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Good morning everyone. Thank you so much for for being here this morning and putting up with some of technical difficulties you know despite how many tests to do of course everything always fails so we’ll get through it today but I appreciate your patience and really looking forward to talking with you all today this morning about our blockchain research papers for science and research blockchain research papers so my name is Felipe my own I am a principal program manager here at AWS public sector specifically I work with. Our government financials companies and so worker organizations and so work with government financial organizations around the world to help them with their adoption of cloud computing and. I am joined here today by jin-sook Park from the who’s joined us actually all the way from South Korea. I was told that he’s actually our first speaker at the DC summit to come all the way from South Korea so I especially want to thank Jim. Sikh to the urgent today for being with us so good morning everyone. I’m justifying the PhD candidate of Korea advanced Institute of Science and Technology blockchain research papers although I’m a PhD candidate now but before I join this rep I work at the SK Telecom and the so relation on University Hospital and I also worked at the Korea Research blockchain research papers Institute or biochemical technology blockchain research papers today I very briefly introduce so why and how what we work to use the blockchain research papers so please listen carefully the way prepare the parapets presentation before deep type tipped over to our work and please give a warm around the apology to the prepare people to start our session thank you so we can ask a lot of a double us about how we think about blockchain research papers and for a while we AWS actually did not have a blockchain research papers offering and many people took that to assume that we didn’t care about the space that but that actually absolutely was not the case what we were interested is finding out how customers were actually using block teen technology blockchain research papers it’s an industry it’s a term with a lot of hype around and surrounded especially associated with the crypto currencies and and Bitcoin and others that you might be familiar with but we really wanted to understand how our customers actually using blockchain research papers technology blockchain research papers what were the actual production applications that were running and what the problems they were really trying to solve that couldn’t be solved with the database and so as we thought about this problem for a while what we really saw was there’s actually two types of efforts that customers are trying to do with or two types of problems that customers are trying to solve with blockchain research papers so the first issue that we saw customers really trying to tackle using blockchain research papers technology blockchain research papers was this need for a ledger with centralized trust and this concept of stress is something.

I’m gonna hit on several times throughout the presentation and continue to emphasize but in this first first use case it was a ledger with centralized trust so in many cases what they’re looking to build were systems of records systems that had to be mutable and really had to have that you know that could be owned by a single entity there’s a couple examples here on the slide such as healthcare manufacturers HR and payroll since we are a public sector Summit elaborated on the DMV use case which is obviously a use case for tracking Department of Motor Vehicles here in the United States and that is a use case to actually track vehicle registration and ownership and so that need is something that was required for the immutability and having this idea of a centralized trust or that system of record another example in this space would be in supply chain so in supply chain where there could be many different organizations that are partnering together to track the supply chain you wanted that immutability but there could be one centralized owner of that records you know this is one of those problems that individuals are trying to solve with this centralized trust and so there’s two ways that customers are really trying to dimension customers leveraging blockchain research papers but the other way you could try to solve this problem is using a traditional relational database and and so that’s what customers are doing.

They were either trying to tackle this problem by either leveraging relational databases or blocking applications and. There’s really two main chatter two different challenges customers face with each of those solutions so the first one. We’re building a ledger with the traditional database. This is not what traditional databases were not designed to be they’re not designed to be immutable they’re designed to be rapidly changing and so when you try to to create a database in order to be immutable you have to do. All sorts of things that create audit logs and audit tables maintain those you have to look at the engineers who initially built the table and what were their access controls and so what that ends up being is resource intensive difficult to scale manage error-prone and impossible to verify that you actually are immutable. So that’s when individuals and companies start thinking about well maybe. I can leverage blockchain research papers technology blockchain research papers and blockchain research papers has this concept of a distributed ledger which we’ll get into a little bit later but well but at the root of it blockchain research papers was designed for a different purpose it was designed for a purpose where you did not need a centralized trust and so that idea and trying to leverage blocking for these specific applications where you needed a centralized ledger really adds a lot of unnecessary complication. If you’re trying to leverage blockchain research papers to solve that technology blockchain research papers and so that’s why during reinvent last year we announced. Amazon quantum ledger database which is a fully managed database with a central trusted authority and so ql DB was actually a product that we had developed internally at amazon so this problem of a centralized ledger is something that we had tackled with ourselves so specifically when AWS with our service plane so when we’re developing service we wanted a centralized record of all changes done to the service plane of our services and that helps run things like operations and makes a lot of things much more much simpler if we can verify that immutability and so we realized we had actually developed this service ourselves and was something we were using and so we decided to external adds up for customers to help customers tackle that first problem they were looking at blockchain research papers to solve for them and so qo DB.

It is a currently in preview as I mention is a fully managed ledger database. So it’s a very specific purpose filled database which tracks and verifies history of all changes to your applications data so it’s immutable its cryptographically verifiable highly scalable and easy to use and so how ql DB actually works is you have your applications data and from there it goes into ql DB and there’s two very important components of qo DB so the first part is your traditional database the current state and index history of your actual data itself. And so if you want to think about examples could be a currency value in a bank account in its history but the part that actually makes. QDB unique is that second part which is the journal and so the journal is an append-only which means you can only add you can not delete or remove data which stores the sequence cryptographically verifiable entry of each change made. And we’ll talk a little bit about that happens a little later in the presentation when we talk to the blockchain research papers and hashing but this journal is the piece of this of. Qod B that really makes it evil because you cannot edit the journal that journals again append-only and you also have the ability of a query as simply like a database with the current state and index history and so why immutability and verifiability matters for customers is for a few reasons. One of the main ones is this idea of reducing risk so especially for critical system of record applications that can really cannot go down where the data loss could potentially cost millions of dollars or you know the public sector impact.

The citizen services reduces the risk by having the immutability actually in the journal can completely recreate the the database the current state just using the journal alone. It improves data tracking as you can in solve who has part access to the system. You could track that data lineage there’s audibility that’s included with a system like Q or DB which reduces down x caused by audits because you can also audit the journal itself and and compliance issues as well and finally it reduces implementation efforts as building an immutable and verifiable journal or database in a traditional way is very time consuming it and tough as the reasons I mentioned some use cases that we’re seeing for for this specific key. ODB applications are in banking and finance ecommerce transportation logistics HR Payroll manufacturing in government again. These are broad categories. Barrett’s anywhere where you see the need for a system of record and so what we’ve seen is this concept then you see this a lot with our services at AWS. It’s a common theme with our platform is the idea of purpose-built tools. So in this case a purpose field database this ledger so it’s very purposefully. Built for the specific application it was designed for. You’re not necessarily using a relational database was designed for something else in trying to or a blockchain research papers framework which is not designed for this and trying to force fit it in this case. What we’ve actually built is a purpose-built tool so the second way. The second problem we that customers also the first was this. Ledger is a centralized trust. The second is transactions with decentralized trust and so this is what blockchain research papers was really designed for. It’s this concept of we want to work together in a consortium that some known group of entities or in a public network but we don’t necessarily want a centralized trust we want to remove that intermediary and so there are all sorts of examples where folks are starting to come up with concepts in leveraging technology blockchain research papers for but financial institutions doing peer-to-peer payments and mortgage lending syndicating loans and the supply chain.

But in this case this version of us applied to supply chain where no one owns the entire supply chain where maybe it’s actually distributed supply chain with many suppliers and distributors or in retail where need streamline and customer rewards across different organizations but there are a lot of problems the customer problems that come up with these very complex business networks so many networks rely on central authorities today even though maybe we can come up with a better solution. Leveraging a consortium and sharing information many times you cannot agree on how to share information how to securely in a fair way organizations need to verify the history of those transactions themselves and they want to make sure to keep that copy of the ledger themselves and a lot of times. That business logic could be improved through automation. So this again this is the very quick blockchain research papers 101 for those of you who might not be very familiar this is the idea of blotching so blockchain research papers rather than relying on a central trusted. Authority blockchain research papers builds trust in the network itself in a network and so it eliminates the need for a central trusted Authority and again. I’m touching and I want elaborate on that that issue of trust so there are three main components to a blockchain research papers Network the distributed ledger which you might hear DLT distributed technologies consensus mechanism and a smart contract execution environment. I will touch on these a little bit more detail but together these elements allow two parties two or more parties to really transact with each other and consent to a transaction in a way that they can record it and have immutability and Trust again without the need of a central trusted Authority.

Everyone in the network is interacting with each other instead of with a central peer. So we’ll start with the distributed ledger technology blockchain research papers in terms of the components so the distributed ledger. You may have heard as blockchain research papers this this idea of blocks it’s formed into a chain and so this the slide shows a little bit of what that’s actually like so in this case in this example we have a network that has you know now at this point sixty one blocks and each block records a group of transactions that happen so each block has a cryptographic hash and then they also include the hash of the previous block. And so if you’re familiar with cryptography and the way hashing works any set of their very public algorithms and you take a set of texts you can drop it into public algorithms and get a hash back that hash would change if any character in that text is different is different and so by hashing the previous block and including that as part of the next block you can ensure that no one can actually change any of the previous blocks because it actually would have changed the current blocks hash because the previous blocks hash is part of that and these hash chained together again blockchain research papers is really what it creates that immutability and so this journal creates an immutable log of all transactions and then is maintained by all the nodes in the blockchain research papers network the second component of a blockchain research papers network is the consensus mechanism. There’s some important attributes you’ll hear in the industry such as business scene fault tolerance requirements there’s considerations in terms of the transaction rate and energy consumption Hardware and security requirements but ultimately what the consensus mechanism is is as the name implies a way to to define consensus across the network. So how do you actually make a decision. So in this case there’s several different nodes and what is that. What is the what are the rules that are actually saying what gets written to the network and that could be a majority votes or all sorts of different mechanisms and in many blocking frameworks.

That varies a bit of what that looks like. But it’s how do how does the network come to a consensus on what actually gets written to the ledger. What is that state of truth. And the final component of blockchain research papers is smart contracts so these are rules that are actually embedded in the application itself so they’re verified execution of code when conditional operators are met so when a certain situation happens a code can actually execute immediately and that’s written into the application into the framework itself and so all blockchain research papers frameworks that they vary but they all have this idea of a smart contract environment where they can execute code once a certain condition is met and once those are met the application rights. The ledger and that that contract can interact with components outside of the network as well on something called an off chain so I talked a little bit. About what the blockchain research papers how blockchain research papers addresses that second problem but the challenges that customers have and that we saw when we started digging into this space is that you know very traditional as we’ve seen in a lot of other spaces that AWS has built a managed service for it. Setup is hard it’s hard to scale it’s complicated to manage and it’s expensive. Jen in a little bit when he comes up we’ll talk about how they built their managed application. You’ll get a little sense of what that what some of those challenges were and so that’s why last year we announced the launch of Amazon manage blockchain research papers which is a fully managed boxing service supporting both hybrid idea. Fabric and the etherium frameworks. Amazon managed blockchain research papers is in GA as of a few weeks ago and so Amazon managed boxing again. This fully managed service and it man we use to open source frameworks hyper leverage of fabric which actually is in GA today and the etherium framework which will talk both of these a little more detail which is actually coming soon so hyper layer fabric is GA today but if there iam is coming soon and so the features of Amazon manage blockchain research papers is that it’s a fully managed service just like you would expect from any other Amazon managed service it is open source in terms of that it leads these two open source frameworks and hyper edge of a brick specifically version 1.

2 if you’re familiar with hyper ledger and the etherium as I mentioned coming soon and there’s this concept in in the blockchain research papers networks of being decentralized and that is the concept that was very important for us to bring in when we brought in Amazon managed blockchain research papers so what might mean by decentralized is the the network is governed democratically and so if I create a network and I invite Jen and a few other folks if I decide in a few weeks actually want to leave that network. I don’t delete the network when I leave if Jen and others are in that network they can actually continue to participate in that network even though I created it and invited and set them up. Actually a question we get asked is how do you actually delete a blockchain research papers work and the way you delete a block to network in Amazon manage Bakhtin is everyone leaves the network once everyone leaves the network then a network shut down but the idea that that network continues to persist beyond any of the individuals who set it up some of the features again. It’s reliable and scalable some of that same technology blockchain research papers that backs. Qod be that we were using internally is the same technology blockchain research papers that’s backing Amazon manage blockchain research papers. It’s low cost in that you only pay for the resources you use and it’s integrated with with a few other services at AWS and the way Amazon manage blockchain research papers works itself so you create a network so there’s a there’s a very nice. UI in the console. You can create a network choose your your blockchain research papers framework that you want from there. You can use your membership with your AWS accounts to this feed clicks from there you invite members in this case currently you and by other AWS accounts to join your network from there.

Each member can add a node and then from there you deploy applications onto those notes. So we’ll touch a little bit on those two frameworks hyper layers of fabric and aetherium so hyper lebra. Fabric is something that’s known in the block change space as a permissions network and what. I mean by a permission network is it’s a network where all the participants are known. I know all the participants are going to participate in my network very different than what you might be familiar with Bitcoin. Which is the public network similar to ethereal the hyper. Ledger is a permission network or a private network. There’s a certain number of individuals. I know who they are and I’ve invited them to join the network. You can create channels within hyper ledger to actually have separate groups. That have different letters. And we’ll talk a little bit more about that in a few slides. And there’s this idea of the chain code which is that smart contracts that I mentioned these are written and go and executed on docker containers in the network. And there’s a validation policy for executing the chain code there so that validation policy is configurable so how do we validate that that smart contract has been met again and that’s all configurable in hyper editor fabric and on Amazon manage blockchain research papers. An interesting piece is because it’s a permission network it actually does not require native cryptocurrency for chain code execution if theory em on the other hand is then one of the most popular networks for public block chains so and there there is also a permission version but it is by far our the the one most customers choose when they’re trying to build a public network and so the smart contracts is in a native language to a theorem called solidity. It runs across the nodes in the network. It’s extremely scalable. There’s a very large theorem environment in the public and you can create permission networks again as I mentioned or use the public network.

There’s different consensus algorithms. Which is you can use proof of work consensus or for that public network or proof of authority for a private network. And so those are some of the consensus mechanisms that that are popular in the in the blockchain research papers space today and anyone with access to an hour can see all the data versus an hyper ledger where there’s this concept of channels so specifically add a little bit more on our hybrid ledger fabric we’ve augmented it a few ways with Amazon manage blockchain research papers specifically so in hyper ledger fabric. There’s this ordering service. That’s the component which actually then distributes out and you’ll see a slide of that shortly but that component in production grade networks today they use open source to use a Apache Kafka for Amazon main is blockchain research papers we actually again leverage that same technology blockchain research papers that powers. QLD be to increase durability and reliability and there’s another very important component in hyper edges to certificate authority the CA the CA in open source uses a soft HSM and Amazon managed blockchain research papers we use Amazon management Amazon AWS key management service or a kms to use that CA. I mentioned it quickly but here’s a diagram on the what I meant by channels in hyper ledger fabric. So this diagram here on the slide shows a blockchain research papers network with three members so again this would be a private network since we know the number of entities that are there in this case there’s two channels and you can see that member one is only a member of channel 1 channel 2 which only in which member 3 is only a member of channel 2 and then there’s member 2 that has is member of both channels and so you can see that there’s actually two different. Ledger’s that are created for each channel so or one ledger for each channel. So on channel 1 ledger that distribute ledger. Remember one. It’s you can see both and that but member 1 cannot see the data.

That’s written to the second ledger. Because they’re not part of that channel and that’s something again that’s all configurable and hyper ledger. Fabric and this has implications for a supply in other parts where you might want to all interact together but you necessarily don’t want your competitors for example to see all the data that you’re writing for the ledger and the other important component of hyper ledger. Fabric is this endorsement policy again. This is what that chain code specifies how many members or which members need to validate that transaction before it’s submitted to everyone so so again you think about it we’re all working as a network together in a consortium when. I say I interact with with John and I say I exchange a certain value of currency for some product and we want that transaction to be written into the network. There’s some there’s this endorsement policy to ensure by other members of the network that that transaction did happen before everyone agrees and we all write that information to our respective letters because again everyone has in blockchain research papers a copy of their own ledger that distributed copy of a ledger and so this is just one final view of what a network looks like a network diagram of what the manage blockchain research papers looks service. Looks like so you can see there’s this hyper ledger. Fabric ordering service layer which does not exist within any of the member accounts and then there’s members in this case again a three member a network with member a B and C which each have their own certificate authority. And in this case each one of those has two nodes that can actually run applications on them the other thing. I wanted to point on this diagram is you see the a Tobias private links and the VC VPC endpoints so with Amazon manage blockchain research papers. You can actually create it such that this traffic is actually never exposed to the Internet. So if it’s a permission network it stays all within. AWS and is therefore it’s never exposed to the public Internet so I think it’s actually important to bring it to life a little bit about use cases of how customers are using blockchain research papers today and we’re really seeing customers are experimenting today in many many different industries.

Everything from smart contracts you can think of things like wagers and digital write and escrows to digital currency it’s all vegan one of the most popular use cases today for blockchain research papers and things like Bitcoin but also record keeping so title records and ownerships when you maybe don’t want that centralized trust and you want that to the distributed trust and even with things like securities and the financial services sector and supply chain we touched on it with Keogh DB but another example of blockchain research papers application for supply chain as I mentioned was how is times where there’s actually no central trusted Authority so in this case each organisation has a trusted copy of that supply chain data and payments can be automated through the use of smart contracts that are executed again once those conditions are met and they’re executed automatically and these components of the mutability and tracking can track components as they move through the supply chain which really helps with the quality and measurement of quality of the products in financial services again the industry that that I support for the most part there’s all sorts of different applications specifically for of cryptic of a blockchain research papers technology blockchain research papers broader than cryptocurrency and. We’re seeing everything again from looking at value so how do you ensure value how do you account for value. How do you authenticate value. How do you store it. Lend exchange. So there’s all sorts of applications that are being explored in financial services leveraging blockchain research papers technology blockchain research papers and this is a quote from the CTO of Guardian life insurance company. You know they’ve been trying to use la chaîne in several different ways and one of the things.

I mentioned those challenges we had is that idea of that scalability. And it’s actually. There’s a lot of muck when you actually get in and try to create these blockchain research papers frame which is open source frameworks and actually try to create it. There’s a lot of work at the infrastructure layer and that’s where Amazon managed blockchain research papers really. We think helps helps get rid of that and do that. Undifferentiated heavy lifting for our customers and so the quote. I love is you know these however it right in the run the middle you can see these however blockchain research papers frameworks are complex and difficult to operate with Amazon managed blockchain research papers. We cannot easily create hyper edge of fabric blockchain research papers networks tests learn without worrying about managing the underlying infrastructure networking and software configuration. The final example. I mentioned before invited into the stage is a Singapore exchange so the Singapore Exchange is the versified exchange group in Singapore as you might guess and they’ve launched a project. Ubben which is a to face journey which is a coordination between a collaboration between the Singapore Exchange and the regulator in the Monetary Authority of Singapore. And so what they were really looking to do is look at leveraging blockchain research papers for clearing and payments and clearing and settlements of payments and securities and their specific use case. Look that the hires they’re trying to solve a few challenges and so the challenges again. This might sound familiar is lack of trust. There’s inefficient process for sending data across borders and there’s API divergence which is expensive and cumbersome to maintain and so by implementing a blockchain research papers they can have this distributed application which provided trust they provide reliability and resiliency and they can easily add new members to a network when they need it and their conclusions. This is a slide they presented was there they’re very bullish on the the potential of blockchain research papers in specific Amazon managed blockchain research papers to help solve this problem.

So you can read here a little bit of what they’ve seen in kind of flexibility reduce settlements consistency creating higher investor confidence and enhancing investor security broadening the SS scribes and the potential actually for around-the-clock operations. So with that. I’ll actually rather than me sharing some more customer examples on by Jen and a customer self to actually come up and talk about the application that they’ve built leveraging blockchain research papers technology blockchain research papers. Welcome – thank. You just use yes. You’re not worried no guys my one. It’s not the video is not working can I just take change it. BIOS energy research blockchain research papers center has been developing cutting-edge IT BT platforms in order to discover future oriented advanced healthcare materials at the core of this platform is Connacht a bio research blockchain research papers workflow program utilizing computerized virtual human systems conet is a workflow system which combines the essential technologies of natural product engineering molecular target discovery biomarkers discovery and advanced clinical research blockchain research papers centered on coda equipped with this combined data conet can analyze the effect of multi compounds from natural products have when acting on multi targets at home resonant aitutaki when projected to say mr. Cole here on moon jae-in the le2 3 once on et me on turn me on. Turn me on être in the song venturi. Omega sub Childress it there at oten simultaneous awe or killing each other gonna don’t even remember the main project of our lab our CUDA and coconut as you see on previous video and I’m also studying team learning and bioinformatics and medical informatics and systems biology to find a drug candidate chemical compound based on the CUDA and that is my PhD topic. Sorry a peg in the summer of 2014. I suggested several MS thesis topic to Professor Li who is my current or academic adviser but he told him that he had more interesting topic in fact that many people know that the kinkabe lava can prevent dementia or Alzheimer’s but based on the Consumer Reports and JAMA it had no effect on these diseases on the contrary people loaded copy is not good for health but drinking between 3 and 5 cups of coffee per day could reduce risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s to 65 percent in other world professor.

Li said that the finding drug candidate chemical compound it’s important to Asia for a prediction method but data collection from the non-functional product or unknown edible product is also essential as a verification method. He emphasized that course will be on innovative a platform to develop the verification method. How do you think how. How do you put on eloquent interpret yes. Oscar credit a student like me. The elephant came to colors. And which was my MA thesis subject and the challenge project over our lab in the previous slide the Graduate recently had to put on elephant interpret because the professor wanted him to and I’d mention he could authorize the elephant into small pieces order extracted DNA from the elephant to reduce the size and he could process of which to pit and print elephant likewise we found that the needed bid for the product Epica qualification platform or through the citizen science and crowdsourcing and we study the simple and organized resistance and libel method to develop the platform and we planned and developed a chorus by integrating mentioned elements chorus consists of three step research blockchain research papers creation and conduct an analysis and each step has a problem. Our current research blockchain research papers protocol is very complex to create and the data pacification possibilities exist and continuously retention is essential to participate. We try to solve the problem. We propose the automated protocol creation method and blockchain research papers and the cryptocurrency the world. But today. I will only talk about the blockchain research papers little box. Because today’s topic is of a science for the blockchain research papers as mentioned in the previous page across consists of system research blockchain research papers creation and conduct and analysis or user who has the authorization or can create edit or delete list and and then activated to research blockchain research papers then the activate research blockchain research papers create the private a channel of error other user can participate in order date in the research blockchain research papers and all data is stored in the blockchain research papers and when the research blockchain research paperser has pinched it participant get a reward for their ratio of participation in the palm of cryptocurrency.

I will show the cross stem for law. Please understand the some part of a platformer on criterion the development and I also say the private channel in the public channel and post op generates they belong to the private blockchain research papers which is the high polish Republic the j26 so please be remember our projects based on the permission blockchain research papers but channel is different and this is our the cross system and the main interface with completed research blockchain research papers and and the people doing your research blockchain research papers you can check if any private channel exists and only the public channel exists on this interface or user who has authorization will draw research blockchain research papers from now on the input contents are very simple mr. title the duration and number were participant in the digital and the description that once the input is completed the platform automatically provide the research blockchain research papers protocol which I said that it’s very complex complex to create. We call that the case report form like this. This case report form is generated by flipper automatically and user can edit detailed contents of the case report form then the when the research blockchain research papers created and activated or you can have a private channel created simultaneously like on this interface but there are no block because the input was not ah cured until ah and then other user can participate in the research blockchain research papers by giving their consent and details and after the schedule and the research blockchain research papers questions are created the user can input the data and if they can check the weather they can get the reward then the progress report can be and it the user can check the participant status and the scheduled progress and this was progress survey or list was rate and there was the user input data.

You can see that. The block is located in the private channel and the listeners. Especially you can check the leaders aesthetics like this about the participant latest entities and the crewmen to write a script and list was rate. Greg the also is user can see the detailed ratio and the statistics for the other the research blockchain research papers contentious. Finally you can check the private channels deleted and the blog is moved to the public channel. This is a profile page and the user can check the total point again. D or for which either user get your sim queens. This is a simple in history page. II that we provided and the user can check the Putin counties and Queensland programmes which is the unloaded edger lizard from the our the platform. I think the if we had no problem developing chorus in the local service environment I would not have presented the kora set this kind of the cloud computing summit we use the local servers. The server had to be patient scalable and secure and the product table and provided the 24/7 daily service to reserve with this constraint. Is we developed the colors based on cloud environment cloud computing especially a topless literally facilitated our walks firstly. We developed a reliable data collection solution. Based on the blockchain research papers. For example user input data the data is encrypted and stored in a plot. The plot is propagated to the private channel at the same time. The smart contract is towards the data from the plot to the earth through a database when a step 3 and a separate set. It’s pointed at the same time. The generated vlog is included in private blockchain research papers at the end of the study though encrypted below are decrypted the plover propagated to the public channel and then modified if the modification is successful they are included in the public channel to be more specific we customized the high poly tope every 26 bhajan and our block changes consists of a public channel for accessing data publicly and a private channel for each leaf research blockchain research papers the private channel is encrypted and the not accessible until the end of the research blockchain research papers and there is only one public channel but there can be many private channels the controller created a private channel when audio research blockchain research papers is created and when data is collected from the created the private channel.

The data is a sword in a blog address in the database when this search is completed the blog on the private channel moved to the public channel and logo is also recorded in the database we have implemented approaching pictures that requires scalability on a topless course estimate ability to make the stored data unchangeable and to gain a reliable liability in the data Easter so we tried to configure the multiple private channels and one public channel. Although the high poetry is permission to change the clip already introduced but we utilize the autoscale function of a table to allocate random notice to secure fairness like a public blockchain research papers. In addition we could create and delete private channels using a table the scalability functionality functions calmly chorus s a compensation function or based on the participation rate of research blockchain research papers participants after the research blockchain research papers creators created or research blockchain research papers the manager recruiters or practice pontus. The participant is input the data when the research blockchain research papers is speciate or the platform automatically positives the result to the team blog of blockchain research papers based the community service then participants started to collect the coins according to their participation rate for the cryptocurrency we use the secured environment chorus as a function that can transfer the acquire point to an external company in order to ensure the security and credibility of the web interface send a request to lambda and lambda send it to SNS and SNS place in into a stress then api collected the request to securely and the processes we were able to build in on a Tallis we have built the course architecture by combining our older functions pension double we use it.

North Virginia leader here to seamlessly use all of the a table service not like South Korea region and identify area for the high availability and deploy and we deploy Web API and blockchain research papers instances on the private subnet for security. The database are built with the RDS masterñslave for high availability. The instance was designed to be available at low cost so we used the auto scale function then an NBN the auto scale services were used for effective traffic control and the rehab also connected the development pipeline with STS and appealed to best jump or maintenance and they use user the NAD placed on the public server for external connection a moreover the ARB was placed on the public subnet for stable services and they also our several instances are located here but we wanted to provide the quick access from the South Korea edge of the rocker order. Our legion didn’t our leaders so we stored our contents in the SS three and they also be used as CDN services finally we made the user access to the Christ DNA using law 253 and the connected the shield for the security moreover we will liberalize the world of blockchain research papers service with the 8 SS manage the environment because we have to a lot of work and we wanna only focus on the our liturgy topics so the two served up the platform of the upgrade of hyperedge the confidence Terrapin 6 and 1.2 so and we wanted to remember several easy to instance controllers that are being used in current environment. We are moving close to ma a table to manage the environment in conclusion. We have a plan to build an environment composable public channel and multiple private channels which is the same structure i described in the previous slides. Then we will replace the current blockchain research papers architecture with a table image the block of rock chain which is expected to provide us or with a productive development environment in the near future as a little trouble or efficient platform using AWS the lizards that calculated semantic similarity has been listed in the SSDI questionnaire and the basis study for protocol creation is currently under review and finally our chorus of luck chain technology blockchain research papers was submitted to the conference as a demo paper and presented at the Cypress Club from 2018 the poster pilot study with 102 parties parties and generated 2607 73 data point for three monsters and the proceeded with it without any problems on the AWS cloud architecture and second pilot study is currently underway in South Korea and when the second pilot study is ppreciate we will submit the flippin study to the the Shi cristela chorus is developed on a table clouds and chorus collective cloud data across data from the cloud and chorus collected cloud data a cloud data from cloud in a collaborative way.

We hope that the course can identify information on the true epic ocean product. That many people are curious about chorus means collaborative research blockchain research papers for us my presentation it james agee we have done a lot of work to a lot of work but what we have done is more like leaching or itching and there is still a lot of work to do we need a collaboration of many people including you here and we are going to deploy service in the USA in the near future and we would like you to participate actively and make on your discovery we do chorus the collaborative research blockchain research papers platform. Thank you and my name is. Joseph pod and I especially thank to the professed oh honey who supervised all the work and the other our team members and also I appreciated Christ and appears I support the financial support and the a SS Korea for technical support and Porto de fer interested in chorus or coda or coconut. Please contact or propose to honey he will answer you. Peggy so quickly just to wrap up and we we’re running a little behind so we might not have time for questions but I will be around after I want to also point out damn Blaine er who’s one of our solutions architects up here in the front he can also help answer any technical questions you might have but from AWS offerings just it’s again critically important to identify the right.

AWS blockchain research papers off Brite change service we talked a little bit about ql. DB and manage blockchain research papers and the difference. There again is where your trust is whether it’s in a single trusted authority or whether there’s no single ownership of the of the ledger. We have several customers who are using aid abuse today and then finally for next steps there’s the Amazon managed blockchain research papers web page where you can get a lot of information. I’ll specifically call out deploying a sample application so actually how to do that. There’s a fantastic hour-and-a-half workshop where we have recorded on a deploying a sample application on Amazon manage blockchain research papers and again similar applications for ql DB and how to sign up for the preview. So thank you very much for all your time today and looking forward to any questions you guys have. We’ll take off the stage so thank you very.

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