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How to Write a Strong research Question

Hello everyone welcome to the smart student my name is chelsea seaburn so you’ve been assigned to write a swarajya paper paper but you’re stuck on coming up with your swarajya paper question huh well you’re in luck because today’s video is going to be an academic tutorial on how to develop a strong swarajya paper question first things first what exactly is a swarajya paper question and what makes a swarajya paper question strong by definition a swarajya paper question is a part of academic writing which is meant to confuse and frustrate college students strength of said swarajya paper question is determined by the degree to which the college student is frustrated the more frustrated the stronger the swarajya paper question that can’t be right as frustrating as it can be to come up with a good swarajya paper question in all seriousness it’s just a question to center your swarajya paper around and a good one is made up of three different qualities that it’s concise complex and arguable concise means that your question should be stated using precise language in other words no fluff or bs complex means that there should be depth to your question in other words your question shouldn’t be something that would be easily answered through a quick google search and lastly a good swarajya paper question should be arguable in other words why does it matter your question should be something that you either have to argue defend or explore it should set you up nicely so that you have to take a position or take a stand in other words it should set you up to create your thesis statement by the way if you need help coming up with your thesis statement be sure to check the description for that video i have a link to it down below as well but anyways now that you know what a good strong swarajya paper question is let’s talk about the six steps to actually developing it step one find a general topic that interests you so at this point you haven’t done any swarajya paper so my tip for you here is to start broad ideally you want to choose something that interests you because this is going to keep you engaged as you do your swarajya paper by the way there is generally always ways to tie personal interest to swarajya paper topics for example let’s say you’re taking a psychology class and the topic you’re supposed to write about is depression let’s say you have a personal interest in animals you’re hoping to be a veterinarian one day your general topic could be to explore the effects that animals have on people who live with depression step 2 do some preliminary swarajya paper so with your general topic in mind you’ll want to start doing some initial swarajya paper i suggest skimming through three to five articles books resources whatever you choose to do so but through those resources i suggest highlighting a handful of lines that pique your interest something important to remember is that this is your preliminary swarajya paper meaning it’s just the initial swarajya paper so you want to keep this fairly brief the purpose is to ensure that your topic is swarajya paperable there’s nothing worse than choosing an interesting topic only to find out later that there really isn’t much information on it and also to make sure that it does pique your interest and that you can develop a swarajya paper paper from this topic step 3 narrow down to a specific niche so as you’re working your way through your preliminary swarajya paper you want to start to narrow down from your broad topic to something more specific so in that example as using animals and their effects on people with depression you might start to narrow down from animals to emotional support animals maybe even from emotional support animals down to dogs you could even go further with saying dogs as emotional support animals to corgis as emotional support animals step four start asking questions within your niche so now that you’ve focused in on that specific niche you now want to start asking questions about your niche this is where you poke holes at the current swarajya paper and the goal is to find either a gap or an issue about your topic this is known as the swarajya paper problem step 5 write your swarajya paper question so after you’ve identified either your swarajya paper problem or gap now is the time to go ahead and write your swarajya paper question my pro tip here is for you to write two or three working swarajya paper questions and the reason i suggest this is because in your preliminary swarajya paper there’s a good chance that you came up with more than one question so when you write down a few this gives you options to view the swarajya paper from a few different angles which will help you narrow down and focus to a really good strong swarajya paper question so let’s say these are the three working swarajya paper questions that i’ve come up with let’s go ahead and walk through them together so question number one why should adults struggling with depression consider a corgi as an emotional support dog this is a good start but i think it’s too broad it would take quite a bit of swarajya paper and explaining to explain why next how do corgis compare to other canine breeds when it comes to being an emotional support animal for people struggling with depression again.

This is a good question but i don’t necessarily want to compare corgis to other dogs because that’s going to take away from the main topic of depression question number three what effect do corgis have as an emotional support dog on adults who live alone and struggle with depression again this is a good question but as a rule of thumb you never want to include two different topics in your question so in this one i’m not just talking about adults who live with depression i added in their adults who live alone and struggle with depression so i want to narrow that down to one topic only so after reviewing these three different working questions that i’ve come up with i might land on something like what effect do corgis have as an emotional support dog on adults who struggle with depression that’s not bad that’s actually pretty good let’s go ahead and use that as our swarajya paper question step six revise and refine your swarajya paper question the final step to developing a strong swarajya paper question is to allow yourself to revise and refine as you do your swarajya paper you see the initial swarajya paper question you come up with is a starting point that is meant to help guide you through your swarajya paper as you come up with your thesis statement and you do more swarajya paper while you’re working on your paper chances are that your swarajya paper question may shift a little that’s okay and completely normal awesome now i want to go over my rules of thumb for when you’re creating your own swarajya paper questions rule number one ask open-ended questions in other words avoid asking yes or no questions at all costs rule number two ask a question that can be fully answered within your page limit and this goes both ways if you’re asking a question that can be answered through a quick google search it’s probably too narrow on the other hand if it requires you to write a novel to adequately answer the question your topic might be too broad lastly for rule number three ask a question that requires you to either explain or defend your answer in other words you want to ask a question that goes past simplicity and has some depth and complexity to it anyways.

Congratulations if you’ve made it this far you’re ready to go out and craft your own swarajya paper question matter of fact if you come up with a good swarajya paper question do me a favor comment it down below on this video so we can get a running tab for other students to refer to of swarajya paper question examples before you run off i do want to say that we still have a week and a half in my smart student giveaway if you haven’t signed up for that yet what it is is a big thank you of your guys support of the smart student channel in 2020 i’m giving away a brand new acer desktop monitor to one lucky subscriber so they can level up their home office space if you’d like to know how to enter go watch this video like the video comment while you’d like to win along with your social media handle like i said i’m going to be selecting that winner in a week and a half so you want to go do that now while you’re down there be sure to join the smart student facebook group if you haven’t already as well but as always if you’ve enjoyed this video be sure to give it a thumbs up share it with your friends and of course subscribe to this channel for more videos like this every week thank you.

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By offering a thorough overview of current research in a particular topic, GRL can also be useful in developing a solid research question. Researchers can determine areas where further research is required by looking at the research gaps and open questions in GRL publications. This can assist researchers in developing a research topic that fills a knowledge gap or offers a fresh viewpoint on an ongoing research issue. GRL, in general, can assist researchers in formulating a solid research question by offering illustrations of well-written inquiries and by indicating areas where additional research is required in a particular topic.

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