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This article is on what research is and what its purpose might be, and what are the basic stratifications within the field of the research.

What research is?

The most popular definition of what research is made by Elias 1986. So let’s take a look at it. The aim as far as I can see is the same in all Sciences. We know but the first interesting thing here is the same in all Sciences put simply inclusively the aim is to make known something previously unknown. So knowing something previously unknown is to advance human knowledge to make it more certain or better fitting. This is again interesting to make it more certain or better fitting and finally the aim is discovery so we can highlight this word. So the aim is the discovery we want to discover, something we want to know, something that was previously unknown to human beings. It will be important to know what research is the same in all Sciences. So you can do or you can discover something in any science and you basically are going to make some things more certain or better fitting or you will discover something totally new. But there are going to be some stratifications within the research. The very first stratification is between scientific and social science what research is. So the very first is scientific and on the other hand social science research. Social social science science research well in scientific you really can imagine some doctors in laboratories experimenting maybe and it would be quite a good fit your picture will be quite well fitting. Because scientific research is relying on Natural Sciences. What research is related to Natural Sciences and the very basic idea of scientific research is that it should be replicable or it can be replicated because you are relying on some natural sciences. Such as mathematics, physics or chemistry. whenever or wherever in the world you are going to do it, it should be replicated with quite a similar result. And another quite nice addition of what research is should be that this research that you do should enlarge or enrich. It should enrich the overall body of your science. So you should not if you do really scientific research you are not going to do some Applied Research. You are not going to take just some tourist attractions and research. What is so special there is because you are too narrow with your field and if you really want to be scientific you should generally contribute or enrich the science within which you are doing what research is.

What research is about Deposit antipositivism

On the other hand this social science research you are going to meet something called deposit antipositivism. Antipositivism is the basic idea of course when there is antipositivism it is going to be positivism and this idea or this philosophy was made by Auguste Comte. It is relying on positivism as we have said on Natural Sciences that what research is should be replicated and it should enrich the overall body. But antipositivism is rather looking inside of the mind. You can say inside of people’s minds what this means if you are doing. On the other hand the natural science research is what leads people into this sort of behavior? Whether in social science research you can tell yourself. These people can help different behaviors accordingly facing different patience. So you can react to the result of resurgent change in your behavior. According to it these are the very basic differences between scientific and social science research but maybe the more important certification or the more practical one you are going to meet is the stratification. According to the types of what research is and maybe what kinds or what types of what research is. There can be at first you are going to or you want to describe what is there. So then you are going to describe why these things happen or how they happen. So why do they happen and finally it is a special case and it is going to consider our results. So the results are that we really write. We write and we have special names for these three kinds in a case of what research is.

Descriptive research So we are discovering what is going on and what is happening. We call it descriptive research. So we have this creative descriptive and from the name you already can see that we are going to describe things how they occur and when or well do their view and when we know this.

Explanatory research What happens if we are going to have explanatory research that will tell us how and why these things happen. So we have an explanation that will simply explain how or why things are as they are and maybe use this to predict. Thanks to knowing how things happen.

Evaluative research We can predict the future and finally we are going to help evaluate what research is. So we have an evaluation and this is quite simple. When you do research , maybe you do it for some governmental organization and it will ask you about policy and is our program right. So we should do some value what research is to evaluate or find out whether our program or policy was fine. So this was the basics about what research is. We are dividing it into scientific and social sciences where you will probably meet positivism and antipositivism in some future studies and you are going to meet three kinds of research.

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