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How to Get Your Journal Index in Scopus and Web of Science Easily and Quickly

Right how to get your Journal index in scopus and web of science easily and quickly well that’s a very difficult question.

I don’t know how to answer that so let’s discuss about journal indexing scopus. My easy answer for that first if you have budgeting, you have big budgeting in your pocket right now, just join the big publisher Sage Springer Wiley. You can just join them. If you are a part of them, people will see that you already have good quality of the journals, good quality of Publishers and good quality of the Articles, because I’m sure they can maintain the peer review process. So if you have good budgeting just join them but, even that’s my speculation at least two years to maintain regular issues because people would like to see whether you can maintain the issues for two years or not. After that you can apply for scope of center of science because that’s the minimum requirement so it’s not all about negotiation, it’s about the quality of the article. So it depends on you and you can keep the quality and maintaining the number of the Articles regularly. That’s the first answer. The second answer is, if you have no budget and if you are a new publisher or new Journal, well don’t ask too much to get index and journal indexing scopus easily or quickly because the editors and scoffers who have science, or people out there will see first. That is because the web server should be maintained. The quality of the Articles should be good according to publishing standard, the indexing should be journal indexing scopus and then you need to have the diversity of the authors and you also need the perception of editorial members. You also need to have the good citations of the Articles because it’s not just about you. You can’t just create a website and pop this article easily online, not at all because it’s about the scientific journal. It is not about the blog, all right? So it’s not just that you invite everyone to submit article in your blog and you publish it online. No not at all. So, based on my experience it took five years for me to to get indexes composition of science and journal indexing scopus because I’m sure the scope was editors or website and they’re gonna see whether we can maintain the quality of the Articles. We can maintain the servers, the web servers, the journals or the Publishers because we are just newcomers. So they would like to see if we are really committed to do right by the publisher. And even if you are in its Corpus,, you still need to maintain the quality because many journals out there when they get indexed and journal indexing scopus, couples or science, before get index and journal indexing scopus, they just only published 20 articles per issue. But when they get indexed and journal indexing scopus they publish over five hundred, even a thousand articles per year, which is like the peer review process is questionable. Therefore, the unit has to be really careful in choosing recruitments because even though they are still in journal indexing scopus and Corpus or of science there is a chance for any to be discontinued in scope of science because of the publication ethics or even the metrics of the citations. So for the new Journal my simple answer is that keep the quality good, keep the number of the articles, try to increase the impacts by increasing the citations, journal indexing scopus and trust the process. So, there is no easy way to design the tutorials even though you invite everyone. Every editorial board member who is famous will to be a part of your Journal is not guaranteed. That the juvenile can also get indexed and have journal indexing scopus easily. The editor will just see the quality of your work, and you have to ensure that there are no grammatical errors in your academic writing and perfect journal indexing scopus. So, for those who still in the process of fighting to get indexing and journal indexing scopus, scope of science I just wish you good luck because there is no easy way to get journal indexing scopus, no negotiations, nothing. Everything is just following the process. So, enjoy and trust the process.

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