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How to Find the Impact Factor of a Journal

So in this video I will briefly explain how you can find the indexing and journal index scopus of a particular journal and whether it is listed on industrial websites or not. In order to do that, you need to go to this website-’s home section. So whatever your journal is, what you need to do is search the journal by giving its name or its issn number. For example- You know I have already searched for some journals here anyway. I will just to go for this ieee system journal which I want to search so I will search the journal and it will get the results. So it is showing that exact match found and the current indexing, journal index scopus and additional level of science indexes are shown here. But if you want to get the complete details of journal index scopus about this one then you need to further go to the profile page of this journal. I’ll just click on it here to view the profile page but obviously it needs the login. Actually you need to have your own account in order to do that. So if you have a facebook or a google or a  linkedin account asset id you can connect it without creating additional new id or login for the account. I will go with my aussie account here so it automatically locked because I had already saved my information here. So it has logged into my account if you have a look at it this is ieee system journal, you can verify the issn and ea ssn, and check the journal index scopus. These are the most important parameters because there are several journals coming with the duplicate names which looks very similar but you can identify them with the help of this iss number. You can tell which one is original and if you go down further it shows the frequency of publication issues per year and other information like from where it is published. You can go to the site for more details here. But here we are looking for the indexing and journal index scopus. If you have a look at its index and journal index scopus in a c I e it’s not in aci it is signed citation index expanded so this is the one of the key informations we need. Further if you go down you can find the general impact factor also. So here is the general citation indicator which is showing the other information which you may be interested in. These is the key information with which you can get further if you want to explore more about the journal. You know general citation report 2021. This data is also taken from there only right so further if you want to go and explore more you can go to visit the site of the journal where you will also be able to find additional information. Basically journal index scopus and indexing is also given here also on this page. Also they usually provide it but this is the general page for the ieee. So I will go to another journal for search in the web of science coverage. I will go again ad I don’t want to do anything here. I will return to my search result now I will write mdpa energies here and find the exact match here. Right energies from mdp are available here. This is science citation index expanded and journal index scopus. So you can go to the profile page in the same way, you can get all the additional informations about the journal. It shows the aim and scope of the journal editorial board along with some additional information. I will just click on general website and we will go down to see this is a ca journal impact factor, category is given here. Now let me go now to the journal page where you can find the back factor of the journal and, one more thing you need to know is whether the journal is indexed and journal index scopus in q1 q2 q3 or q4. I am going to this indexing now. Under indexing you also find this. This is given here clearly above sign c e that is what we have seen here. This is given in aca e so it is again see navigating back to the clarivate page only right since I have already opened this page I am discussing here and if you want to check the quartile of the journal or journal index scopus for example I am just giving a simple way to do that from dpa energies cottage basically I will just purpose g5. So this research, if I give some very useful informations about any journal and journal index scopus not only about this one, you can find a lot of information information about any particular journal from the certified which provides the impact factor. Then sjr is given h index can be obtained from here and you go down. Here this is showing the impact factor trend, also you know it is showing the trend of the impact factor I guess and you can verify the ess in here. A lot of information is available about the particular channel here. You can get lot of information about the journal and journal index scopus from this page also and see the quartile and journal index scopus is given here it is in q2 so the generals are category says q1 q2 q3 and q4 here. Also if I go down, it will show the citation indicator side and other information. So, this is how we search for journal, its details, journal index scopus and other relevant information. Let me add something more on how to find the journal ranking, journal index scopus and its quartile. In order to find the general ranking and quartile, you can go to google and type ‘sky mago journal ranking.’ It will show the home page. I will do the same thing, I will just right try to play system journal here and go for a search. This is another reliable source to find item free system journal. Here I will pick it system journal and it shows the subject and category, journal index scopus and also the coverage detailed coverage and message gear. Moreover, it shows the trend and other information like journal index scopus can be obtained from here. It shows search index then you can go to the home page directly from here and when you go down, it shows the trend, journal index scopus and quartile, where it lies and so on. So, to have a detailed information about the skyward general ranking, journal index scopus and its trend over the period. This site is very much useful as it shows the detailed information about the quartet along with journal index scopus. Actually  this is the most reliable one where rather than searching for the quartile and journal index scopus in researchify I recommend this kaiwago journal ranking site because this is the most relatable and authenticated site for analyzing the quartet and journal index scopus. Let me go and search for another journal here. What I will do is because the indexing, journal index scopus and other things can be updated mostly for elsewhere journals you can obtain journal index scopus and the rest from here. I will go for energy let’s see here it’s here the journal which I was looking for is here energy here. If you scroll down you see how look at the h index it is having a very high h index you can go to the page directly from here I will just to keep the home page open and we will scroll down it is showing the quartiles and journal index scopus of the coverage actually each area where it is being covered the topics then the quartet quarterly shown here. So it is under building and construction it is having q1 now we will go to the general page in order to see something more about the here it is showing the impact factor of the journal already the impact of the journal is 7.

147 and more journal index scopus can be obtained from the matrix of the journal. It is showing the impact factor and journal index scopus here and if you are going for another journal for example, let me do it one more time so it’s electrical engineering so if you have a look at this one you know I will go down. This is a q2 channel all right so the one we have seen before is the q1 journal, and this is the q2 journal we will go and explore something from its home page under this aim and scope. We can find some information about this journal right and once again I will go and search for another journal, let me take the name from here. This journal is from France and this is coming under the quartile kq4 journal. Actually this is a q4 journal so there are basically q1 q2 q3 and q4 as journal index scopus. So those channels which are coming under q4 have the impact factor also a very small impact factor may be there may not be. Now we will go and check this journal here and this is coming under emerging source citation so that is a basic difference. Actually there are two things, one is this websites journal index scopus another one is e aca.

Different actually a c a e and e a c are not same that is what I just want to show here. Let me go to other page in this journal. If you have a look at this one the same journal which I have taken, journal of electrical systems is covered by emerging source citation index, journal index scopus esea right emerging so citation index this is not sca expanded list actually okay ac expanded list is different we will go back and check the other journal to see the difference between them. For example if you have a look at this journal iet electrical systems in transportation this is a ca e journal this is sign citation index, journal index scopus expanded but this one is esca they are not same okay so this is the expanded version of aca index and journal index scopus. So this journal probably will lie under you know uh q one dark u2 we will see that when you scroll down further, this is coming under q2. The other journal probably doesn’t have this one journal of electrical system, possibly will not have the impact factor but it comes under journal index scopus, that is the advantage. This is a scopus index, journal index scopus journal. So I think this will help you to explore about the journals, their quartile, journal index scopus, the impact factor and their indexing.

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