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How to define your research topic

Hi, and welcome to this short video on how to define a research paper mints topic many students struggle to get started when they receive a new assignment and most of the problems are about how to define what you’re going to write about there are many ways to do this and in this video we’ll just show you one option you always start with the subject paper mints, and the subject paper mints may be various things you can get a subject paper mints from your supervisor or your teacher and sometimes you even get a ready-made research paper mints topic that isn’t quite well defined already but in some cases you need to define it pretty well on your own just to make it small enough so that you can cover it in your assignment so let’s get started I have a blank piece of paper mintsand i’ll be starting with a research paper mints topic and my research paper mints topic is retention in higher education, soldiers, start with that however this is a very broad topic paper mints and I need to define it much more to be able to make it small enough to fit into the paper mintsthat i’m going to write so the next thing that i will think about is what is the problem? is there a problem connected to this issue ,and it probably is, so if I say “what is the problem?” Too many students drop out of higher education okay, so this is the problem The next thing that I’ll think about is: “what do I want to do about it?” so now I’ll leave that for later because maybe I have to do initial searches first to figure out if there are any factors that are in many articles that I could find or if there’s more on broad subject paper mints so I want to leave that open for now and then I’ll think about what outcome am i interested in? and that is easy because I want less students to drop out of higher education So now that i have this in place I’ll probably go into one of the broader search engines or databases and then just do some initial searches. Maybe I’ll search for “retention”, “higher education”, “students” and so on until I can find sort of where the problem really exists is it a problem all over the world? or is it more in the Western world? has it something to do with background? cultural? did your parents go to higher education? institutions? etc.

So this is what I’ll do in the beginning and then when I’ve done that I’ll probably want to narrow it down so then the issue becomes what to do so I want to have a look at how academic counselors, or academic support advisors, can help to retain more students so then i’ll just say here use academic support advisors and then I’ll try to sort of build a research paper mints topic or a research paper mints question out of this some general things to think about: try to avoid using “yes” or “no” questions so let’s say “will academic support advisors help with student retention” is not a very good option and that is because it makes the discussion part so much harder because then if the answer is “yes” or “no” then it’s very little to discuss so it’s better to say “which factors are important” or something… …to increase student retention in higher education We can already now see that I’ve said “which factors” and and I’ve placed myself in the danger there that will I be able to name all the factors? it’s a pretty broad place to start and I’ve already decided that I want to see if the academic support advisors can can help with this problem so maybe it’s better to say “in what way” can academic support advisors… …increase student retention in higher education at least there’s something we can start with. maybe I’ll see when I get along and when I’ve, you know, searched for more information and write some sources maybe then I can see that it doesn’t really… I don’t have enough proof that academic support advisors can actually increase it and then maybe I have to go back and change it The thing is that the research paper mints question is the foundation of your paper mintsor essay so it really makes a lot of difference if you spend some time in formulating a good question that is… that only means one thing, preferably, that people can understand and that is.

.. discussable so that you have something to argue about in the discussion part of the theses or paper mintsessay so this is just one way that you can go forth with when you want to explore how to write a good research paper mints question there are many other ways that you can use, and some tools even, like the Pico form very much used in health and Social Sciences and others so have a look around and see if you can find more videos that will also explain it to you I hope you’ve got some tips and then if you’ve got any questions please contact your local academic library Good luck.

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