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ESL – Writing a newspaper article (step-by-step guide)

Hello there this is mr p on today’s lesson we’re going to learn how to write a newspaper article importance of the newspaper, w3 newspaper. Let’s get started. There are two categories of article importance of the newspaper, w3 newspapers feature article importance of the newspaper, w3 newspapers and newspaper article importance of the newspaper, w3 newspapers. There are other types of article importance of the newspaper, w3 newspapers editorials book and movie reviews but in this lesson. We’re going to look at news article importance of the newspaper, w3 newspapers differences between a feature and news story feature story. They are longer and more in depth than regular news article importance of the newspaper, w3 newspapers. They cover one subject from multiple angles and are written in a more creative entertaining. Way new story they cover the basics of current events. They answer the questions who what how where and when new stories can also be creative and entertaining too however it is important to remember that both news and features require the same level of research and reporting basic story outline the best way to structure a newspaper. Article importance of the newspaper, w3 newspaper is a write an outline b review your research and notes c write briefly ideas for the following six sections remember. This is just the foundation upon which to build your story. Now let’s look at the elements of a newspaper article importance of the newspaper, w3 newspaper number one the headline number two the byline number three the place line number four the lead number five the body and number six quotations so about writing a headline the headline should catch your attention and should summarize the story make it interesting. There is a formula. We can use number or trigger word plus adjective plus keyword plus promise and this is your example. How you can effortlessly sell your home in less than 24 hours then we have the byline and we have the place line. The byline includes the writer’s name and the writer’s speciality example sports food crime etc. Do not forget the date here example. John smith sports reporter date wednesday june the 7th 2020. The place line is that is where the story begins example toronto vancouver new york paris etc so the next step is how to write a lead. The lead is the very first or the second sentence at the beginning of the article importance of the newspaper, w3 newspaper.

A news article importance of the newspaper, w3 newspaper lead is based on the idea that you need to present the past details first it has to catch the reader’s eye and easily provide the most important information about the article importance of the newspaper, w3 newspaper in the lead you need to provide the five w’s and h which is a traditional lead attempt to answer most or all of the key questions who what when where why and how so now let’s look at the strategies for a good lead first keep it short usually one sentence only second. If you have something in the lead make sure you will be talking about it in the body of your article importance of the newspaper, w3 newspaper and third use words to make it interesting but keep it short and stick to the five w’s and h. Let’s talk about the body now. The main news article importance of the newspaper, w3 newspaper itself is written from bottom down in other words the most important information comes first with each paragraph giving less and less details after that in a novel instead the narrative starts with little information and develops in the end to get all of it. You should answer the five w’s and age right away in your body discuss them in more detail using quotes. The body paragraphs should be short just two to four sentences long. The information reported has just happened so do not explain the history of events that led up to the story being reported the report should be written in the third person with a formal voice. Use pronouns like he she it they etc include imagine statements from people who may be connected with the story imagine. You had interviewed them immediately. After the incident described in your headline put your mindset to write as a reporter use news article importance of the newspaper, w3 newspaper report language and create a meaningful news report so the last point is the quotations you need to include things people actually said quotations add accuracy to the story. Two things to remember. Don’t forget to add quotation marks to your quotes use reported speech like in this example. We had no idea he was concealing a gun now. Let’s organize your paragraphs paragraph one report on the who what where and when paragraph two report on the why and the how be more specific and add details paragraph three provide a quote from a witness expert or participant at a sentence or two before and after the quote to explain who the speaker is and their connection to the news event example ms kerry who saw the accident said it was terrible.

Paragraph 4 provide a quote from a second witness expert or participant following the same format as the previous quote. Make sure you include a quote from a different person example. Frank mars local high school. Teachers stated the brampton 4 fair was amazing. It provided a great opportunity for students to volunteer their time and services in the community paragraph 5. Make a final statement to conclude. Your news. Report provide information for the reader to learn more about the news event. So that’s it for today. If you have any questions about this lesson type your question under this video if you haven’t subscribed to my channel i suggest you do. If you liked the lesson hit on the like button please and you may share the lesson if you liked it until next time take care bye bye.

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