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20 Tips for Writing an Academic Paper

I’m going to talk about tips for writing a research paper writing work at home contact number, paper editing, thesis, or project. So number one, put two spaces after a period.  Pretty self-evident, but not much fun to correct. If you don’t know that rule that’s why i put it as  number one indent each paragraph with a tab avoid   using pronouns it they that this there  because more often than not the reader   is confused about what you’re saying not always  but it’s better to be safe and clearly state what   you mean instead of saying it say the book instead  of saying they say smith and k reported so that   we know who or what you’re referring to avoid  informal colloquial phrases vernacular jargon   excessive verbiage i’ve given a few examples  the fact that in other words as a matter of fact   theses research papers and projects are long  enough paper writing work at home contact number, paper editing so we try to delete words that are   unnecessary and that’s what is the basis of  number five here for every sentence make sure   that each word counts and if it doesn’t  add something delete it number six paper writing work at home contact number, paper editing each   paragraph has an introductory or topic sentence  followed by examples based on that topic sentence   typically in a research paper writing work at home contact number, paper editing you might have the  research suggests that this and then you would   follow up with three or four studies a sentence  per study representing what that first theme was   in the first sentence number seven paper writing work at home contact number, paper editing when moving  from one paragraph to another use connector   sentences so the last sentence of one paragraph  should naturally lead you to the next paragraph so   there’s a natural flow number eight paper writing work at home contact number, paper editing try to use the  active voice academics often use the passive voice   so let’s give a look at a couple of examples  here the dog which is object bit the boy so   object is before subject that’s what we’re looking  for often what we see is the boy was bitten by   the dog so the subject comes first and then the  object which is the path is passive tense it’s not   bad it’s just something that makes reading a  little bit awkward so instead of saying the   research paper writing work at home contact number, paper editing was reported by smith and kay say  smith and kay reported so you’re trying to   bring the object first as much as possible  of course variation is also welcome   number nine in bold very very important  when you make any statement you need to   back it up with quality a quality citation or  references and preferably multiple references   that’s the way academic papers work you  can’t say anything without backing it up   use commas sparingly number ten so aside  from lists a comma is inserted to separate   two independent clauses the students increased  their score and the teachers were happy now the   students increase their score is a sentence  the teachers were happy is a sentence   so we separate when we have the word and we  put a comma and then we put in the second   independent clause that’s when you put  the comment otherwise you don’t need it   data are plural when you words use the word data  so you would say the data are not the data is   do not use contractions so you don’t use things  with this little apostrophe so you would say   were not it is instead of weren’t and it’s  although we don’t want you using it too often   when you’re using etao which is referring to  a number of researchers paper writing work at home contact number, paper editing you you you type in at   et space al period and eg  is e e period g period dot   and then a comma or same thing with i  dot e dot comma i’ll put that in red that’s how you refer to them so  don’t forget the comma with e g   and i ie label all acronyms fully the  first time they appear we don’t know   necessarily what those acronyms refer to  but it’s important that you label them   the first time so that we understand  what they are and then you can use the   acronym from then on numbers should always be  spelled out numbers should always be spelled out   when they start a sentence or when they represent  a value under 10.

The key thing is represents a   value so for example you could say grade 3 and  use the number 3 because 3 is a label there   it’s when the number refers to a quantity that  we have to write the words for the number when   the the number is under the value of 10.

Number 16 paper writing work at home contact number, paper editing avoid strong value judgments   or strong statements in general it’s very very  difficult to actually prove anything in research   so there usually is just evidence in support of  things so you don’t use words like there were   only eight successful students or unfortunately  not all students passed we don’t want to make   those judgments we’re just observing so we would  say there were eight successful students out of 20   and we would say not all students passed use  quotes sparingly so you can quote definitions   that you might be using but don’t use quotes to  support a point that’s a big difference from an   essay which you might use a quote to support  a point from a book in this case you don’t use   other authors their words to support your points  you paraphrase them and then you do use a citation   you can quote participants if the if you are  collecting qualitative data and that can be used   to support a point but you don’t use long quotes  nor do you use experts really to support your   point you use evidence to support your point  avoid run-on sentences sentences longer than   four or five uh lines really need to be broken  into shorter ones it’s so much easier to read   and understand short sentences so if you have a  tendency to have a run-on sentence that has that   has about four or five thoughts in that sentence  break it up it’s just so much easier to read   so related to the value judgment soften  your statements in a research paper writing work at home contact number, paper editing very   few statements are definitively supported by  research so it’s important that you tone things   down you don’t say this is you say this might  be or this there is evidence to support this   the literature review method second section  and results section are written in the past   tensed tense be careful you’re not saying the  current the present tense it’s.

The past tense   all right so those are 20 tips to help you  to write a research paper writing work at home contact number, paper editing thesis or project.

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