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What Is Research And Development And What Can You Expect With It?

This article is what is research and development and what you could expect with research and development.

What is research and development?

So what is research is really looking at the activities that a firm does or maybe it is an organization that is focused on creating new ideas and products. What is Research is focused typically more at things that are more in the distance and that have a longer time horizon rather than development which is a lot more focused on fixing existing problems and services or fixing problems with products or services. That is really about products that are already or services that are already commercialized and they are about impacting the current products that you have or certain services that you have to actually make them a little bit better. Whereas what is research is really focused on that more long-term thing that sometimes doesn’t necessarily have any practical implications immediately. It might have practical implications but sometimes it actually doesn’t have any sort of practical implications but they might have some in the future and you have to sort of think about what is research and what are you trying to do with research and development.


So it turns out that firms like to focus on development because they get immediate returns from those particular things but those activities are done a lot more within a university setting. A lot of firms actually do a lot of companies do what is research but they’re more focused on the short term. They might prioritize more development activities. Those things that will net a return for their efforts within the next say five years or something along those lines.

Involvement in organization

So what does it actually look like within an organization and what are you actually doing in their research and development department? What is research in an organization? What you’re trying to do within what is research and development department in an organization is really problem solving where you’re going and you are trying to solve existing problems and coming in trying to come up with new solutions to problems that might come up in the future. Or sometimes we are investigating or coming up with something where we know that there’s a problem in the marketplace and what is research. So maybe it’s a customer or a supplier or something like that who understands  there’s an actual problem that’s going on and then what you’re trying to do is what is research solve that problem for them. So that they can do this thing a little bit better. So the goal is to actually leverage what the company is already doing. So this is where you build on the capabilities or competencies of the firm. What is research is where you can increasingly do better with what you actually have.

So if you have the sort of core competence or this ability to do things then you want to be solving those particular problems and actually getting a little better at them. So what you want to be looking at is looking for ways that  what is research can leverage your abilities to solve. Whether it’s customers or your own problems or just looking around what you’re actually doing and solving those immediate problems.

Using research and why is it important?

Now with what is research you’re trying to think about problems that might exist in the future or ones that are a little bit more difficult sort of abstract to solve but you’re still trying to solve problems and come up with solutions. Whatever that might look like for your organization or for the broader community as a whole.


Compared to what development is and there’s often not like commercializable intent behind actually doing what is research. Whereas development is a lot more focused on that commercializable intent solving immediate problems. Solving the problems of customers and suppliers that you can immediately do right now to actually get something on the market.

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