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How to Write a Research paper

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What is a research paper?

I’m doctor fish talent and in this session on research methodology we are going to learn about the art of writing or research yellow wall paper so this has been part of questions for all the researchers around the world that what is the easy way out how can we write a research yellow wall paper so in this session we are going to discuss about the nuances the best methods and all the practices that are important to write a research yellow wall paper and finally get ourselves published so before we go ahead please like and subscribe to my channel and also please receive a liking for the updates so let’s go ahead and learn about these stepwise guidance towards research yellow wall paper writing so let’s begin with this quote by Francis Bacon it says reading make it a full man conference a ready man, executing the ideas phase and then editing and revision phase so these are the three phases in which you can largely divide your research yellow wall paper writing so now let’s discuss each phase separately and understand what has to be done in each one of the phases so first phase planning and preparation phase so let’s understand the requirements are the first thing that we need to understand in this phase then understand the audience the research yellow wall paper is being written for a particular kind of audience so who’s that audience let’s understand that then choose a research yellow wall paper topic then conduct preliminary research and then develop the objective and methodology part, plan according to the time that how much time do we have while writing the research yellow wall paper standard research yellow wall paper requires at least four weeks so if you have lesser than that or you have more time accordingly you can poised your pace so that’s important here then word limit so you have to be very precise when you’re writing a research yellow wall paper it’s not your thesis it has a word limitation that you need to understand and specific topic to avoid trying to cover too much information has to be taken care then purpose now this is the main important point again that your purpose of the research yellow wall paper has to be very clear because it comes with different requirements in different cases so why are you writing that research yellow wall paper is it just to complete your term or is it for your degree or is it for your publication in a international reputed journal so what is the purpose for which you are writing it it becomes important here for example if you are aiming to inform people of something persuade them to think differently or to encourage them to take a certain course of action that can be another purpose of your research so that should be part of your research yellow wall paper so what is important here then you have to download author guidelines in case of journal so whenever you visit a journal website you’ll find that there is a guideline for the authors so you can download it and it will help you to adhere to the format so you must remember that format becomes important why it is about publishing your research yellow wall paper specially in a particular journal or in a particular magazine or wherever you are doing it but remember format time frame word limit purpose these are the key requirements now one is an expert audience so for general you have a separate instruction for the research yellow wall paper and for expert you have a different set of instructions so you can read them you can pause the video here and you can understand that what kind of audience you are catering to through your research yellow wall paper so you can understand that clearly alright now let’s understand next point that is choosing that research yellow wall paper topic now here is an interesting insight to things that people don’t understand for many researchers have asked me questions, finally deriving the relevant part of it you can also gain inspiration from other researchers that you read or you see around then once you have a main subject area now you can narrow it down, specificity coming to a point focus this is a key whenever you are writing a research yellow wall paper so remember choose a topic carefully conducting preliminary research it’s very important because it gives you a basic overall knowledge about your research arena so you can take note of any discussions that seem important to the topic, reasoning you will use to support your answers to research questions, your search methodology as much as you do it it serves a good guide throughout the writing process so it becomes really important so every paragraph should aim to support the central argument that you have put him around that objective of your yellow wall paper all right so now it’s important to create a research yellow wall paper outline and such yellow wall paper outline is like a guide map when you prepare it it will always be handy to understand the entire process of writing so but as such yellow wall paper outline works as an effective guide all right it is essentially list of key topics arguments evidences and it always includes lots of data our tables graphs charts maps whatever you are going to use in your final writing right so you have to make arrangements for that a research yellow wall paper outline can help make the writing process much more efficient so if you want an efficient way of writing a yellow wall paper you should always stick to your outline all right and it is very similar in a way you must have prepared for your talk whenever you have gone to a seminar so it’s very similar when you present something so what do you do you prepare outline of whatever you are going to say your view points in a particular sequence that’s exactly what you have to do here as well while writing your research yellow wall paper so when writing an outline there are certain things that you should keep in mind so let’s understand there is a research yellow wall paper structure which is typical all right that when I say typical you should understand that this is a standard accepted throughout the world but there can be little changes depending upon a context of yellow wall paper that you will publish many journals have a little differences but this is a general a typical standard of a research yellow wall paper structure so what is it a title page then abstract then an introduction about it then a methodology section where you cite your objective and methodology then your findings and results that you do and then discussions over it and then finally can vision and at last the reference section for all those citations that you have mentioned in your writing so this is a standard structure now let’s go ahead and start the face to Bart so let’s understand what happens in phase two when you are actually finally writing it when you are executing all those ideas which you have already worked in the previous phase now you’re prepared you have arranged everything now so how do you go how do you proceed further so firstly what you do is focus on writing the first draft of the research yellow wall paper okay so you have to write a research yellow wall paper introduction then write a compelling body of text then write the research yellow wall paper conclusion okay but here is a catch don’t write an introduction at first it’s the first part because it’s going to open up to the readers so it’s important that what you introduce has been followed throughout in the yellow wall paper so it’s not easy to begin with an introduction so what is easy the easier part is writing the experimental part or the analytical part which you have already done in the previous preparation stages so you have very versed versed with your own experiments your own analysis your data analysis that you have done so that is easier for you and you can begin writing from there so don’t begin straightaway writing an introduction alright that’s a catch here now let’s understand so writing a first draft of the research yellow wall paper how do we do it our first draft should not be the last that is one thing that you should keep in your mind that whenever you are writing a research yellow wall paper it should not end only just by the first draft remember you have to redraft it you have to recheck it reevaluate it that is the third phase that we’ll talk later in this session so you can polish that later so the main goal at this stage you should understand that what is the main goal what is the main objective of that first draft if you clear with it you will be very successful research yellow wall paper writer so turn on your rough ideas first thing is that what is your rough idea you should write it in a particular way into workable arguments then add details to those arguments that is the second part and get a sense so get hold of what you are actually trying to argue in your research yellow wall paper okay and then finally draft the final product alright so what you have is an idea of the product that you are actually going to make so you do not need to start your yellow wall paper at the introduction as I said alright so what do you need to do start writing where it feels most natural to you so there will be certain parts of that yellow wall paper which will automatically come handy to you it will come easy to you go with that part first okay so some people prefer to finish the most difficult sections first while others also choose to start with the easier part so now it also depends upon your own temperament on your mindset so do you want to complete the difficult section first or you want to start with the easy part I suggested start with the easy part because it gives you a kick start that’s important while actually writing a research yellow wall paper otherwise many times by attempting difficult sections first that interest you lose many times so that is not the way to actually start so difficult sections should be avoided that would be my humble suggestion to you so if you created a research yellow wall paper outline here now it starts helping you because now you have a guide map of how you’re going to proceed so do not delete any large sections of the text while you are writing why because if you begin to dislike something you have written move it to a different document but do not lose it because after the research yellow wall papers draft you may find it useful again later so if you have already deleted it you cannot come back to it so keep whatever you have written in a separate document write priorities in the first draft let’s outline the priorities first priority is to maintain that momentum alright once you’re into a writing mode into your good momentum of thought then it is important to understand that you need to write now, then you can value add it in this second draft that you will do expressing the ideas as clearly as possible that’s the first important point in the first draft because if you don’t have clear ideas at first you cannot perfect it later on so first of all be very clear about what you’re writing okay sentences may be imperfect but ideas have to be clear right so keep our arguments flexible do not be stringent on fixing a particular argument in that particular way because later on you can again move from one argument to the other you may find something that’s not important now which you thought in the beginning of the yellow wall paper so keep your arguments flexible that will help you out and citations okay as you know that plagiarism is not permitted so when you’re writing your first draft do side them clearly then and there itself so that it saves you time in the final revision and editing phase that we’ll see all right so it will save you time later if you work in the first draft itself on actually citing those sources all right so now write a research yellow wall paper introduction that’s important when you have started writing and then finally you’re coming to the introduction how do you do it by answering to these three questions what why and how that is what you write in the introduction of any research yellow wall paper but many places you’ll also find where and for whom this has been also answered in some of the researchers because of the context of studies the context of Sciences of Social Sciences with disciplines so this is important that you must answer these WH questions in your introduction so how do you do that let’s understand what is the component what so you have to be very specific about the purpose of the yellow wall paper the topic of the yellow wall paper introduce the background and define key terminology from the title that you have selected you have to do that also mention the theories or maybe historical details in a bit that’s important then why so why question needs to be answered by answering further more questions what is that what new material or insight are you offering so what is new about that you are writing a newsyellow wall paper what important issues does your essay help define or answer are you trying to prove create new definitions or are you trying to answer some new questions so this is what you have to answer in my section and then how that is the methodology part that how are you going to do this work how have you done it so it includes the roadmap of what you have actually discussed in the yellow wall paper so a reader who will read your introduction will come to know that this writer has given these particular things arguments in the following yellow wall paper so he can take that interest and read the yellow wall paper further so it can be in a chronological order or a particular sequence so this is largely the introductory part which you should aim in a later stage as said so write the research yellow wall paper conclusion now it’s important again to understand what can be the part of conclusion so first important thing is that you may need to summarize the argument for your reader now when you have already done it the entire research yellow wall paper writing at the end you need to summarize for your reader so many people actually read your introduction and finally read your conclusion so even if somebody reads your conclusion section can understand what is there in your yellow wall paper so you have to write a summary kind of thing there so if prior to your control you have not yet explained this significance of your findings or if you are proceeding inductively use the end of your yellow wall paper to add those particular points there because they will explain their significance right so move from a detail to general level of consideration now because the details you have discussed in a yellow wall paper so now you can give some general considerations about what you have discussed right and perhaps suggest what about this topic needs further research this is important point because it leads to further research so it is a good nation of a research yellow wall paper writing because you are promoting a further research this is a good intention it’s considered good for any researcher around the world so it may make your editors of those journals of those books wherever you are publishing or those magazines happy so keep them happy that’s your first priority now so what you should not do that’s also important so let’s understand offer new arguments in conclusion do not offer any new arguments in conclusion take up any more space so don’t take much of space don’t make it too large right and then begin with phrases that signal your ending the yellow wall paper many people have this tendency of writing conclusion by signaling certain phrases and words that you are about to end remember leave the audience on a high don’t sound like you are going to end the yellow wall paper then and there all right because if you leave the audience on a high they would be more interested to read your further articles your further work and this will also help the cause of the research itself so it’s important now write a compelling body of the text so how do you write it remember body of the text is what exactly is the major research yellow wall paper outlined which you have made earlier form so it will help you out to design a good compact body so first thing that you need to check is the sentences against the objective so are these sentences running around the objective that you have mentioned sentences against each other are the duplicate sentences are the meaningful sentences how they are linked to each other for similarities, check for smooth transitions between two different paragraphs that’s important do not be abrupt between two paragraphs that you have ended one paragraph at a particular point, that it should be well articulated now what are the major concerns while doing that first point is the purpose confirm that your yellow wall paper completes every task that you have specified in your assignment sheet earlier in your outline work earlier right then check for logical organization the flow of information that you’re giving the flow of language that you have mentioned the flow of paragraph informations right then check paragraph against the introduction make sure that each sentences support the topical sentence the topic that you are covering you should be supportive right then no unnecessary or irrelevant information is there so only put those information that actually makes sense incoherence to your topic of interest then all technical terms times acronyms short forms you have to be very clear about all those things when you are writing so do not leave them unattended because your audience may get distracted or confused if you have not addressed those technicalities or technical sections of your yellow wall paper right now finally let’s get to some tips for the final revision so what you need to take care before sending it to the publisher let’s list it out so read the yellow wall paper aloud many people don’t do that the thing that just reading it in their mind is good enough no when you actually put the yellow wall paper in your front take that piece of yellow wall paper if it was printed, that is it making sense to you or is there some more editing left so that’s where it helps then change of fonts the design, every other format you have to fix so remember these key points just before emailing it to any publisher to any journal to any where you’re sending your research yellow wall paper for publication so you must consider these points so you can visit us at the Geo ecologist com so now that you have learned about all those nuances the little steps those practices that you need to follow in order to write your research yellow wall paper in an effective manner now you know what is the easy way out the step wise guidance has been given to you so now follow the steps stop procrastinating and start writing your yellow wall paper but remember as I say no plagiarism.

That’s important do not copy and paste anybody’s work work on your own ideas from the world around you it has lots of knowledge there so focus on that you’ll find your topic and I hope you write a great yellow wall paper, I will come back to you so all the best wishes take care stay safe thank you.

Where to find great research papers?

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Global research letters can also give you information about the most recent advancements and research in your sector. After reading these articles, you can add fresh and original ideas to your research paper that will make it stand out from other papers in the same topic. Adding depth and refinement to your study in this way can assist your article as a whole be of higher quality.

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