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How to Submit research article for SPRINGER NATURE #Naturepublishing #Springer #SNAPPLIED SCIENCES

Hello friends welcome back to a favorite. Channel PST ends today. Let us talk about how to submit a research article springer journals finder to springe of nature journal springer journals finders. These journal springer journals finders are one of the reputed journal springer journals finders across the scientific community and they are more than 3000 research journal springer journals finders with more than seven million research article springer journals finders on board so today let us jump onto the video and see how to submit your manuscript your upcoming manuscript if we have plans to submit to Springer nature and terminals before going on to the content. Let me remind you to please do like share and subscribe to your favorite channel against. IANS so before moving on to the submission process. You need to have your complete submission files already in the form of checklist such as manuscript file figure files covering letter ups track title page. And if you have table you need to be ready with your tables and a file comprising of a review list so once everything is ready you can easily use. Google Chrome and you can search sprinter Nature journal springer journals finders once you type sprinter nature it will redirect you to sprint your nature journal springer journals finder pages and here you need to choose journal springer journals finders and here you can find information about complete journal springer journals finders which are being published by. Cringer later as I said earlier you can find more than 3000 journal springer journals finders with 7 million article springer journals finders on board so there are some of the journal springer journals finders which are a newly launched which can be found at the end of this page so let me select one of the journal springer journals finders. SN Applied Sciences so it is one of the interdisciplinary a research journal springer journals finder which covers different fields of Applied Sciences ranging from physical science to biological science environmental science computer science etc. You can find all the information about aim scope of this journal springer journals finder. Most importantly there is no article springer journals finder submission or processing piece. You can read the information complete information on this general webpage the type of research article springer journals finder what they are looking for. Also they have broader range of submission.

Also the article springer journals finders published are indexed in some of the big database such as Google Scholar SCI database etc. Which is one of the interesting asset of this new journal springer journals finder. Then click on to submit online once you click on submit online button. Literally a redirect to you for submission process wherein you need to enter the your username and password if you have not registered and if you are new then you need to register to this journal springer journals finder as I have registered I will enter my username and password and thick authors log in here. You can see different subheadings. I will click on to submit online so once I click on the submit online. It enables me to submit my submission files and enter my title of the manuscript then followed by the attachment of my submission files. So let me attach my submission file once my submission file is attached. I can include or describe my submission type of files. Which have been uploaded in the description box and here. I will include as a descriptor file then type here the description to this manuscript file. Then click on to proceed button for further submission process. So here you need to choose the category of your manuscript which you are submitting from the drop-down menu. So let me choose the category of my submitted article springer journals finders once the category is selected. Then we need to add some of the appropriate keywords here. Adding keywords is very important process of wearing it gives a choice for the editor to choose the type of a Revere for your submitted manuscript so please do enter appropriate or relevant keywords are related to your submitted manuscript once you are done with your keywords. Then there is a section of classification you need to click on classification and you need to choose the appropriate classification from the drop down menu and click the appropriate classification. So here let me choose the classified section for the manuscript which I am submitting so I am choosing a three different categories or classification for my manuscript.

Now once it is done we need to add and click. Next so after this you need to click on to proceed button. Which enables you to a section. Where in you need to add reviewers for your manuscript you need to choose the reviewer who are expertise in your field with whom you have not shared any authorship or have any collaboration or have published a research article springer journals finder in past five years so let me add some of the reviewers who are expertise in the field of manuscript what I am submitting and the reason for choosing this manner this reviewer you can easily state that this reviewer is one of the expertise but further communicated article springer journals finder here you need to choose at least a cure to reviewers and here you need to. After adding this you need to click on save then add the second row here. You can enter the details of the second term here be careful. While adding the names of the reviewer sometimes the editor may choose the reviews what you have mentioned. Or sometimes he may choose the reviewer based on his interest in a field which is related to your field so guys after adding the reviewer details then you need to just go ahead with the submission process by clicking save so in this general minimum two reviewers are required so. I won’t add the third of your as most of the reviewers most of the journal springer journals finders require more than two like three or four reviewers so once you have entered your review details click on proceed and here. It is an important section where you justify your statement whether you have any conflict of interest it fears then you need to provide what are the conflicts if no then you can easily say. No and click whether your conflict-of-interest has been included in the manuscript. Then here you need to add some of the details like what is the area of your manuscript which you have submitted here. You need to describe the submitted manuscript like what are the highlights of this manuscript and what is the area of this manuscript. And which is the category of this manuscript.

And what are some of the important points of this – for example now the article springer journals finder what I am submitting is related to nanoparticle springer journals finders which acts as anti bacterial agent so I am briefly explaining about why it is important you have like thousand characters where you can include in these respective section. Then click proceed so here you need to enter the like covering page or information for editorial board so let me include the information such as I’m hereby submitting my research or Rebbe article springer journals finder for your esteemed journal springer journals finder which has not been published anywhere else. Are these under consideration anywhere else. Then click proceed here. You have a subsection where you need to include your title then followed by your abstract so after entering the title and abstract. Then you need to add author’s name here there are three authors and I am including the complete details of author such as name first name second name that email address their affiliation and the country where the research was carried out or their affiliation etcetera. Once you have come entered all the detailed information you need to click on to. Save button then after the complete information about the authors. Then you need to add the information about your funding source you can enter the name of the funding agency. The number of the grand exit are here in this manuscript. There is no any funding agency so I will click no funding agency. Then you can click on save and submit later or you can straight away go for building. PDF so now you can straightaway go for build PDF for approval. Here you can see the status of your manuscript as building. PDF a once your manuscript is converted into PDF file. You can see here in this section. You will find the information like view submission. Click on to view submission where a PDF file is downloaded. See this PDF file whether the PDF file. It contains all the necessary or correct information which you have submitted once you feel.

It has been submitted. It is this correct. Then you can straightaway approve your submission process. Once your submission process is approved. Your manuscript will go for editorial board check and then followed by a review process and you will get a manuscript number for your future communication so this concludes today’s video. I hope you liked. Please do share with your friends and subscribe to my channel for upcoming videos guys as a mode of example. I had communicated one of my review article springer journals finder to this journal springer journals finder which was published online after revision process where you can find this review article springer journals finder on. Essen Applied Sciences. So this is my review article springer journals finder which was published it was communicated in February 2000 nineteen and was published in June 2019. So you can see it has a fair like a review process duration where you can easily communicate and get your article springer journals finder published if it meets the general criteria so guys thanks for watching or once again. Thank you so much. Please do like share and subscribe to your favorite channel. PHT and see you guys with my next video till then wish you were a good luck in your research activities bye.

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