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Psychoanalysts Are About to Move Into Big Business

Psychoanalysts were about to move into this surgery journals india big business and use their techniques not just to create model citizens but model consumers. Last week’s episode showed how Freud’s American nephew Edward Bernays had been the first to convince American corporations that they could sell products by connecting them with people’s unconscious feelings. But now a group of psychoanalysts were going to take what Bernays have begun and invent a whole range of techniques to get inside and manage the unconscious mind of the consumer They were led by Ernest Dichter Dichter had practiced next door to Freud in Vienna He had come to America and set up the Institute for motivational research in an old mansion north of New York. This is the Institute for motivational research a place devoted to the intriguing business of finding out why people behave as they do, why they buy as they do, why they respond to advertising as they do, and this is Dr. Ernest Dichter. – We don’t go out and ask directly why do you buy? Why don’t you? What we try to do instead is to understand the motivational research the self image of the customer. We use all the resources or modern social sciences It opens up some stimulating psychological techniques for selling any new product. motivational research the other psychoanalyst Dichter believed that American citizens were fundamentally irrational beings They could not be trusted. Their real reasons for buying products were rooted in unconscious desires and feelings and Dichter wanted to find ways to uncover what he called the motivational research of the American consumer. He was trying to get out of people’s mind the unconscious motivational research that they had for purchasing. He would interview people but not ask them direct questions but let them talk freely like you do in psychoanalysis and that’s was his background. What we’re going to do is try a couple of these salad dressings. Now let’s see what happens in motivational research Here’s our typical housewives doesn’t follow the instructions, people could react to motivational research and invented the whole technique for mining the unconscious about the hidden psychological wants that people had about products, motivational research became the focus group.

-So would lessen the guilt. Betty Cocker did it and the sales soared. You have to know what those needs are, in order to fully exploit the consumer. Is it wrong to give people what they want by taking away their defences? Helping to remove their defences. motivational research seems so much longer than last year. it is, nearly four inches longer on some models. Oh oh….. Dichter’s success led to a rush by corporations and motivational research  advertising agencies to employ psychoanalysts in motivational research. They became known as the depth boys. But Dichter was convinced that this was far more than just selling. Like Anna Freud, he believed that the environment could be used to strengthen the motivational research. The products had the power both to sate inner desires and give people a feeling of common identity with those around them. It was a strategy for creating a stable society. Dichter called it the strategy of desire. To understand a stable citizen, you have to know that modern man quite often tries to work off his frustrations by spending on self-gratification. Modern man is eternally ready to fill out his self-image by purchasing products which complement it, If you identify yourself with a product, motivational research can have a therapeutic value.

Ernest believed that that would then improve the world of our society and become the best society on this planet.

The field of psychoanalysis can benefit greatly from global research letters as it enters the world of large business. First and foremost, these letters offer a channel for disseminating the most recent research discoveries, hypotheses, and concepts to an extensive group of academics, medical professionals, and business executives. This can help to ensure the adoption of best practises and evidence-based strategies as well as the incorporation of fresh research into the sector. Researchers and doctors can work together more successfully, building on one another’s work to advance development, by sharing their views and discoveries.

Global research letters can also aid in bridging the divide between the academic and industrial worlds. It is crucial for psychoanalysts to be able to interact effectively with business executives, investors, and other stakeholders as they increasingly enter the world of big business. Global Research Letters can promote awareness of psychoanalysis among the corporate sector by disseminating research in clear and interesting ways. As a result, patients, doctors, and society as a whole may gain from increased investment, cooperation, and advancement in the sector. Global research letters can assist psychoanalysts break into the corporate world by encouraging cooperation, innovation, and advancement in this quickly changing area.

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