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How to submit an article a journal

Hello everyone this is my castle and welcome to my youtube channel today. I’m gonna go over the submission process and you will take pianos at surgery as an example journos variant the details of the submission but they generally followed similarly our trying. So we’ll start by typing the name of the journals elsevier in google and then you can open the jr website after that. Sometimes you can find the submit manuscript here on the right as I said you know it’s very but you might find that generally under for authors journals elsevier so always before you submit an article journals elseviercheck. The information is for authors journals elsevier. Because sometimes they ask you for specific structure of the manuscript. And you want to make sure that you follow that outline before submission because otherwise they will ask you to really pry the manuscript and format according to the journals elsevier outline so. I always recommend reading the instructions and guidelines in journals elsevier. So let’s have a quick look at how the that these guidelines go track. If you scroll down you find several types of articles so find the article journals elsevierthat your article journals elsevierfits under and then read the outcomes for that so for example here they tell you that the word limit is 3500 words. So you shouldn’t go over that. The upside is generally 250 words again. Some journals elseviers have 300 350. So just make sure that you’re following. What the journals elsevier wants in the article journals elsevierthe references for example. They have limit here. Some journals elseviers. Don’t have a limit tables and figures they have only maximum seven. If we scroll down again we can see what the manuscript components are so some journals elseviers required submit a cover letter and we’ll go over that now. The title page mini apps are a structured abstract. The references are very important because because joong-won is very how the reference style is the tables and figures. Sometimes they ask you to put the tables in a separate file just familiarize yourself with that. Make sure that you read it and that your article journals elsevierfits within the criteria they want and requirement they want so I came.

Let’s go back to the information for authors journals elsevier usually you can find submit a manuscript under information for authors journals elsevier. So let’s go to the editorial manager of the journals elsevier. I’ll click on login. I already have an account with the journals elsevier. If you don’t have an account you have to register you’ll provide your name your address the phone the institution and what your research interests are after that they will give you a username and password between you have to register an email with that and then you can log in so let’s click on author login and. I want to start the submission by clicking on submit no monster first you have to select an article journals elseviertype and there are as you can see several article journals elseviertypes. If your article journals elsevieris a research article journals elsevierwith the methods results traduction discussion. It generally fits on the original study if you articles our review of a topic. It’s not a research paper so if you have that you can select review paper. Something journals elseviers have the randomized trials as a separate category. Sometimes it fits on their original. Study if you’re not sure about the type you can always go back to the information for authors journals elsevier and you can find the details about that there. So let’s select original. Study and click on. Proceed here you upload you your files and again make sure that you’re following the journals elsevier requirement for the submission because sometimes the s you put. All the information is not higher. Sometimes they want in separate files so. I prepared here some files for the submission and I want to show you how the discs look like the cover letter is a file that you submit with your article journals elseviermentioning that you read the instructions for authors journals elsevier and you follow and abide by these instructions. Some authors journals elsevier like to have a summary of their study and their main findings. But that’s not always necessary. This is a template. You don’t have to follow this template but this is acceptable template. Some people like to mention the include logo of the institution on the right here or on the left.

Usually they have the name of the area of the journals elsevierist or check. Who’s the either of this journals elsevier and mention their names then editor-in-chief the name of the journals elsevier the dates. Then you measure something like we do your doctor and they mentioned their last name. Please find a third man if entitled and they mention the article journals elseviername to be considered for publication in mentioned the journals elsevier name as I said some people like to include the summary of the findings then mention that you declare that this manuscript is original some fools like you like to have specific wording of this paragraph some journals elsevierists keep it up to the authors journals elsevier and then you mention something like you. This manuscript has been approved by all authors journals elsevier before submission not financial interest if you have furnished an interesting mission that here when the article journals elsevierhas been accepted for presentation or post representation you can also include in the cover letter and then you mentioned the corresponding author information the name the degree which Department institution the address email phone and fax if the general asks for that tables can be either in the manuscript fan or separate file. The manuscripts file can be separate from the title page or it can be in the same file you can call the file whatever. The title of the article journals elsevieris so if you have the title page in the same file of the manuscript you start by the title of the article. The author’s name so first last name the degrees and all of the other author’s name in the same style then the author’s affiliation which department institution running help. Sometimes it’s mentioned in the first page. It’s a short version of the title the corresponding author information similar to the ones. I showed you in the cover letter. And then you have your manuscript file which is introduction methods results conclusion and following that you have the references the tables can be in the same manuscript file or separate according to the journals elsevier requirement.

Here in this journals elsevier they too are tables to be in separate file so we have them in separate file but the figure legends which are description of but the figures entail. There should be in the manuscripts file. So you mentioned figure one. And what is the figure legend figure two. What difficult legend and you submit the figures separate files in jpg usually or PNG. So let’s start by attaching the files we have. This is the calculator. This is the mini abstract structural abstract. Let’s try one supplement tables and the manuscript file. Let’s go back to the literate major so here you have to mention the item you select from the drop-down list. This is the mini abstract. So we choose from the drop-down list in the abstract and inventions. Like here in the description. This is the structured abstract. So we choose that here again for the supplement. You have to name this. According to what the file is for example this is supplementary data file this is tables. This is the manuscript file and this is the cover letter if you notice there. There is a star next to certain files which means these are required for submission. You can submit the manuscript without these files but if you note these days one next to the tables and figures which means you can submit a manuscript without tables and figures and you have to fill these according to the name here then they ask you about the region so for this situation to the United States because we didn’t fill the names on the files it has read with me. There is something wrong in that section some journals elseviers ask you to give them suggestions for their viewers because some topics are unique and the journals elsevier might find it hard to find reviewers who are expert in that field and they ask your suggestion for a viewer and if you click on add suggest reviewer they ask you for the name first name last name in the email and then you can mention you. These are the required files.

And then you can mention the reason why you’re choosing my person and institution and the degree depositions. You click on proceed. They ask you for additional information. This vary between journals elseviers but again it has similar outline to other journals elseviers and the rest here. I addressed in the prior video about the filling the authors journals elsevierhip form and you can find the information regarding these sections in that video here if you have any additional comments that you wanna mention and the last section covers the main information from the article journals elsevierlike the full title. Sometimes it’s filled automatically. Sometimes it doesn’t so make sure that everything here is correct so you can just copy paste that from your article journals elsevierthe keywords and then the authors journals elsevier of the paper if you click on add another author you will have the title which is for example. Doctor give first name last name. The affiliation email address and the position. And then you click on save the author that you wanna sign as the corresponding author. Just click on their name. This is the corresponding author. You’ll see here a note that tells you if you want to continue with this the you will not be able to submit the article journals elsevierbecause the submission has to come from the corresponding author so if you’re the corresponding author keep yourself as the corresponding author if somebody else did the corresponding answer after. You’re done with the whole submission. Everything is green here. Go to that author name and click. This is the corresponding author. They will tell you that this author would be the one submitting the manuscript and you have to click. OK and whenever you click build PDF for approval it will go to this corresponding author and they will have to click OK in order to submit the manuscript but if you are the corresponding author we click build PDF for approval so a PDF file of all the submission process will be built. You have to read it to view it. Make sure that everything is correct. And after you review it you click on submit if you want to save and submit later we can do that and you can come at a point to and to continue this mission that brings us to the end of this episode today.

I hope you found this information useful. If you have any questions you can leave it in the comment under the video if you liked it subscribe to my channel and follow me on Instagram or Twitter at my side. Thank you very much for watching and see you in future episodes.

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