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Hey thinkers when you get an assignment and it requires that you find legitimate scholarly articles. Do you know where to go and do you know what you’re looking for or how to look for what you need to look for in this video. I want to define what research site for research paper, sites for research papers, research paper site is and what it isn’t and help give you a process for how you can go about finding the type of legitimate scholarly articles that you need for those types of assignments well. I’m going to do something a little bit different today and do a screencast for you. That shows you step by step. What kind of process you need to follow in order to find the type of information that is best for you in the projects that you have or assignments that you have that require those scholarly articles that you need but I want to take a moment here and briefly discuss what research site for research paper, sites for research papers, research paper site is and what it isn’t first. What it isn’t is just going online and gathering information. Many people will actually use the term research site for research paper, sites for research papers, research paper site when they really just mean that they’re gathering information so if. I say something like I was research site for research paper, sites for research papers, research paper siteing test anxiety the other day and found fill in the blank. That’s really not research site for research paper, sites for research papers, research paper site research site for research paper, sites for research papers, research paper site actually requires you to ask a question design a study. According to the questions that you’ve asked implement that study. Gather data analyze that data and then report the results and conclusions that you gained from the analysis. If you don’t do all of those things then you’re not actually conducting research site for research paper, sites for research papers, research paper site so research site for research paper, sites for research papers, research paper site is actually very much an in-depth process and takes a lot of time and it’s actually that type of information whenever you are digging through articles and information for your project or assignment for school. It’s those types of things that you’re actually looking for if if something didn’t follow that particular procedure or method we called the scientific method if it didn’t follow that method then it’s not really classified as research site for research paper, sites for research papers, research paper site so a simple survey or a simple poll or an opinion article or anything like that is not going to fit within the guidelines of scholarly material.

So whenever your teachers are asking you to go and find legitimate research site for research paper, sites for research papers, research paper site from a scholarly standpoint they are asking you to find articles that have been written based on a study that was designed implemented and then analyzed so knowing where to go to find that type of information is really important and that’s what. I want to do today. So why don’t you come over my shoulder and I will show you exactly what I’m talking about. Okay so first thing is first and that is one of the things that you should not do. Whenever you are trying to find information for a research site for research paper, sites for research papers, research paper site paper is to just use Google or Bing or any other search engine. Let’s say you’re doing a paper on test anxiety already pre-populated this but this is what you see if you just used test anxiety as a search term and it’s not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with the information that these pages have but you would never use this information as a reference or this type of page or site as a reference. You could learn some things about test anxiety and the things that you learn might lead you in the direction of of what you could search another in other databases but this is not the type of articles or pages or sites that you would reference if your instructor is saying to use scholarly articles now. Google does have Google Scholar in order to get there you just type in scholar Google. So let’s actually do this again and go to test anxiety and you see here that there are more than two million almost three million results here and the so. This is way more information than you could really sift through so part of what. Google’s go is good for is just kind of giving you a lot of different options but in the end the only options that are really viable to you as far as you having access to the articles or the ones that have these PDF links on the side. Any of the other articles like. Let’s say that let’s go to this second one you’re gonna have to actually buy this from the publisher so this can actually get really costly and one of the workarounds for this is what is called an interlibrary loan so if you were to go to your librarian and say hey.

I found this article online and I don’t think we have access to it in our online library. And you would need to make sure that you don’t have access to it on your particular database that you have access to so that would be the first thing write down the information and then go over to the databases through your online library at your school and see whether or not they actually have it. If they don’t then most schools have what are called interlibrary. Loans that your librarian can help you with and essentially what it is is they buy the they buy the article for you and then once they receive it they deliver it to you. The one thing that you have to be aware of though is if you wait till the last week before something is due. There’s just not going to be enough time for them to be able to get that particular article so you need to. You need to budget for the time necessary for them to actually secure this so that you can utilize it one of the things that I would recommend is always doing a custom date. Range and many professors prefer that you use current research site for research paper, sites for research papers, research paper site. So let’s just say that. I’m gonna stick with the information from this millennium. Well let’s narrow this down to less. You know a little bit more than a million less than what was originally now. Here’s a couple of things if you if we scan through this we see test anxiety but we also see anxiety anxiety so really this search term right here is only is giving us everything that has to do with both tests and anxiety if we want to keep this specific to anxiety and you see here. I’ve already actually got it. Then you need to put that in quotation marks that keeps test and anxiety together in search terms and then if there are multiple terms and you would separate those by commas. So let’s just say.

I’m just focusing on test. Anxiety that college students have this would actually be a good search term and you can see here that that’s narrowed this down to sixteen thousand and eight hundred which is which is pretty good for Google now again. These are the only ones that if I click on would actually take me right to the article and so something that I would recommend doing. Is that every time you find an article that is appealing to you immediately. Download it make sure that you have a folder that you’ve already set up and save it to that particular folder and then as you keep finding more and more articles and again if they have this link then go ahead and download it. If they don’t again let’s go back over to this one that we clicked on earlier if they don’t actually we didn’t click on this or the one or they. I’m sorry if they don’t this least gonna give you some information here and if you want you can go ahead and purchase it. But if they if you don’t then you at least have this information here. What database has this particular article and then you can look at the title and the author’s and the journal itself in the volume so you could at least take all of this information right here actually. I would take this DOI as well and then take this to your librarian. And if your luck if your school’s online library does not have this particular article then they can utilize that interlibrary loan for you so I would never recommend purchasing it yourself but take that information to your librarian okay so what I want to do next is actually show you the what I think is the better option for you and that’s to go to your school’s online library and the school that I teach at and I’m sorry. Let me get to this. This would be a collection of the databases that are available. And so you just go to your the homepage of your online library and then find through a couple of searches. What would be the most appropriate database to go to so for if we’re talking about test anxiety.

I would likely go to psychology and behavioral sciences and I would go to this collection right here which would take me two EPs cohost which is probably the most popular research site for research paper, sites for research papers, research paper site database available and it has a lot of information actually if we go over here to this. Choose databases you can see all the different databases that my school has available within. EBSCOhost depending on your school that that list of databases is going to change to other databases that I have found helpful our ProQuest. And then sage but again my field is psychology so that might actually not be something that you have access to or that is appropriate to so you really just have to figure out what is most appropriate for you and what you’re doing something else. The type of search that you do is important and if you don’t know much about boolean searches there’s probably a question mark here like this that pulls up a help page and can tell you exactly what all of these types of things mean alright. So let’s go through here and I always do an advanced search and let’s do the same search term that we used earlier and college and student and actually these right here are important. We don’t want or and we don’t want not we want and because we’re looking for test anxiety and college and student and I’m going to go ahead and select subject terms for each of these because I don’t want it to search everything I just want it to specifically search the subject terms so that looks good to me and then I’m going to hit search so we see here one of 18 and that’s good from here one of the first things that I do personally is go to page options and hit detail because I want to see the entire abstract essentially. What the summary of this article is and then if. I like what I see then I would go ahead and hit on PDF full-text scan it a little bit more and then likely download that again the same way that I did with the article on Google again we can come over here and refine the the date and a lot of times that will just automatically change so now we see that it’s gone to 1 to 10.

I also like peer-reviewed articles and most of the time. These articles are peer reviewed. If you don’t know what that means it just means that other people besides these authors actually looked at the final research site for research paper, sites for research papers, research paper site and gave their stamp of approval so more than just a few eyes looked at the quality of the research site for research paper, sites for research papers, research paper site so it just means that that it stands the test of scholarly critique so you can trust most of these sources are most of these articles as being legitimate information that would that would be accepted by every instructor that you have again do not use just. Google do not use a newspaper or a magazine or anything like that use your online database use Google Scholar if you need to or want to just to reference. What else is out there. Utilize that interlibrary loan again. That is that is an awesome resource because if if an article like this actually cost you 35 dollars and your and your school allows for you to have 20 interlibrary loans in any given semester that. That’s that’s more than $700 right there that she didn’t have to pay for and you get to keep this information forever once you download it. So that’s that’s that’s good stuff. Ok so utilize this process in the future and I guarantee if you do. It’s going to help one streamline your process but to make sure that you’re always having appropriate scholarly work that you’re using as references in your papers well. I hope that this was helpful and insightful. So that next time you need to find a great information for your research site for research paper, sites for research papers, research paper site paper or whatever project that you’re doing that requires you to find this kind of in for me if you will follow these processes. I guarantee you. You will find what you need to find when you need to find it and you’ll likely find it easily. Well if you’re a student we drop videos every week that helps you learn something different about how to be successful in school and boost your skills as a student.

I would also encourage you to share this with one of your friends who is also a student because every person who’s in school is going to at some point need to be able to conduct some kind of search for proper literature that they need for a project and this process will help them so again. I hope that this was helpful and as always learn develop grow. That’s why we’re here. I’m dr. Jason Wright and I hope to see you next time.

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