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How to Find Journals for Your Research Articles

Foreign exit journals there are a very easy way that you should use to publish your research articles on repeatable scopus indexes Journal and journal indexed in scopus. So, that all the global readers will reach the words of your research. In order to get that procedure that you should follow or the easy steps that you should follow in publishing the research articles on its Corpus index tables or journal indexed in scopus, you better follow and watch this video till the end. Stay With Me.

So before you start the journal that is relevant or appropriate to your article, first you should prepare the title, abstract and the keywords of your research. Once you’ve prepared this information, you will go to the Google search tab and search for the journals that are appropriate for your article. First, you have to be connected to the internet. Then you’ll look up Journal finder. This will help you find those journals which are journal indexed in scopus and the publisher. You’ll see here the information of the journal best suited for your article. Now you need to type in the paper title, the abstract, the keywords and we can make the search just to be refined. So let’s bring that information here and paste it. Now we can include the fields of our research. This indicates that my research is on education but education is not available here. So I change it to social science. Here you can specifically select the fields of your research under social science or you can omit that for now. We can refine our research, sort files and journals here. There are some additional criteria that you can refine your searches. For example here is the information- site score. Here it is 0 to 10 all journals which site is called this 0 to 10 but you can specify for example at least one side score impact factor 0 to 10 it says 10 plus that we can make it at least uh impact factor of one uh time for first decision. Here again it will bring all the journals regardless of the time for decision and journal indexed in scopus but we can specify again if not we can leave it because most researchers need to get the time of first decision to be a few days so we can make it uh open time for publication. Better if you leave it like this. Starting from zero to the other range let’s find the journals. Here are the results or the journals which are suggested for my article. International Journal of Educational Research Teaching and Teacher Education International Journal of Educational Development and others. When  we are looking at these journals, they are searched based on or they are sorted by best match and journal indexed in scopus. But there are different options here. Best match Journal name we can we can search by the Journal names, site scores, impact factor, acceptance rates, time for decision, time to publication, and journal indexed in scopus. All these are sorting criteria. These journals can be sorted based on issues such as journal indexed in scopus. Issues like here they are sorted by their best match. Winning takes much score for example here; there are three Stars here, two it decreases. Yes so what happened if we make it based on acceptance rate, their order will be a resurveled. Look Clinical Simulation nursing text much is just only one unique. It is not highly much with my my texts but the acceptance rate is 32. here is a 27. The acceptance rate is just decreasing so in most cases best match is just most important. Well even though we need the acceptance rate of for publication is just a few days so let’s make this machine look other things now it is reshuffled so here is this this journal highly matched with my paper because it has three stars on journal indexed in scopus. However the acceptance of the extent the acceptance rate meaning the possibility of publishing my articles on this journal is only six percent because majority of the Articles or research papers which are submitted to this are not accepted. Only six percent of the submitted papers are accepted so far. So it demands high quality papers, your high quality research works and the idea has to be novel and it should match with the scope of this terminal and the paper has to be produced in line with the guides which are included for this all which are set for this journal. The acceptance rate is very low- six percent but the time for first decision is only one week. Within one week you will receive or you will be notified whether your research is accepted or rejected, and after acceptance of your publication, only takes three weeks to publish. So this is a very nice time frame for your research publication. So when you are searching for journals for publication you should look all these things, journal indexed in scopus, the acceptance rate, the time for first decision, and the publication time, plus the issues related with publication fees and journal indexed in scopus, these are laws both open access and subscription fee or way of board of publication or pro access meaning you will pay for the publication, then your readers will get your article after publication. But if it is subscription you will now publish your research on this journal for free but your research will not be available in Open Access mode rather readers or those individuals who need your article will pay for for it or to download it or to read your work. It is just your decision, if you have the possibility or the capacity to pay for publication you can’t make it open access if not you can choose subscription Morality. In my next video I will tell you how these things are working and plus there’s additional issues related with publication phase. Now after looking all reviewing all these informations then you’ll decide for which Journal you are going to submit especially acceptance rate here 60 percent for this journal, it is 30 percent International Journal of educational development 11 percent so I can look at all these issues and decide for his journal. I should submit my paper for example if I decided to submit my paper for this journal after reviewing all this information like journal indexed in scopus, then I’ll click on it. Then this link will take you to the website of the journal or click on it now. This is the specific website for this journal and journal indexed in scopus. So here is the guide for routers about the journal regarding its scope, journal indexed in scopus, it’s volume. all the information is listed here, then you write.

I mean you will then you’ll download the guide for auto save guide for orders meaning the guides or the set criteria how the papers which are submitted to this journal should be prepared. So if you decide to submit your paper for this journal you should prepare the article of your research as per the guys which are set here. So after all these things you’ll submit your article to the journal. This is how you can search reputable journals which are indexed or scopus or journal indexed in scopus and published by the LC Version. So Journal finder will provide you with all the relevant journal indexed in scopus and journals which are appropriate for your article. There is another means to find journal indexed in scopus from Journal adjuster. The previous one is Journal finder and this one is Journal adjuster here it gives this option A Springer to another suggestor these entire journal indexed in scopus which are published by Springer will be available here. So there are over 2500 governments and then this search platform so the same thing will bring the manuscript- Title Here, the abstract, the subject area, and even we can refine our recommendations so let’s break completely title paste it here the abstract it’s almost the same procedure with that of the journals that we have searched on fcr using the journal finder the keywords are not relevant here now we can specifically find the subject area as I have said my research is authentication. So I have option here- education even we can refine our recommendations for the search but we can leave it for now so just we can set the minimum impact factor the minimum acceptance rate if you only want to find Jordans which are indexed only on the scope and journal indexed in scopus. We can write scope and journal indexed in scopus here but since the platform or this system provides all journals which are journal indexed in scopus in school percent wave of Science, in other indexing services journal indexed in scopus we can leave that so we can find or you can search. Here are the options all the results facial Pacific education review the first decision will be notified within 14 days, the acceptance rate is not indicated to a number of mathematics it takes around 130 days to be notified regarding the acceptance or rejection of the paper and so here are the options regarding this publication fees, this is not a loss both open access in the subscription yes those options are the same but in some cases there are journals which all which are only uh allowing as a subscription or open access so this is the way how we can find journals which are appropriate for our research articles. So don’t put your research articles without publication so using all the systems or techniques you can publish your research articles.

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 Thank you very much.

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