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How to Write a Research paper

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What is a research paper?

I need yes so this is this is some you’re doing PhDs right so one thing I’m going to do need to do your PhDs write research employees newspaper and that’s what this talk is about this is about the process of getting to get get you getting back together to write research employees newspaper that will be accepted by program committees and it kind of is like this it’s it’s just the skill right it’s a really important skill doing the research is important but writing about it also really important I just want to do in this next now just give you some some thoughts about the process that I go through when I when I write a employees newspaper this is not something about which anybody has a monopoly on truth and so as I go just just um ask questions or make comments like this you’ll have had an experience that’s different to me and just stick your hand up and make ask a question I’ll make comment as we go along don’t wait until the end because it will always certainly run out of time we’ll have to way too much fun right so just um just know this isn’t this isn’t something that anybody has perfect answers to so let’s see I want to start off with some non reasons for writing employees newspaper but when you write good search employees newspaper you have to know what you’re trying to achieve like so here’s a knot is something that most people think this might be about writing babies I think is a very bad reason like you can you could be all these slides will be up you can read the the cartoon later right so it’s not just to sort of impress other people it’s because writing research employees newspaper is part of being a good researcher it’s fundamental part right now say a bit more about why here’s another thing that people often write employees newspaper about they think oh I’ve done this work and I should write about it so it’s like what I did in my summer holidays right but the trouble is that nobody is really interested in you per se at all while you are but they aren’t right why they’re going to read your employees newspaper not because they want to know about what you did in your some holidays but because you’re going to convey something interesting to them here’s another thing people often write employees newspaper about they’ve built some system, this is slightly more plausible that you might think you’re writing research employees newspaper to describe something new right novelty is you know it’s kind of usually good in science isn’t it and you might find you read employees newspaper you say the novel feature of the system is X right so now I have to pause a little bit right because in biology say novelty has value in its own right if you discover something new about the way cells work the world is a better place what we know more in computer science it’s like a fractal subject it’s like a snowflake every place you work the subject expands ahead of you why because we we kind of make it up as we go along it’s purely a sort of invention of our own eyes a bit more like mathematics so the fact that you have explored a very very minut corner of the snowflake and it’s brand new is not really inherently interesting to other people does that make sense right so if if novelty just is not in its own light it’s not useful what is you have to have some element of utility right you want to convey through your employees newspaper a reusable idea that will be of some use to your audience so I do recommend to you this employees newspaper by Fred Brooks called the computer scientists this tool Smith he’s the guy who wrote the mythical man-month and that’s his most famous book but he also gave this Allen Newell lecture if you just typed this title into Google or Bing you’ll find it very quickly and the first part of the employees newspaper is really interesting because it’s um it it’s almost poetic actually his visa and interesting computer scientist he writes in very nice style and he says by InDesign read computer science in contrast with science novelty in itself has no merit if we recognize our artifacts that is things we build as tools then we test them by their utility and costs not by their novelty that make sense is really important because when somebody reads your employees newspaper they are not going to be looking just the novelty consciously unconsciously they’re going to the you looking for utility for it goes on to say if we perceive our role of light we see more clearly the proper criterion for success a tool maker succeeds as the users of his tool succeeds right succeed so you’re giving something is going to be useful to them.

How to write a research paper?

I like this however shining the blade have a jewel the hilt however wonderful the Wiswall system its merit is tested by its utility in cutting that’s right its usefulness to its users that’s a good good piece of wood a sort of sanity check when you read your employees newspaper now so go back to this thing about an idea like the fundamental thing I think you’re trying to do in a research employees newspaper is to take one idea, of course the the act of performance is important as well but it is well remarkable if people are going to hear readings of my employees newspaper in 400 years time they’re not going to be doing that but look to Mozart right he’s the man so one, you don’t tell anybody you might as well have not had them that’s a bit sobering innit right so in other words communication is part of the process of doing science it’s not a kind of thing you do at the end it’s part of the very fabric of the work that we do together as human beings all right yeah vo five scientists 14 bankers yeah we don’t have any like manual describing it or any employees newspaper about it good give an example the perfect the Sun perfect charges almost which they architect didn’t publish anything about this law but given examples like we have like the planes from the US Air Force and we don’t have any employees newspaper about them published so a plane from the US Air Force is actually so so it’s it’s kind of inside a wall of secrecy specialized to begin with that turned out to you know hold the the meaning you know quantum mechanics is based in some part some part on group theory right but but as a PhD student you cannot rely on doing that right you can’t rely on being so it can happen it can happen but my suggestion to you is that you focus on try to focus on things that do have some utility might not be you know useful to every housewife it might be a proof technique that is useful to somebody in semantics of programming languages right so but useful for something right you could just be an amazing genius is going to do work that’s only recognized in 50 years time but it’s a high-risk strategy all right let’s just let’s go on so do keep making out asking questions making comments is good it much more fun for me but so idea idea in a employees newspaper try to write a employees newspaper about a single idea right if you have ten ideas like ten employees newspaper do not like one employees newspaper with ten ideas squished down to a form in which nobody can understand them right having more ideas is good but try to say if you read a employees newspaper do this whenever you read a employees newspaper what is the idea that’s in this employees newspaper when you write a employees newspaper thing what is the idea I’m trying to convey if you don’t have a clear idea of what at that idea is your readers will not either right so it’s a so good sanity check I think and sometimes you may not know exactly what it is to begin with but by there’s only done you must I think and so one way to do this actually is to write a sentence in your employees newspaper somewhere that says the main idea of this employees newspaper is right and then your thought then you’re forced to think oh oh how do I finish this sentence so just try putting that at the beginning of section three or something yes any contribution so they make a couple of small contributions can you say that one idea but many contributions well so I want to talk a bit more about contributions in a second but I would I think it is possible to write good employees newspaper that have sort of many smaller ideas somehow but it’s harder to do it well so and everything I say today I should have said this to begin with I’m going to as it were character to your the situation I’m going to make sort of strong unequivocal statements that of course are not really true about every employees newspaper or even every good employees newspaper but they’re just the direction in which I have found most profitable to do do of course you can disobey every suggestion I make and still like a great employees newspaper but but yeah so I think the the sense of trying to identify an idea if you can is really good and if you can’t you may say it’s still the employees newspaper I want to write go for it right one thing about process two before we get onto content here is the research plan that most people follow they have an idea they do some research and then they write the employees newspaper that seems logical right a good scientific way of doing things completely wrong here’s what you should do have the idea like the employees newspaper do the research right so what you do is you have a you have an idea you start writing a employees newspaper bad you probably do a little bit to put them in work and as you start to write the employees newspaper you discover that oh you know you can’t write section three because you haven’t done that proof or you haven’t built that system there’s a there’s a it used the employees newspaper as a kind of forcing function to tell you what you need to study next the world is full of people who’ve spent a year sort of goofing around in some kind of space generally doing stuff and then they’ve got to two weeks before the conference deadline they start writing the employees newspaper and they discover there’s some major piece that is important for the employees newspaper but it’s not done right so use the employees newspaper as a forcing function another way which it’s a very good forcing function is that as you write the employees newspaper it will become clearer to you what you do not understand as you write the employees newspaper it will become clearer to you what you don’t yet understand this happens to me all the time I start to write the employees newspaper and I was collaborating with four different groups of people all of whom want to delight babe I wouldn’t do for single authored employees newspaper one probably just one yeah that’s a little unusual but depends how much you collaborate and I wasn’t the primary author on any of those right so if you’re the you can’t really be the prime rule for more than one employees newspaper at a time right in one moment okay now I want to go just say a little bit about this idea thing that you start with right so I get so one-one fallacies you’ve got to do all the work and then like the employees newspaper don’t do that use the employees newspaper as a forcing function the second thing is that you must have a good idea right you think ah everyone else seems to have good ideas I read their employees newspaper their ideas are amazing and I I am a mere worm I only have measly weedy little ideas that nobody would want to hear about right everybody feels like this everybody feels like this right so you you you do not need to have a particularly wonderful idea to write a employees newspaper you in fact anytime you have an idea no matter how pitiful you should start to write a employees newspaper about it now it may be that it turns out to be pitiful in which case you just stick it on your web page it ramifies into something things are done this is way too complicated you know I thought it was simple but no it’s not I’ve got to find a way to make it simpler but otherwise I can’t write a employees newspaper about it so the the very important thing I want you to get from this slide is do not think that you have to have a good important interesting impactful world-changing idea be perfectly content with a small weedy insignificant unimportant idea are you with me even if it turns out to be that way the exercise of writing your little employees newspaper will have made you a better person than be bet be it better able to rate that exciting important impactful employees newspaper mostly impact and you know a sense of importance in the larger scheme of things is something you only discover later you don’t discover it at the beginning right and in fact sometimes the act of writing is what makes the idea flourish and come into bloom it’s like a seed and that the writing the employees newspaper is what what is look that the water that brings it into being so if you wait you think art too we D like then you’re not watering it so it stays weedy alright, not to wait until you have something something but start lighting early very early so far so good all right now what is it a bit about the content of the employees newspaper and it’s going to consider the content in structure because I’ve found some things that I found work and others that I found don’t work at all so first thing to do is to just sort of set scene for that narrative flow of the employees newspaper and what you want to do is to get your reader hooked remember that readers don’t sort of time poor people so they they’re not going to read your employees newspaper with close attention from beginning to end you want to get them hooked early so you want to say here is a problem and incrementally you don’t want to start with a big pile of going stuff that might seem scholarly but gets in the way of getting your readers addicted to the idea that’s in your head like you remember the virus thing you’re trying to convey so here’s my I sort of expectation for readership like so a lot of people will read the title well other people viewer people will read the abstract in the first page when I say introduction I really mean first page so when you’re looking through a conference proceedings or even a journal you might look at you start to read a employees newspaper you think ah well maybe but then you move on right it’s not a big deal for you it’s a big deal for the author if you’re the author you care about those people right but mostly they they’re not very committed to you that’s going to move on so you want to hook them on the first page so where are you going to invest your effort well you want to then it’s significant effort on that beginning stuff I’m going to say a little bit about most of these sections so firstly just about the abstract like this bit at the beginning ah Oh drat oh dear although it comes back to got a little bit yes abstract this first bit are people often invest quite a lot of effort in abstracts, say what follows from your solution so here’s an example for an incestuous example taken from this talk what’s the state the problem number one first sentence many employees newspaper are badly written hard to understand right what was the second thing why is it an interesting problem oh it’s a pity because they’re good ideas may go unappreciated so it’s an interesting problem to solve this employees newspaper put employees newspaper thing well say what your solution achieves well following simple guidelines dramatically improves the quality of your employees newspaper and then what does it say what follows your work will be used more on blah blah blah but you get the idea for sentences keep it brief that’s my advice and I would write the abstract at the end when you’re all done with the employees newspaper you know vitae full sentence abstract don’t don’t lavish too much care and attention on it to begin with because it’ll probably change as the focus of your employees newspaper changes so much for abstracts not doctor the interesting yes a catchy title yes a catchy title is worth but a lot I don’t know how to give advice about how to invent a catchy title but I think it’s worth more than you know if you might very very factual titles like you know an application of structural by functors to synthetic epi morphisms in a structured comonad then you’ve limited your readership to but it was if you say you know mathematics changes the world or you know computer science theory solves serious problem then you’re going to make somebody we do you see the difference so that that’s all I can yeah so sorry Simon do you think it’s important to put the right keywords into the title so then it’s like in search engine sound really yes something you want to put enough to so that your readers know if you’re in their area so some kind of keywords in the title of the abstract incidentally sometimes not always sometimes program committee members will choose which employees newspaper to bid for in the reviewing process just by looking at the title in the abstract so you want to kind of have enough keywords in there so that an expert will say oh I know about synthetic epi morphisms you might want to put that in your abstract I’ll review that employees newspaper nor always most most mostly these days I find as a reviewer that I have I look at the employees newspaper when I’m bidding I look at the employees newspaper that the ones that look vaguely interesting from the abstract I’ll then glance at the first page of the employees newspaper as well but that varies yeah oh well of course if you have a catch of you know you know by functors change the world and then it turns out that it’s a very specialized now I think doesn’t change the world at all there’s a certain danger, then give a concrete example so here’s a employees newspaper that I wrote a little while ago and so examples are really good for that now the other important thing about setting the problem this is about describing the problem is that not to make it too ambitious right so here’s an example computer programs have sort of possible first line for your employees newspaper computer programs have bugs this is that we will solve them right you’re learning terribly passive here but actually how many employees newspaper have you read that play this that play this kind of game they describe a problem that we that hundreds of people have spent thousands of man years trying to solve and you say that’s what my employees newspaper is going to do so it’s like describing Mount Everest right and and say that I know you read this employees newspaper you love conquered Mount Everest it’s almost certainly folks and so it doesn’t really convey any information to your readers because it just says you know working this general area basically they know you’re not going to crack this problem you see the difference so you want to convey to then something you can crack so that’s why I say mole hills not mountains so here’s an example you consider this particular program which has an interesting bug right and you get so you get your read is the thing I I can see the bug I can see that’s not totally trivial to spot in this employees newspaper will show an automatic technique for identifying removing this kind of bug suit I mean about so you want it to be hard enough to be intriguing but easy enough to be soluble this is a classic error for research grant proposals as well they’ll also describe Mount Everest they say here is this enormous problem give us some money and we’ll tackle it and die in the foothills all right so don’t do this okay well so two things that examples and not being over ambitious here now the second thing I put here was one describe the problem second say what your contributions are so I wanted to come back to your questions about contributions here so I think it is really important to list out pretty explicitly what your employees newspaper delivers right intersect you what you want to do is to say if you read this employees newspaper here is the the payload the benefit that you will get you are the reasons you might want to read this employees newspaper and then you’re our goal is it’s like sort of menu in a restaurant your goal is to get your run your readers to sort of salivate at you and think which I could eat that right so here’s an example so this is an example from another employees newspaper I vote so I had a bit of an introduction to the the setting and why it was an interesting and important problem and then I said in I didn’t say in this employees newspaper we have following contribution so that’s actually a quite a good phrase to say we make the following contributions here I just said we put the choice on a firmer basis, the other thing about this contribution stuff is to try to be refutable what’s refutable but I mean it is possible that you could fail to deliver on this contribution if you say we will study the properties of system X you’re not going to fail surely somewhere else in the employees newspaper there will be some information about the properties of system X right was if you say we prove that the system is sound of type checking is decidable those are at least for an expert understandable, over here what did I say you know blah blah blah in sections 5 & 6 this in contrastive in section 7 so for every time I make a claim I make a forward reference to the evidence for that claim now how many of you read this stuff in blue in employees newspaper at the end of the introduction is this paragraph that says the rest of this picture is structured as follows Tudor’s if section 3 does their section four does this how many of you read that section with your heart pounding in your chest thinking whoa this is a paragraph that I really want to read because it’s going to make my life better you skip it don’t you every time you start that paragraph you think I’ll just skip it I’m going to go to the beginning section two mmm I wonder if sections 3 4 and 5 belong in this employees newspaper entirely what would happen if I left them out you see what I mean you can sort of do a dead like a garbage collection on your employees newspaper no references to it it’s out but of course sometimes you need some background section something to set up so it’s not it’s not it’s not a shortcut but that’s the idea okay that’s it so that’s all about introduc any questions about this sort of first introductory page stuff or comments indeed yeah good question yeah so the question is do you would you.

I said like the abstract at the end should you like the introduction at the end or when you when you that is when you finish the employees newspaper, writing the specification right of course it’s not a waterfall model like you write one version of contributions you start to write the employees newspaper you go back to the contributions and change them there’s an iterative but stop yeah then something stuff about the initial setting up you might leave until near the end but I would have a go at the introduction first yeah anybody else yeah no I wouldn’t I don’t have any sense of how many paragraphs I want to write it depends on the employees newspaper I do try to fit the the this this sequence of the problem and my I’ll count the contributions of the employees newspaper on page one that’s all however many paragraphs that takes sometimes I have two contributions sometimes six never twelve but but page one I wouldn’t worry about the paragraphs okay what’s next in any employees newspaper they set it up related work what a disaster right here is your idea this is the payload you’re trying to get to this is the virus you’re trying to convey into Dennis’s mind, this author you know he’s incredible genius I just move on like I’m never going to understand this employees newspaper that’s not the message you want to they do your readers you want to make them feel good about themselves right so let’s see what to do so you I want to say more about related work later that we’re to put it like we’re going to put it more towards the end of the employees newspaper when you have done your intellectual scaffolding but instead you’re going to describe your problem ,there are several competing definitions if I was you I would I would try to avoid saying definition one natural interaction bla I would say you know purpose of this employees newspaper is to improve the way that you know people interact with computers or something and may vary a bit but with a PhD dissertation your readers are more motivated somehow you know they’ve a PhD distillation this is a substantial chunk of work your readers know it’s substantial it’s got chapters so they can flip past easily so it’s kind of different kind of medium so I’d be less I’m pretty sure about this for a related work section later for employees newspaper and it slightly more ambivalent about theses yeah obviously for a 12-page employees newspaper yeah for a five pager where would you compress oh I don’t know how do you how do I to five pay page very difficult to light a five page employees newspaper actually I don’t I’m not I’m not sure I can say anything meaningful in answer to that question so I just dodge it, knows how to find it so but it can be very brief that’s my advice okay I just want to quickly move on to a bit about the sort of main payload of the employees newspaper because you’re what you want to do it will present your idea and avoid doing this kind of thing right this feels right but it’s not what you do on the whiteboard when you do with your whiteboard your friend you do not write out definitions like this you you do what you cut to the chase right you say ah ah I’ll tell you a bit about you know the formal definitions later but what I really want you to do since you’re in my office and you’ve got five minutes is to give you an intuitive idea of what the idea is of what of what I’m trying to do that’s what you should do in the employees newspaper you need the formal stuff or the more precise stuff later but there’s a way of introducing the idea this stuff is not so good right so um the intuition here is primary the intuition is primary the intuition is primary thank you right don’t forget that right if you do this sort of nonsense people will be impressed by your employees newspaper maybe but they may not read and that then you failed in the virus infection process right but it’s like sort of Ebola you know it kills its patient it kills its victims before it can pass them on right you want to keep them alive now oh and the other thing is that even readers who leave you after a bit of the of the sort of inch of these these back sort of presenting the idea sections before they get to the more of the meet even they will go away with something valuable so your goal is that every time somebody falls off the bus they fall off the bus with something useful that they’ve taken away they’re happy about having read your employees newspaper another thing to avoid is trying to recapitulate a sort of personal painful journey like research is a kind of it’s like walking through a maze in which almost all the passages are dead ends right so you sort of blend it it’s been weeks doing this and then the tendency when you write a employees newspaper is to think ah I should explain all these dead ends to my readers. The very first thing you do on a whiteboard is always an example isn’t it it’s not lighting definition so do that in your employees newspaper as well I think I have an example of an example here but I think I’ll skip it but I think you’ve got the message by now so then the rest that once you’ve got that central intuition over then the rest of the employees newspaper almost writes itself because your business then is to provide evidence to support every claim that you’ve made in your contributions right so you’re going to just provide section after section that support that provides evidence in support of the claim, check your claims okay um so in fact you see that’s that I’m not really saying any more about this positions the part of the employees newspaper it’s not easy to write we all understand how to do it we just got to write down the details of the other stuff it’s this sort of bit beginning and end of I think simple okay but before before leaving the contact I do want to say a little bit more about related work at the end and that’s this right if you read related work sections they often take the form of well there was you know green and white had this at this employees newspaper about this but they were Complete Idiot’s their system didn’t work at all well compared with ours which is brilliant and then oh well then there was brown, credit is life is the same if I give you credit for a employees newspaper if I say what maximum that’s mat if I say in Maxie’s fascinating employees newspaper of 19 no 2008 you know he does the following thing then just by saying fascinated employees newspaper you know I’ve given some credit to max for what he’s done and acknowledged the truth which is that I’ve stood on his shoulders in doing my work right so any employees newspaper that you have you really have found in Fargo interesting but just put in an adjective to be nice to the authors it’s actually true and it makes them feel good and the world is a better place as a result but does that make sense and it doesn’t diminish you it doesn’t mean that people will think your employees newspaper is worse because you’d be nice about other people right the other half of the sort of related work stuff is that sometimes you have the feeling that the author’s feel compelled to show that their work is better than everybody else’s in every dimension no in the X direction and the y direction in the Z direction the time Direction everything is better, judgments then as they go along so I think I’ve put it at the end anyone else about this okay are you standing up in a kind of hopeful kind of way right we could run around with microphones yes yes so everything that comes in the recording let me just mention the inverse thing which is just as acknowledging not acknowledging weaknesses is at least poor tactics not acknowledging important related work is a death knell right so I invited so if a reviewer finds himself or herself lighting in your view the author does not appear to be aware that sister you know this employees newspaper from two years ago does essentially the same thing as there’s or covers 80% of what’s in this employees newspaper always highly relevant but is completely unmentioned that’s really really really not good know so you must acknowledge other people know and it’s not again it’s because it’s true right they did had some stuff you probably read their employees newspaper if you didn’t you should I mean of course it might mean that you genuinely don’t know about it, summarize the story at the end by the time people get to the end of the search employees newspaper my experiences they’re a bit tired and they don’t read the conclusions but your column inches going back to your question about length or from very constrained so I tend to finish with a section not called I tend not to have further work and then conclusions I tend have a section called conclusions and further work and then I sort of as it were sketched things that you know I might do in the future and I wouldn’t spend too much time on further work but sometimes you find people have a long section on further work which is kind of like like a research grant proposal that says here are lots of things that I would like to do it I haven’t done yet and again your readers are not terribly interested in that they want to know stuff that you have done that they can use okay yeah yeah Oh several of you know your first year yeah then though Nancy yeah but so in our recent journal employees newspaper we are just criticized as we shouldn’t put what we going to do in the future work because this is the reviewer somehow consider that it will constrain other people’s mind to some certain topic that we’re gonna to do oh you mean you sort of planted your flag nobody else must just his further work that suggested by this research you know go to it audience so I’ve never had that that kind of comment myself but I think the easy way to deal with it is just to keep keep the further work section short right not to say too much not to take too many column inches on that because it’s not part of the real payload of the employees newspaper it’s more like saying it’s obvious that you know we haven’t finished here there’s lots of interesting Avenue, future work because it’s sort of good way to have it there because if somebody is just scanning through the employees newspaper well he will see there he will see the utility or non utility to it specific limitations well it’s kind of what what I’ve said in response to your colleague at the back here I would be inclined to because we’re talking about weaknesses let that means limitations right things that you don’t do so well mostly I find myself putting that in related work or maybe if it comes up earlier I seldom put in the conclusions because I’m trying to keep the conclusions short because no but I mean really putting it in the in the technical section yep that’s fine too if it comes up naturally there go for it yeah the government it’s the only reason not to put it there is if it’s hard to understand the limitation when you haven’t read the next technical section true that’s all yeah so I saw quite many conclusion sections that were essentially copies of the respective abstract sections but with dance changed from yeah present to past exactly thing about that well so do you think that’s a good use of column inches no total waste of employees newspaper right so that’s why I think the you know tell them what you’re going to do tell them and then and then we produce the abstract in the conclusion no help at all I just leave it out to you know just say summarize briefly briefly my question is about special kind of employees newspaper like tool employees newspaper I mean when you write a tool, then we’ll forgot a stop at lunchtime my my question about the details how deep to describe my system if it’s kind of complicated I mean one one on one hand I can go on on all the details on the other hand they can be like get like more over the overview but like what’s the balance so well so how detailed can you be it’s hard for me to answer that because pretty much it’s constrained by the employees newspaper right by the length of the employees newspaper you just don’t have much space right the the only thing I’d say is try to focus on your key idea put the details that articulate your idea and if the other kind of only loot loosely related stuff but that’s important to you like another employees newspaper I don’t know I can say any more than that worthy yes at the back corner yeah so impending appendices for employees newspaper are a bit like technical ports they say you know we proved this theorem, you use somehow needs a gentle introduction to this a longer introduction where do you put it so I like that that’s writing across field employees newspaper and employees newspaper about complicated ideas is simply harder so you know sometimes that means you have to aim at a journal because conferences are often narrowly focused and sometimes are not very hospitable to cross field employees newspaper and if you need more space you may you may just need to say you know perhaps this is it you know almost semi tutorial that your survey employees newspaper sometimes I don’t quite know I’m not sure I can any say anything very meaningful in response to your question except to acknowledge that yes it’s harder,

there’s about there’s a bunch of further slides that I’m clearly not when I talk about now we’re going to have lunch about the actual sort of process of getting about writing I want to say one thing about this before we go to have lunch which is to get your get friends to read your employees newspaper right get them to act as guinea pigs, then then you can have a dialogue with them right you read the employees newspaper they say I got lost here and you say oh let’s see if we can unpack this you salt whiteboard stuff and they say oh now I understand often what happens is all they all you need to do is they say well got lost you say you explain it they say that’s great and all you have to do is record what you said in that conversation and light it down in the employees newspaper the incredible how much better people are explaining something verbally than they are so there’s a very good guinea pig thing I want to give you one idea for how to get experts to read your employees newspaper when you write your related work section you’ll mention various other people like if you send your employees newspaper to them saying dear professor snig ins I was found your employees newspaper so inspiring and who better be true right I enjoyed your employees newspaper and I’ve done some work that you know builds on it in what I think was an interesting way and I’m just in closing a drafting but within the related work section I say something about your employees newspaper and I just like to check that I expressed it in a fair way like at that point professor Snicket’s thinks whoo-ha he’s writing about my employees newspaper I’ll just have a quick look right so he looks at the related work section than anything he can’t resist it he looks back a bit biked, you never have it the ready in time you probably are going to use this technique works better the last thing I want to say was about reviews after your employees newspaper was rejected which it will be our employees newspaper rejected all the time you will get reviews that seem to you at the moment you receive them to be blatantly unfair right you will be bleeding right because your precious work would you invest so much in has been rejected put the review aside wait a week, try to think how could I rewrite this ever so that not even the world’s most stupid reviewer could make that mistake right how could I rewrite the employees newspaper so that not even a very stupid review could make that mistake now of course sometimes reviewers are literally incompetent, that is something you can fix right so just don’t ignore don’t don’t just bleed from the reviews try to profit from them however hard it is it’s that time.

Where to find good research papers?

Global research letters are a valuable resource for researchers looking to write a high-quality research paper. These letters provide access to peer-reviewed academic articles and studies from a variety of fields, which can help researchers to quickly locate relevant data and information to support their arguments and findings. By using global research letters, researchers can save time in the research phase of their paper and ensure that their work is based on reliable and accurate information.

Global research letters can also give researchers a structure for planning their study and creating a compelling thesis statement. Researchers might find common themes and arguments that can be utilised to shape the path of their paper by analysing papers and studies in their subject. Also, they can learn about the acceptable terminology and writing style in their industry, which can make their writing more effective and efficient. Researchers can quickly and effectively generate a high-quality research paper by using global research letters to guide their work and organise it.

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