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How to…   write your first research paper?

Hi everyone in this video. I’m going to give you six practical tips on how to write your research paper research papers on iot, types of research paper so i still vividly remember my first research paper research papers on iot, types of research paper so this wasn’t done with track changes on word but it was neatly printed and then with red pen there were so many changes in there that every single page just appeared red and i had a lot of issues with my first paper research papers on iot, types of research paper so actually the second paper research papers on iot, types of research paper that i wrote was published before the first one it was definitely a steep learning curve and i will share some of my experiences and some of the tips and tricks that i picked up along the way and how you should write a research paper research papers on iot, types of research paper and the first thing you have to ask yourself. When do you think your paper research papers on iot, types of research paper is ready for publication and this might be a tricky one especially as a pg student where. You’re never kind of sure when you need to start approaching your phd supervisor. So we had a protocol in place which worked quite nicely where we would have just a simple powerpoint or some of the graphs. You had some of the results and highlighting some of the novelty of the research comparing it to other paper research papers on iot, types of research papers into literature. Now what the first tip i would give. You is to talk to your phd supervisor. Early on show them these graphs. Show them the results that you got and they will give you some critical feedback so they might say like. Oh you need to do those experiments in order to get it to the publication states because often the experiments will take the most time. So that’s why it’s very important to talk to them early on when you talk to them. It’s also important that you have an idea of where you’re going to submit your paper research papers on iot, types of research paper to because if you work in a multidisciplinary field it’s just like what i do. You can go into very many different directions. You can go to a pure chemistry journal. You can go to a pure material science journal. You can go to multi-disciplinary journal and the way you would write your paper research papers on iot, types of research paper for the audience you have would be completely different and also maybe you would be focused more on certain results so do discuss the journal have a potential research journals in advance or where you’re going to submit it to then the second tip i would give you is even though it sounds very trivial to discuss the office list in advance so make sure that there are no surprises there and that everyone is aware of where they are going to be in the office list so obviously this might change as you go along when you do additional experiments.

You might need to add extra people but it’s very good that you have a general idea of who’s going to be in that office list as a phd student. You often don’t know why there’s a particular order in the office so there are fields where this is just alphabetically. So in in science where i work in the first author is normally the one that has done most or the bulk of the experiment and has written the manuscript together with the last offer which tends to be the supervisor. Then you would also have a second office where we’ve done a lot of work. Uh on either experiments or the analysis and there are instances where you can actually share that first authorship because you might be in a situation where you’ll be working together a lot to people in order to get to a certain manuscript and that’s perfectly possible as well the third tip i would give you is that you don’t need to write the paper research papers on iot, types of research paper in a particular order. Nobody start by writing the abstracts first. That’s what you usually tend to do at the end when you’ve got all your results in so it depends also a little bit in the mindset. You’re in i think if you just start as a phd student the easiest for you to probably do because this is just your methodology is to write down the experimental and the materials and methods section first. So have a go at that first because this should be relatively straightforward. Show it to your supervisor. At least then you’ve got something on paper research papers on iot, types of research paper and then it’ll make it easier to write the rest then whether you go to the introduction or to the results first depends a little bit on what you are more comfortable with.

Obviously when it comes to the introduction you need to be very much aware of other work in the field so what are your competitors what research is similar. And how is this what you’re doing. How is this different. So the fourth tip i would give you then is to learn from the start of your phd to really use software to keep a database of all the relevant references. So whether you use endnotes whether you use mandalay there are many different options but if you keep a database you make it much easier for yourself not just for the fact that all the references will go into automatically the right format since most journals tend to have different formats but also will be easy for you to pinpoint other research which is similar in the field. So make sure that you have a database ready because it will help you a lot. When you’re writing the introduction the fifth tip i would give you is to engage with the co-authors you would often have more than one supervisors and do get them involved in it because they don’t want to be notified last minute that you’re going to submit a manuscript so give them time to read through it and to give their feedback often. They can help with the interpretation of the data as well and with the graphs so send it to them early on so they can give you some feedback and then send it again when before you send out the final version. One of the key frustrations and even as experienced academics might struggle with this is that you need to keep track of all those changes if you’ve got 10 co offers which is not an unreasonable amount when you’re working in this field so you end up with an infinite number of versions so make sure that you keep track of all these changes you can do this by having a google doc where people can correct things. I usually add the initials of the cohort that look to it but also the dates which is very important.

When you track your paper research papers on iot, types of research paper and that you make sure that you’ve got all the right versions in place the sixth and final tip make sure that you read the guidelines for offers before you submit. I would say even before you start actually working on it because this will be very different per journal so some journals might have a very specific format into which you have to submit but you would often see that you require more than just one document. Which is your manuscripts. So besides supporting information this can be for instance a highlight document. This could be a declaration of interest. So when you’re ready to submit and then you haven’t done that you might run into problems because you haven’t considered all these additional formatting and they do send it back to you if you haven’t formatted it in the right way so check it carefully in advance and the submission will take longer than you think. So don’t think you can just do that in five minutes. It involves a lot of administrative tasks and the first time i did. It did take me a really long time as well just even to put the offers into the right position with most journals. You can check how long it will take until they reach a decision so you have a rough idea what you’re working with so you don’t obsessively have to check it every day. Even though you might do this but it gives you like a very good timeline of when you can actually expect a response so good luck with the writing and remember it will be very exciting to hear your name in print for the first time so really try to that moment. It’s the same as getting your first citation which is also a big milestone so we have a lot more videos in this playlist which is called how to so practical tips on how to pick your phd project for instance or how you can get involved with iupac so if you like these videos please subscribe to our channel and hopefully you will get more practical advice for your research within this playlist.

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