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Sensors and the Impact of Sensors on Product Development


Hello everyone welcome to the webinar on sensor technology journals on sensors, sensors journals and its impact on product under Intel higher education program in this webinar we will talk about the various types of sensors and their several applications.

Sensors: Types and application:

Let us first go through the agenda and the topics we will discuss today first we will cover the various terminologies used in sensor technology journals on sensors, sensors journals then we will go through the different types of sensors and we are use cases further we will discuss the sensor standards and what are web of sensors at last we will look at some real-life challenges of using sensors in industrial application and different products let us begin by understanding the sensor technology journals on sensors, sensors journals a sensor is a device that responds to any change in physical phenomena or environmental variables like heat pressure humidity movement etcetera journals on sensors, sensors journals sensor is basically the heart of a measurement system it is the first element that comes in contact with environmental variables to generate an output so sensors are present everywhere they are embedded in our bodies automobiles airplanes cellular telephones radios industrial plants and countless other applications without the use of sensors there would be no automation a transducer is an electronic device that converts energy from one form to another a transducer is basically more than a sensor it consists of a sensor or actuator along with signal conditioning circuits sensors are fundamentally classified into two types these sensors which produces continuous output is known as analog sensor analog sensors are used to measure pressure temperature some light displacement journals on sensors, sensors journals as they are analog in nature another class of sensors are called as digital sensors digital sensors generates output pulses with logic wheel or logic word that is a low or a high several examples of digital sensors are switches infrared detector digital accelerometer digital temperature sensor etc different physical parameters can be sensed using sensors some of these parameters are shown in this slide the sensors which are used for detecting speed of an object or vehicle is called a speed sensors similarly there is a pressure sensor which is a device used for pressure measurement of gases or liquid another type of sensors called as flow sensors are used to measure the flow rate often for a liquid journals on sensors, sensors journals these sensors are usually a part of a flow meter which will be able to record the flow rate today many different types of flow sensors are available temperature is one of the most commonly measured environmental variables for different reasons similarly we can also use sensors to measure other parameters like sound moisture light radiation and so on let us talk about different types of sensors temperature sensors appear in building chemical process plants engines appliances computers and many other devices that require temperature monitoring accelerometers are used to measure along one axis and is insensitive to orthogonal directions the various applications are to measure vibration blast impact shock wave etcetera light sensors are used in cameras infrared detectors and ambient lighting applications these light sensors is composed of photo conductor such as a photo resistor photodiode or a photo transistor the magnetic field sensors are used for power steering security and current measurements on transmission.

I journals on sensors, sensors journals an infrasonic sensor on the other hand is a device that can measure the distance to an object by using sound waves it measures distance by sending out a sound wave at a specific frequency and listening for the sound wave to bounce back a carbon dioxide sensor or a co2 sensor as an instrument for the measurement of carbon dioxide gas measuring carbon dioxide is important in monitoring indoor air quality engineers are calling for a push to approve additional standards that would enable easier networking of industrial centers under these specifications sensors would be endowed with enough intelligence to identify themselves and work with any type of industrial devices sensors are already prevalent today but they will become even more necessary and prevalent in cyber-physical systems enable devices and applications some examples are RFID readers cameras accelerometers GPS or thermometers etc sensors are developed by a variety of manufacturers using many different journals on sensors, sensors journals protocols and formats making the interoperability and large-scale sensor integration required by the cyber-physical system difficult without standard effective use of sensors to enable and drive the cps requires standards for discovering sensors retrieving sensor data tasking sensors and subscribing to and receiving sensor alert.

Impact of sensors on product development:

Now let’s understand what our sensor with so in order to support this type of physical system vision these sensors that are available today need to be web-accessible this slide illustrates web-accessible sensor networks and our sight sensor data that can be discovered and access using standard protocols and application program interfaces I like to think of sensor webs as components of the world wide web for sensors they are extensions of the world wide web with sensor specific standards and interfaces that enable users software to discover and utilize sensors anywhere now let us see some of the user applications of sensors in the future we may see a rise in smart appliances and devices that are accessible utilizing the cyber-physical system take your refrigerator for example it already has a sensor that knows when the door is open or closed and temperature or humidity sensors to ensure that food remains stored in the optimal environment it has a sensor that tells you when the water filter needs to be changed if my refrigerator and its associated sensor web services were available over the Internet I could be at the grocery store and use my mobile spoon to ask my refrigerator what it contains or doesn’t my refrigerator could alert me when a product has been stored too long and has expired this simple use case extends to multiple application areas in the home like power management smart meters outlets and the smart grid in-home RFID sensor detects items and their location the same sensor web client application from previous examples could be used to query the RFID sensor for the location of a particular item or could be used to inventory items by location have you ever walked into one of the large chain hardware stores and being completely lost as to where to go to find the item you are looking for the quick solution to this problem involves asking one of the many employees walking around for help using sensor web services and public access to a stores built-in sensors or devices for inventory monitoring this problem could be alleviated saving time for people.

I hope this webinar gave you an idea about sensors this classification the impact of sensors and cyber-physical system and real life solutions using sensors.

We wish you best of luck for your project thank you.

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