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What is research design and What Is It and How to Create a Research Design

Hi I’m Aisha, you are watching educational  hub. What is research design? A research design is a methodical   well-organized procedure utilized by a researcher  or a scientist to carry out a scientific   so today discuss about research  design its types and methods in this video we also discuss what is the purpose  of research design, What is research design, types of research design,   what is the difference between fixed design  and flexible design, how do you create a   research design? What is research design? What is the difference between  research design and approach? What makes a good   research design? What is a research design? What is the research method and  characteristics of What is research design? Let’s start   a research design is a methodical well-organized  procedure utilized by a researcher or a scientist   to carry out a scientific study. It is a  comprehensive coexistence of already identified   elements and any other information or data leading  to a reasonable end result what is the purpose   of research design? What is a research design? What is a research design is a design provides a  scientist or a researcher with a well-structured   objective plan of study that enables him or her to  efficiently assess causes and affect relationships   between various dependent and independent  variables such as the classic control experiment there are four major types of research  designs it includes 1. descriptive research   2. explanatory research 3. exploratory  research 4 evaluations research descriptive research as the name implies  this is an in-depth sort of research design   that answers what and how descriptive research  aims to accurately and systematically describe   a population situation or phenomenon  a descriptive research design can use   a wide variety of research methods  to investigate one or more variables   it can answer what where when and  how questions but not why questions explanatory research. What is research design in this sort of research design   explains the subject of the research  and thereby answers what why and how exploratory research this sort of research  explores the subject matter and answers   what and how   evaluation research this sort of What is research design determines the productivity of the subject matter   or a program and is therefore quite extensive also known as program evaluation  evaluation research is a common   What is research design that entails carrying  out a structured assessment of the value   of resources committed to a project or specific  goal it often adopts social research methods an What is a research design  to gather and analyze useful information  about organizational processes and products   there are two types of evaluations research  qualitative research and quantitative research   what is qualitative research design a  central question that states the objective   or the problem has a preset procedure or sequence  in order to answer research questions reviews for What is research design  the generated data the collection and analysis  of data are done in order to draw conclusions   quantitative research analyzes variable  relationships in terms of numbers   and statistical strategies to review findings and  is generally divided into four main types namely   one descriptive design two correlational  design three quasi-experimental design   four experimental design for What is research design -one descriptive design this sort of design  describes the present status of a phenomenon   or a variable and does not require any  hypothesis for initiation it is developed   only after the data is collected for instance  case study naturalistic observation surveys 2.

Correlational design in What is research design- this sort of design  utilizes statistical analysis in order to   determine whether two variables are related or  not eg case control study observational study   three quasi-experimental  design this sort of design   resembles a true experimental design  and is utilized when a standard research   design is not applicable however it is  not based upon randomized sample groups 4 experimental design in What is research design- this sort of design  determines cause and effect relationships among   various variables in such a way that  the independent variable is changed in   order to observe its effect on the dependent  variable eg experiment with random assignment what is the difference between fixed design and  flexible design a fixed design generally follows   a preset or predetermined design or a sequence  before the collection of data and is usually   driven by theory additionally the variables  are usually measured by a quantitative research a flexible design on the other hand offers  freedom when it comes to the collection of data   this is usually because the variable in this  case is not measured quantitatively for example   culture in a few cases the theory may not even  be available before the actual research begins how do you create a research design  how do you create a research design   1.

Pinpoint your learning outcomes objectives  2. pick out your research questions in What is research design 3. develop   a research designin What is research design 4. choose a sampling framework in What is a research design 5. pick suitable methods of data collection in What is a research design 6. set   up appropriate 7. identify proper data analysis  techniques tools in What is a research design 8. contemplate dissemination   and publication of your findings what is the  difference between What is a research design and approach   in research design research design  is the overall framework or outline   or structure of a research proposal whereas a  research approach incorporates various tools   techniques procedures or processes utilized  to collect or review data or information what makes a good What is a research design.   Good research design is usually characterized by  the following features one a good research design   ought to be flexible effective efficient  appropriate reliable economical tool   a good research design ought to  increase reliability and decrease   bias of any data or information  collected and review three   good research design must be less prone to an  error whenever it comes to experiments and surveys   what is the research method   a research method is a well-structured logical  or a standard plan utilized by a researcher   or a scientist in order to conduct research  for instance sociologists.

During the course of   their What is a research design depending on both qualitative and  quantitative research methods such as experiments   primary or secondary data collection  surveys participant study or observation what are the characteristics of research design   a good research design ought to maximize  reliability and minimize bigotries regarding   the data collected and reviewed additionally  a research design ought to be error free   thus a design that provides the least  experimental error ought to be selected   thank you for watching i hope you can easily  understand What is research design types and   methods like share and subscribe my channel  for more informative videos about research.

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