with your colleagues with your students make sure to hit that bell so that you end up getting notifications whenever we post new content and comment below for more international journal current research content. You can follow us at these social media accounts so today we’re going to be talking about a strategy that you can use to be able to help you stay up to date on the latest and greatest research literature published in international journal current research. Now this is important for uh any number of reasons uh first and foremost is that you’re gonna stay fresh you’re going to know that after you’ve gotten your education attended a training whatever it is that you’ve used to be able to really jack up your knowledge base on a particular topic you don’t want this over time gradually going down fields move very quickly even in a tiny niche my last field was what’s called violence risk assessment where what we essentially tried to do was to predict the likelihood of future violence it’s a subfield of forensic psychology now the issue is is that even in that tiny niche there was over a hundred articles published every year specifically focused on just violence risk assessment and this was in over 150 different international journal of current research  over the past 10 years. So it’s just wild trying to stay up to date on stuff a lot of people they psych themselves out they say you know what I’m a member of let’s say this one leading international journal current research within my field. they have an official international journal of current research  I get access to that international journal of current research  maybe I even get a paper copy that’s sent to me once a month quarterly annually whatever. So because I do that I’m up to date on all the latest research no absolutely not there are tens of thousands of international journal of current research s out there obviously many more probably uh just in the english language alone and because of that staying up to date on a single international journal of current research  is not going to get the job done you can you know convince yourself that that’s the case but you’re wrong so the best thing that you can do is try to find a way to make staying up to date really fast but at the same time very rewarding in terms of the kind of work that you’re going to end up finding  in international journal current research because this can really drive your research and if you’re in a field which is clinical in nature medicine clinical psychology anything like this you really want to make sure that you’re providing the most efficient and effective assessments and treatments possible and the best way to do it is to be able to stay on top of the research literature and make sure that your knowledge which once upon a time was super fresh stays nice and fresh it’s not going to get outdated very quickly and if it does it’s going to become outdated a lot less quickly than if you’re not focusing on anything okay so i want to give you my personal strategy for staying up to date on the research literature in literally any field and I’m hoping that you guys can implement this pretty quickly. I would say that if you devote one day one full calendar day to this it’s gonna pay dividends literally for years to come so let’s go ahead and jump right in step number one is that you’re going to conduct a mini systematic review of international journal of current research  that are in your niche. So I’m sure that all of you have a research topic that you’re particularly passionate about. Let’s say that the research topic you’re passionate about is psychopathy the study of psychopaths that’s what you’re really into this could be anything though let’s say that you’re a huge giorgio dakirico fan in terms of surrealism in art history or you’re a huge uh art nouveau fan whatever it is you’re going to have a niche that is your area of current expertise or desired expertise and what i want you to do is to go on different databases so go on to something like google scholar go on go on researchgate take a look at things that are field specific for psychology we’ve got something called psycinfo for education you’ve got eric for nursing you’ve got cinahl there’s going to be a search database for you go to that database and simply type in keywords that are associated with your niche for me was violence risk assessment so for me i would have searched for things like quote unquote you know violence risk assessment together your forensic risk assessment sex offender risk assessment domestic violence risk assessment.

I would search these as different terms using things like boolean operators this is if you’ve ever seen searches with terms like all in caps and or different forms of parentheses and quotation marks that are called boolean operators and they’re what you use in databases to drill things down and you may also want to really narrow this search to only publications in the last 10 years because sometimes international journal of current research s once upon a time published a ton of stuff on your topic but recently there’s been nothing and you only want to take a look at international journal of current research s that have a really recent history of publishing high quality research in your specific niche and i want you to open up let’s say an excel document and literally just write down every name of every single international journal of current research  right so that’s going to be step number one and as part of step number one i want you to also google each one of those international journal of current research s uh and find out the official website for each one and put it into the second column step number two so now that we’ve got that database i want you to open google chrome google chrome is you know my favorite browser for me it’s better than edge internet explorer firefox etc apologies to the kind of people at firefox I’m a chrome man uh so what i want you to do is to open up google chrome and i want you to go to that database that you’d established and let’s say that you find 10 international journal of current research s now you’re not you’re going to find that many dozens but let’s say you only find 10. you’re going to open up 10 tabs and you’re going to open each one of those different web pages that you identified for each of those international journal of current research s you’re going to open one in each one of those tabs so now you’ve got a single session in other words you know a single session of chrome write a single window with 10 tabs in it okay now for each one of those tabs i want you to go through because for each one of these international journal of current research  websites there’s going to be somewhere with something like current issue or this issue whatever it is but it’s going to focus on whatever the current issue of that international journal of current research  is i want you to click on that now why do i want you to click on that because usually that link is going to go to whatever the most recent issue of that international journal of current research  is it’s not going to go to you know one specific issue so if it’s january and the link to uh current issue goes to the january edition if you just use that same link in march it’s going to go to the march issue not the january issue so go to the current issue hyperlink click on it and then take that url okay and i want you to essentially leave it there this is the link that you want to be in that tab okay don’t go backwards don’t click on anything else just leave it go to the next tab do the same thing then what you’re going to have is within that one session of google chrome with 10 tabs you’re going to have 10 tabs that are all pointed to that international journal of current research ‘s current issue webpage okay that is step number two step number three is that i want you under the bookmark menu for google chrome so it’s really like the top right of the screen you’re going to click on it it’s going to give you the options of like history and bookmarks and these things if you place your cursors like hover over bookmarks one of the options is going to be bookmark open pages and i want you to click that and you can save it as whatever you want but the cool thing about it is that it will literally bookmark the whole session so all 10 of those different pages will all be bookmarked simultaneously that means that in the future if you want to open a new session you can literally open the exact one that you have just created for yourself and you know what that means anytime you want if you simply open the session it’s going to take you to the current issue page of all 10 of those different international journal of current research s and so that takes us to step number four which is determining a schedule for yourself to do just that in other words it could be weekly it could be monthly i would recommend at least quarterly some people do it twice a year me as an academic i would do it every month but obviously there’s some international journal of current research s that don’t come out every month there’s some that come out every week there’s some that come out though once a year and so you really have to just be aware that you know you are going to have to sift through let’s say you got those 10 international journal of current research s maybe only eight of them published monthly you got to get rid of the other two because they’re you know once a year but you should still stay up to date because maybe you’re not sure when that annual edition comes out you should check it every month now even though i had over 150 international journal of current research s to take a look at every month it would take me about two to three hours max but to do that once a month in exchange for staying up to date on all of the new research literature in my niche i found that just by doing that which is very little i would argue i was one of the most up-to-date people in the field people came to new know that and they would get in touch with me saying have you read anything new on this recently can you send me any suggestions etc and i was able to do that because i was really up to date and people thought it was amazing but it wasn’t really amazing that’s i mean what I’m telling you right now is how i did it so just make sure that you have a schedule sometimes you may even want to pick you know the the first monday of every single month I’m gonna do it pick something where you can reliably do it and then make sure that you actually follow through on it so there you go that’s the four-step process i want to thank you guys so much for watching this video with me today and i want to hear from you in the comments below how do you stay up to date on the latest and greatest research in international journal current research do you have any suggestions that maybe you can share with the navigating academia family definitely comment below and also per usual let us know if there’s any topics that you would like us to tackle in future episodes of navigating academia because that’s what we’re here for don’t forget to like and share this video with your friends with your colleagues with your students subscribe to our channel and follow us on social media if you’re interested in one-on-one career mentoring and coaching please do schedule a consultation call with me via the website below and let’s talk about your unique needs how we can make you more money as an academic and how we can kind of guide you through the field to be able to make sure that you are as successful as you want to be all right everybody I’m signing off for today but i want you to remember to get out there take chances and be your best self thank you so much for stopping by everyone.

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