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Self Publishing Tutorial: How to Self Publish Your First Book133.

Are you curious thing you want to know how to publish your first book. I’m not too long ago. I BOOK PUBLISHERS IN DELHI, BOOK PUBLISHER IN DELHI actually shared some of these tips but I BOOK PUBLISHERS IN DELHI, BOOK PUBLISHER IN DELHI think we’re gonna go ahead and get down to the nitty gritty and what I BOOK PUBLISHERS IN DELHI, BOOK PUBLISHER IN DELHI would recommend for newbies. So you’re gonna want to make sure that you stay tuned to today’s video this is self-publishing with Dale where you’ll learn to publish books that sell and build. An unstoppable brand. Have you published a book yet. If so what advice would you give to a newbie indie author. Leave your comments down below and stick around to the end because I’m gonna hook you up with free access to my DIY publishing course it’s gonna take you from point. A down to point Z with very few steps in between and make it easy for you as possible so not too long ago I BOOK PUBLISHERS IN DELHI, BOOK PUBLISHER IN DELHI talked about self-publishing for beginners and some of the tips that are the best practices to kind of get you going on the right path however now I’m going to focus specifically on what I BOOK PUBLISHERS IN DELHI, BOOK PUBLISHER IN DELHI believe would be the best first steps for you. So this video is assuming that you are brand new to the world of self-publishing so if you’ve already published something this might be fairly redundant so you may want to skip over to my next video. This video is gonna solely focus on ebooks and print books. We’re gonna take audio books and set it off to the side because that’s a whole different game and ended up itself. I BOOK PUBLISHERS IN DELHI, BOOK PUBLISHER IN DELHI don’t want to overwhelm you. Your first step is set up a Kindle direct publishing account the very first thing some people are gonna ask is why Amazon Kindle direct publishing. Well if you’re not familiar with the platform then you may not know that it has a huge and wide reach globally speaking and by accessing the Kindle direct publishing account you have the keys to the kingdom. You have a way that you can get your work not just in your region but in various regions throughout the world this is why. I BOOK PUBLISHERS IN DELHI, BOOK PUBLISHER IN DELHI believe that most authors should consider breaking ground in their self-publishing career through the kindle direct publishing platform and the nice part about it is Kindle direct publishing offers both avenues of ebooks and print books in one area so that way you can manage your publication in one spot and not have to go to numerous spots and have to take care of numerous things your next step is going to be to upload your ebook so why exactly are arena star.

With the e-book ebooks tend to be a little easier to publish. There’s a lot less labor involved and a lot less expenses involved when it comes to ebooks and you’re gonna find that quite a bit of your profits might come from electronic book purchases at first this is why. I BOOK PUBLISHERS IN DELHI, BOOK PUBLISHER IN DELHI want to set you up with a victory early on. Let’s get that ebook up first and foremost and then we’ll start to address the other issues as they come along kindle direct publishing also known as KTP wants to set you up for victory as well and they make the process fairly simple and it’s a three-step process to where you’re gonna put in the information like your title your subtitle author name description selecting different types of keywords to describe your publication and then the very next step you’re just gonna upload your manuscript your book cover and then go on and select your distribution now I BOOK PUBLISHERS IN DELHI, BOOK PUBLISHER IN DELHI always recommend selecting worldwide distribution. There are some other limitations. You can put on your book but for the most part if you own the rights to your publication. Which hopefully you do. Then you’re going to want to have worldwide distribution so that way you can take advantage of all of the Amazon platforms that have this available. And then you’re gonna lastly set your pricing now. This is gonna vary based on the type of niche. Just do a little bit of research and find out. What is the most appropriate price point according to the niche that you’re within upload to print okay this is easier said than done there’s a lot more formatting involved and. I’m not going to tell you just to jump in into it willy-nilly this is gonna probably be the most problematic area but it can also be one of the most rewarding areas keep in mind that a fair amount of the publication profits throughout the world are derived from print books and thankfully for you here and Kindle direct publishing they distribute print paperback books and.

It’s somewhat easy once when you get the hang of it similar to uploading your ebook it’s gonna walk you through that three-step process and you’re just gonna follow it along now. Here’s the really nice since you’ve already laid the groundwork with your ebook all you’re gonna have to do is select the paperback option. It will fill in most of the data that you need and you can go through that process a lot faster so. I’m getting it to where you’re not having to do as much work since you’ve already done most of it through ebook now all you have to do is worry about getting the formatting dialed in for your paperback book but what if you really want to get that step-by-step plan of knowing exactly how to format your content and upload it one piece at a time then good news if you head on over to DIY publishing dot biz slash free you can get access to my beginners version of the DIY publishing course and if you haven’t done so already I BOOK PUBLISHERS IN DELHI, BOOK PUBLISHER IN DELHI highly recommend you check out my other video about self-publishing for beginners. I’m gonna give you some tips to get you started off on the right foot and it’s great complimentary video to this one so I’m gonna see on over there. Develop the relationships this is one that a lot of indie authors kind of scoff at. I BOOK PUBLISHERS IN DELHI, BOOK PUBLISHER IN DELHI understand that quite a few of us are introverted including myself.

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