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10 Ways To Add Length To A Research Paper: How to Make Your Research Paper Longer?

Hello this is dr. day math lab talking to you about reciprocity calm. The e is written with a three and in this particular video. I want to talk to you about ten different ways to add length to a research paper science hub research paper, research paper template or how to actually make your research papers science hub research paper, research paper templatelonger. So if you don’t know me. I’m an associate professor of innovation. Strategy and entrepreneurship benek rated this whole reciprocity project to give back as much as I possibly can. There were so many people that helped me out then. I want to pay the favor forward and help you out so I created this sharing economy editing website. You could check that out. That’s what reciprocity comm is doing all these blogs and and we’re building out a lot of different stuff at this moment to help you out many different ways so in terms of adding length to a research paper science hub research paper, research paper template so it’s funny because I actually almost always find out the opposite but I know when you’re first starting out most of you want to add length to a research paper science hub research paper, research paper template but you know once you’ve been doing this for a long time you’re gonna want to take away from the research paper science hub research paper, research paper template it becomes like you know the challenge is what do you keep um rather than actually what do you put into a research paper science hub research paper, research paper template and you just kind of get used to that as you go and just realize it takes a long time to get to that point. So don’t be disappointed in any sort of way. I was there the same way that you guys are thinking. If you’re watching this totally doing the exact same thing as you. So how do you add length to a research. Paper science hub research paper, research paper template first thing is add stuff about the context. Whatever you are looking at right so write about you know different things so use the the five. W’s write who. What when where. Why about why. That particular thing is happening that you’re looking at right so as some sort of news event. That’s happening then. You can give all sorts of stuff about that and you could probably write two to three sentences about each one of those questions right so who won when where why.

And you’ve already got a page just by doing that. That’s crazy when you think about it and you get into just different details and add details about who let when where why about the context. The other thing that you can do is you know write and this is the second thing is write stuff about why the context is important to study and what are the implications of actually studying the research topic by the way. I’m gonna stop here. It’s coronavirus time right now in 2012 or 2020 and doing all of the staying at home so noise in the background and just bear with me. Alright so in terms of you know just you want to write things about why it’s important implications you know really getting into why actually looking at this thing is actually is truly important and then write a so. A third thing is what you can do is write a really detailed description of one to two pages about how things are actually working in this context right so get into the nitty gritty about what things are going on really kind of explain what’s going on with the particular context that you’re looking at and you’d be surprised once you start getting some newspapers science hub research paper, research paper templateor you know newspaper science hub research paper, research paper template articles or journal articles and you start looking at what is going on with people or you know the actual thing that you’re looking at and start just detailing out you all of a sudden have this really rich understanding and it looks really cool. I’ve done that a bunch of times and you get an understanding about what’s going on right so you’ll want to think about what managers are doing for example or you know what individuals or people are doing or you know what groups are doing or what is really going on behind the scenes so then you want to go so the fourth thing is you know talk about the theory right so you want to do the exact same thing right so you want to write. Who what when where. Why about the theory that you’re actually using why it’s actually important and aim for writing two to three sentences for each one of these particular things really get into that.

I know it seems a little challenging but once you start doing the what when where why and you know and how and you start talking about that in terms of the theory and detailing that particular stuff it gets really easy to fill up a couple of pages by doing that now you also need to talk about so the fifth thing is to talk about. Why the theory is important right so you need to actually talk about why you’re studying that theory and maybe sometimes why you’re not studying different theories right so other theories in the context might have been used a lot. So why aren’t you using that theory. And why are you using this particular theory and if you talk about that then it becomes easy to fill up some more pages right. Make your research paper science hub research paper, research paper template a little longer. A sixth thing that you could do is look for multiple levels levels of analysis. And what do I mean by Mallen. Levels of analysis everything in this world can be seen in different levels of analysis right so I can look at my hand and I can see it as a hand but I can think about it in terms of the molecular structure. That’s behind it. I can think of it in terms of cells that are behind it you know. I can think of it in terms of the different wrinkles and wrinkle patterns. That are on it here. I got lots fingerprint patterns all sorts of different levels of analysis that you could look at in unit of analysis that you can look at think about in those different ways and start talking about it and writing about it in those different ways in you. Allison have a really rich understanding about what is going on with your hand right. I know it seems really funny to say that. But it’s true you can really get into some details by doing that. You know writing one to two paragraphs about each one of those different levels of analysis really adds a lot of richness to a paper science hub research paper, research paper template so a seven thing that you could do is describe different mechanisms. Well what is going on behind the scenes right so really think about and this can be related to the level of analysis.

But there’s many different reasons why things happen. It’s not usually just one thing but there’s many different reasons why you know if you change this thing over here and this thing changes. There’s many reasons why that could occur. And you might explain what those particular reasons are and those mechanisms for why that thing is occurring right so if you get in explain all of that stuff you really have this wonderful explanation. These multiple mechanisms about why this can occur that you couldn’t have had before now in a thing a thing that you could do a lot of people forget about and this is really important and people that are more experienced. Tend to do this a little more. Is you just put a lot of definitions in the paper science hub research paper, research paper template right so every time you say something or something that’s new you define it you write it down. It’s a you know it’s a paragraph or often. It is a sentence but more likely. It’s a paragraph to define something to find that thing that you’re looking at and you just add a lot of detail there so you can even use you know you can go to a dictionary but you can use your own language and define that particular thing yourself if it’s something that’s new and different. Nobody else has done that thing. Another thing that you could do so another thing that you could do is talk about the method get into details but why the method that you’re using the thing that you’re actually analyzing your analysis right. So maybe it’s maybe it’s a narrative rights where you’re talking about history for example. Why are you using this particular analysis. Why aren’t you using a different one. Why is it important to use the sort of narrative approach or analytical approach in this way what is going on with what you’re doing. Why are you using a microscope you know. Why are you collecting data at this kind of scale versus something else if you do that and you haven’t you start developing the key assumptions for that method.

Allisyn you just have so much detail. I’m serious you can have tremendous amounts of detail by doing this pages and pages and pages that you would never expect that you would have had before as soon as you started detailing the method of that you chose to analyze the particular thing that you’re looking at now the last thing the ten thing is you know and your own ideas right so look for ways that you can add things that are uniquely your own insights right so not everything has to be cited in a research paper science hub research paper, research paper template so the general rule with a research paper. Is you want about 80% you know it’s somewhere between 60 and 80% old material that other people have done before and you have citations and stuff. But that leaves room for 20 to 40% of new things that nobody else has talked about and that can be genuinely your own ideas that are clever and unique and different so you can go in tangent sometimes about different things and talk about those different things that you find interesting that add to the particular context. So if you do that you’re going to have a much more original paper science hub research paper, research paper template and it’s gonna seem a little more lever if you do that because nobody else is talking about it right. So those are the the 10 ways to add length through a research paper. You know there’s many others you can leave comments below in terms of what you do to add length to a research paper. Please try to limit those to really legit things you know things that actually really help out other people and that would be really helpful for everybody right so um if you like this video give me a thumbs up do subscribe the YouTube channel. Take care and have a wonderful day bye.

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