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Hello smart students welcome to my channel I have a question for you how many of you find writing research paper in right research paper format daunting maybe it’s your first time maybe you’ve done it a few times but still I find that students the idea of writing a research paper in  right research paper format isn’t necessarily easy to digest. So  what I want to do today is I want to walk you through three different research paper in  right research paper format and I want to explain the different sections or components if you will of these research paper in  right research paper format all right. So  first things first I find there are generally seven key components that all research paper in  right research paper format contain and then there’s a few variable ones and. So  I want you to be aware of what those variable ones are as well and. So  let’s go ahead and start with those key components what are they one is going to be a title page next is going to be your abstract followed by your introduction the methods section results followed by the discussion and then typically ending with a conclusion. Now   like I said this varies sometimes you might have a literature review or a research problem section or perhaps limitations that you would list after the results or near the discussion section and. So  with no more being said here let’s go ahead and jump into my computer and let’s walk through these three examples and yeah let’s go and here we are all right starting with the first research paper in  right research paper format here the first element you’ll have is going to be the title of your research paper in  right research paper format essentially the title is a glimpse as to what your research is about. So  you want to come up with a title that captures your topic your scope and perhaps your methods in case it’s relevant but moving on down the first main section in a research paper in  right research paper format is going to be the abstract. Now   your abstract is what I like to call a snapshot of your entire research paper in  right research paper format this is going to be the summarized spark notes version of your research paper in  right research paper format. So  that way when someone reads the abstract in research paper format they have a good overview of what your objective is, what methods you used to study your research some brief understanding of what the results are and what you concluded. Now   I will touch on keywords for research paper format. Right here keywords are included in the abstract these are going to be roughly five words give or take that are the most prevalent within your research and this is simply for seo. So  when someone types in keywords for research paper format in a database says google scholar this is going to boost your paper in the algorithm. Now   let’s go ahead and move on to the first main section in your actual research paper in  right research paper format your introduction. So  what’s the purpose of an introduction it’s kind of in the name it’s to introduce your research paper in  right research paper format but the way I like to describe it is that essentially the first portion of your introduction is going to introduce your topic the last paragraph in your introduction is typically where the researcher is going to. Now   explain their intentions for the research in research paper format because you introduced your topic at the beginning. Now   they’re going to tell you what their goals are why they’re researching this specific area everything in between is typically background information context on your topic all the needed information that your reader needs in order to understand the rest of your study all right moving on down the list the next section that typically comes after the introduction is going to be your methods and. Now   your methods that’s where you’re going to describe your research in correct research paper format. So  for example did you conduct an experiment maybe you hosted some interviews or perhaps you sent out a survey as we can see in this first sentence here this research researcher states a descriptive correlational survey design was used to answer the research question. So  that’s what method they use to conduct their research in this research paper format. Now   within the methods section and this goes for a few other sections sometimes there’s going to be subsections as we can see here this research included the instruments and then finally they also included a subsection about data collection and analysis the next main section that all research paper in  right research paper format will include are going to be the results and this is nicely put after the methods because after you describe how you studied the research it kind of makes sense that what were the results that that would come next and. So  the results section in research paper format again can be made up of a handful of subsections that are relevant to your research. So  as we can see here.

This researcher started their results by discussing the sample characteristics we have some tables to show the numerical data with the different criterias that were explained in the instruments there’s a few other subsections that are relevant to the results for example they provided a description of procrastination time management and academic stress. So  a section for clarity there’s also a discussion between the variables the relationship between them we have a few other charts here and. So  when you’re including your results in research paper format you really want to think about the best way for you to showcase the different results that you came up with in again whatever you use to perform your research because after that we’re going to move on to the next main section in your research paper in  right research paper format which is going to be the discussion your discussion is where you’re going to fulfill the purpose of your research in research paper format basically. Now   we’re going to discuss everything above. So . Now   that we know what our topic is what the objective is with our research and that topic how we’re studying it and what those results are the discussion will lead you right into the final main section in a research paper in  right research paper format the conclusion and i’ve had students find these too confusing because they seem similar but they are different. So  as I said your discussion is where you fulfill the purpose of your research your conclusion then is going to be your final impression in research paper format after doing everything above coming down to the bottom of your paper your conclusion is simply that last final impression your final thoughts on this topic in research paper format which is a rule of thumb you’ll note that conclusions are generally a lot shorter than the discussion conclusions typically are pretty short in research paper in  right research paper format. So  just keep that in mind but with that those are the main sections that structure research paper in  right research paper format however there are a few additional sections that you may run into. So  let’s take a look at this one we have our abstract of research paper format oh let’s start from the top we have our title our abstract our keywords our introduction. Now   we have a literature review. So  what is a literature review basically it’s a review of literature obviously basically the purpose of a literature review is for you to go research in research paper format the current state of information on this topic this is why it comes after the introduction because you’ve introduced your topic. Now   what you’re doing is you’re essentially introducing the research that’s currently out there on this topic. So  if you’re solving a problem this is the data that is available on this problem I like to say a literature review is like recounting a second-hand story you’re recounting second-hand knowledge because with a literature review your reader will have a full 360 view of your topic which is a perfect place for you to jump in with your new research to attribute to that area. Now   I also want to talk about problem of the research this is something that commonly comes after a literature review in research paper format but not always but since it’s here let’s go ahead and discuss it problem of the research also known as a problem statement in research paper format is simply what it sounds like this is where you’re including a brief section about the problem that your research is going to address. Now   if we were to read this brief sentence here in research paper format what we would have is according to the findings in the literature academic procrastination behavior is common among undergraduates and insufficient time management skills is thought to be one of the possible reasons of it this is the problem of this research the sub-problems are as follows in research paper format. So  as you can see according to the findings in the literature review this is why the problem statement it fits nice and neatly after a literature review I have one more section that I want to point out to you. So  let’s go ahead and jump over here and i’ve already scrolled down to the discussion section in research paper format because it’s it’s a section you may run into that comes after. So  towards the end of your paper and what it is is after the researcher performs their research they host their discussion you might see a section titled limitations and. So  what are limitations well simply put limitations are things that you did not foresee that hindered your research. So  you had an idea of how your research was going to go and these are roadblocks essentially or something that the reader needs to understand about the results and. So  if I were reading through this the limitations that this researcher is referring to in research paper format is that through their methods and their research the results they were open to criticism that may have produced socially desirable responses or other bias. So  the present findings are therefore preliminary and would be strengthened with future research which is also why they have a subsection here for those future directions what are their suggestions since they ran into these unforeseeable limitations they’re providing suggestions of what could be done in the future to fulfill this research as it was initially intended finally the conclusion will come at the end of this research paper in  right research paper format just as it has in all the others and here we are okay. So  if you’ve noticed i’ve been doing a lot of research topics on my channel lately and. So  if you have any suggestions for future video topics that I haven’t covered yet feel free to leave them down below but that’s going to wrap up this video and of course if you have any questions on what I discussed today you can drop that down below as well as just say hello I love talking with you guys but with no further ado i’m going to start working on my next video i’ll see you guys there.

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