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Hi and welcome to this video. My name is Rebecca and I’m a Reference Librarian at Lehman College. And I want to show you how you can find a journal, or electronic journal, ejournals ecology, journal of agriculture that you can find on our library website. First thing I’d like to show you is an actual citation that a professor might give you so we can check a specific journals ecology, journal of agriculture in the eJournals ecology, journals ecology, journal of agriculture of agriculture link. Let me minimize the screen. This is a citation and the elements of a citation include the author’s name. This is the last name, first name, and the second author. We have the year that the article was published, 2015. The next element is the article. This is, “What Makes a ‘Good Job’? Gender-Role Attitudes and Job Preferences in Sweden.” Then we have the publication or the journals ecology, journal of agriculture name that this article was published in and it’s called “Gender Issues.” The title is followed by the issue number 32 , the colon, and then the page numbers of the article 279-294. So now that we have a citation we’re going to find the journals ecology, journal of agriculture Gender Issues. I’m going to copy it so I can put it in the link. So let’s go to Google and we’re going to go on the Lehman College website. Type in Lehman College. Click Lehman. Now we’re on the Lehman College homepage. And on the top scroll to where it says Library and click on the Library link. That’ll lead you to the Library webpage. The virtual library. Now on OneSearch you’ll see it’s highlighted, this tab. You’ll want to scroll down a little more. You’ll see the OneSearch search tab and underneath Advanced Search. You want to click on Advanced Search to get to the journals ecology, journals ecology, journal of agriculture of agriculture. Click Advanced Search. It leads us to this webpage. And on the top, on the blue ribbon, scroll to Journals ecology, journal of agriculture Search, and we’re going to click on that, Journals ecology, journal of agriculture Search. Here it opens up to the Journals ecology, journal of agriculture Search search bar. And you’re going to enter the title. So the title is Gender Issues. You can also type it in. And we’re going to search for the journals ecology, journal of agriculture name, Gender Issues. So six results come out. And you’ll see that these articles have either Gender Issues in the title or Gender or Issues but we want the exact journals ecology, journal of agriculture name that’s called Gender Issues and that’s the first one.

So let’s click Gender Issues. So it tells you that it’s Available Online. It tells you also that we have issues from 1998 and it’s a Peer Reviewed journal. And you can see up here it says Journal. So we’re going to scroll down. And you’ll see that this journals ecology, journal of agriculture is actually available in six different databases. Now databases hold journals ecology, journals ecology, journal of agriculture of agriculture and journals ecology, journals ecology, journal of agriculture of agriculture hold articles. So we want to look at the dates. Academic OneFile has articles from 1998 to 2000. But I might want something more recent, especially that the article the citation is from 2015. So we need a database that holds the journals ecology, journal of agriculture from 2015. So let’s go to the next one Academic Search Complete available from 1998. Most recent one year not available. Well that’s okay because that means that’s 2019 of last year. So we’re going to choose this, Academic Search Complete. Once we choose the database, since we’re off campus it’s going to ask you for your CUNY Login credentials right here. You’re going to click on ‘log in with your CUNY Login Credentials. Which will lead us to this second prompt, where you’ll enter your username and password. And it’s the same username as your Blackboard account and your CUNYFirst account. It’s the same here. You’ll Login. And this will lead us to the publication “Gender Issues.” Publication Details For “Gender Issues.” It will give you some information on the journal. And then on the right side it gives you all the issues that Academic Search Complete carries of this journal. So remember that the article we’re looking for is from 2015. So we’re going to click 2015. And then it has Vol. 32. So it has four issues with volume 32. So let’s go back and see. So it tells us it’s in issue 32 . Okay. And then it tells us pages 279-294. So it only gives us the volume number not the issue number. So we’re going to have to search a little bit.

And I’m going to click, maybe Issue 2. When you don’t have an issue number usually the issue, Issue 1, the articles start at page 1. So let’s see Issue 2 to see what pages the articles begin with. And if you just look down the title it will tell you here, Page 77-96. No, let’s go back. And we’ll go to the next issue. This time I’m going to go to Issue 4 just to see if that’ll get us any closer. And Okay. So this one went up to the 220’s, so this is good. So we’ll just scroll down and look for the article title. And it was, “What Makes a ‘Good Job’? Gender-Role Attitudes and Job Preferences in Sweden.” To read this article click on PDF Full Text and here you have the article. Another helpful thing that databases have are these icons. And this one down, E-mail Article, the envelope looking icon, that’s where you can email yourself the article. And I recommend that when you find an article you’re interested in. You can E-mail to any email. Perhaps put a Subject and Send and you’re on your way for this journals ecology, journal of agriculture article. I hope that was helpful. I hope you have a great semester and if you need help please go to the Ask Us 24/7 Chat on the library webpage. Okay, talk to you soon. Bye.

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