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Why Market Research Is So Important To Your Startup Or Your Tech Business

This article is about the research market and why it’s so important to your tech startup or your tech business or any kind of business really. The reason is that the majority of people when they try to build a business or when they have a product idea they totally ignore the research market. This is a very vital step. The main reason is that people usually ignore it because maybe it’s a little bit boring. They don’t know how to do it and they just want to ignore it altogether because they don’t find it as important. For example the technology they build, their app word or the look of their app or basically what they’re trying, what is it that they’re trying to present to the research market. So basically the majority of businesses fail because they totally ignore the research market.

What is the research market?

You and your product is something that you want to build or you have already built and you wanna basically sell. Whether it’s an Internet service, a subscription service or whatever it is that you’re trying to present to the research market. The representation of your product at the research market to potential people that might be interested in your product. But let’s think of it a little bit differently. So let’s say that your population that you want to target would be the representation of the research market itself. So just to make it simple let’s say there are four different people that might potentially be interested in your product. Now let’s see what happens if you get your research market wrong. So you basically present your product to the first person and this person says No. You present that to the second person whether it’s Facebook Ads Google Ads whatever it is this person says No as well. They don’t want your product and so on and so forth you go for the third person they would say no as well and the last person they would say no and what happens is that your business is gonna die. It’s gonna die out and your product is never gonna make out and what’s gonna happen is you’re not gonna make any money. You lose all the money that you spend on product development basis solely because you just built the wrong product and you can see simply on this example how dangerous it could be if you pick the wrong product. The product that no one wants so that’s why it is advised the startups to do a proper research market so in future you don’t build a product that no one wants. That is something very dangerous. The reason is that most of the time you would say okay.

It can’t be known if people want one’s product or not because one hasn’t got it. One doesn’t even have a part of the prototype, it’s just an idea. You might be but there are plenty of ways that you can research market.

What startups do is they go out and talk to every single person in a kind of a test market and they provide them with forms and questionnaires and all that and they ask if you have this problem would you buy this product. That’s not very effective. You would be able to acquire some research market regarding what people want or need in that particular product but you cannot make sure that when your product is ready these people are actually gonna use your credit card or give you money for that particular product. So there’s a huge gap between selling your product and actually charging money for it and getting money for it and basically asking people if such a product exists would you be willing to buy it.

Most of the time you can even go out there do a proper research market making money. While you’re doing research market develop your product.

When you have your research market done properly something else is gonna happen which is very very cool and majority of the time you have less barriers in terms of doing a good job in the research market. When you have a product that people already want they’re gonna go to the forums and talk about it. They’re gonna basically give you good reviews if it’s something that fits their problem well and you’re gonna get a lot of word of mouth and kind of free advertising. You’re gonna get pretty social media free kind of people or people blog about your product for free and give you free exposure. That’s nothing when you have a good product that is a good match to the research market you’re gonna make a buzz and people would love to try out your product because of course this would solve their issue or problem. But the research market is gonna make their life better.

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