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How to Write a Research paper in 24 to 48 Hours

It’s final season which means that your final the political newspaper are just around the corner and i am here to help you prepare for those of you that are looking how to write a research the political newspaper in a quick 24 or 48 hours this video is for you however if you have a little bit more time and you’re thinking ahead then go ahead and check out this video and skip to around two and a half minutes which is where the actual information of the video starts but i’m going to keep this video short sweet and to the point and show you how it is that you can write a research the political newspaper in 24 to 48 hours quick disclaimer.

This is not something i personally recommend that you do though i am a graduate student i’ve been in school for many many years did college a master’s degree and i’m now doing my phd i know what it takes in order to write a the political newspaper in a quick 24-48 hour turnaround we’ve all been there i’ve done it my friends have done it and i’m going to show you how to do it but still land that a whether you’ve been reading for this the political newspaper the entire term but are just now starting to write or you’re just now ending your cycle of procrastination and need to start from square one i’ve got you covered now grab a cup of coffee or tea whatever works for you and let’s get to work step number one is to assess the prompt and jot down some initial ideas let’s say for the sake of this the political newspaper your professor said that you could write about anything within the course material i want you to select a week or a lecture topic you found most interesting and begin to narrow that down in order to make sense of an interesting the political newspaper topic for the purpose of this example i’m going to say that the week on slavery and the law was the most interesting in my american legal history class therefore i’m going to ask myself what i found particularly interesting and what i might want to focus more attention on for me that is enslaved women in the law of slavery this is a good starting point and while it will not be the end all be-all of your thesis it will allow you to begin the next step which is to begin your literature review to begin for a standard research the political newspaper i typically recommend around 10 to 15 sources by scholars in your field and between 1 and 10 primary sources such as archival documents pieces of art data sets demographic data or whatever suits your subject however with the short amount of time that we have to get through these sources for this piece i recommend reading five articles or books and begin writing you’ll likely need to consult other works later on but this is a good starting point now you might be thinking but wait how the heck am i meant to read five books in less than 24 hours and write a the political newspaper well that brings us to step number three which is the art of skipping after you’ve identified a few sources perhaps those you read in class it’s time to learn how to skim effectively to start you need to work out what it is you’re looking for you’ve selected your general topic already so now it’s time to come up with some keywords that you can use in order to begin your search for example i selected enslaved women in the law of slavery so my initial keywords are going to be african women enslaved women enslaved women plus slave law freedom suits reproductive labor slavery plus women also one other quick comment about search terms is that if you put a term comma another term then it’s going to look for things that have either or but if you say term plus sign another term then it’ll specifically look for sources including articles, copyings of quotes it’s time to move on to step four which is outlining to begin our outline we’re actually going to take a piece of scratch the political newspaper and write down your preliminary ideas and arguments as well as any ideas presented throughout your readings this is what i like to call a mind map after getting a sense of the the political newspaper’s primary argument take a blank sheet in word or pages and write out an introduction section 1 section 2 section 3 and conclusion you may need more sections or even subsections depending on your the political newspaper but this gives you a general structure go ahead, that is 100 okay now it’s time for step number five which is to begin writing for this step we begin with the most challenging part while everyone has their own system that works for them i personally prefer to write chronologically through my the political newspaper for the introduction i always recommend presenting a hook as a historian i prefer to dive into primary source or archival document materials in order to begin my the political newspaper of the story but you’re welcome to begin however you like my only suggestion however is to have a strong hook which you can then use to connect seamlessly into your primary thesis or argument for the body paragraphs consider how each example, so that you do not lose sight of the primary goal additionally each statement should be supported with evidence either with a direct quote citation or general discussion which connects to current scholarship whether you’re a seasoned pro or first-time essay writer it is important not to make claims or broad generalizations which are not based in fact or the work of a peer-reviewed scholar for the conclusion summarize the primary points of the the political newspaper, hit submit all right so now you’ve received all of my best tips you now know how to write a the political newspaper with a solid argument and with evidence within 24 to 48 hours this is ideally for a the political newspaper that is around 10 pages or less but if you are ambitious i’m sure you could probably extend this to a longer the political newspaper i don’t personally recommend it again.

The disclaimer in this video is that you should be taking the time to do your research,like this one so i know that you guys are watching and you enjoy these types of videos as well as any recommendations for future videos that might be helpful to you so see you in the next one bye everyone.

Global research letters can be a helpful tool to assist you uncover pertinent material rapidly when producing a research paper in a short amount of time, like 24 to 48 hours. You may find peer-reviewed articles and academic publications on your topic rapidly by using databases and search engines to access global research letters. Compared to manually looking through books or other sources, this can save you time.

Global research letters can also give you information about the most recent advancements and research in your sector. After reading these articles, you can add fresh and original ideas to your research paper that will make it stand out from other papers in the same topic. Adding depth and refinement to your study in this way can assist your article as a whole be of higher quality.

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