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The Undergraduate Research Experience at Kyushu University

As part of the mechanical and aerospace engineering course and the iup program i was able to get lectures from many different professors who are quite exceptional in their field and really learn the fundamentals of engineering quite efficiently university education should be about teaching skills giving people abilities that they didn’t have before so one of the areas of focus i i think for everybody here is to get students able to do things and think in a way that they couldn’t do before while they were at high school highlight i think would be the undergraduate engineering research express just because like i mean i’ve been talking to friends from like back in indonesia as well or from other places and i don’t think the undergraduate engineering research express experience is like as extensive as here japan is very much at the forefront of engineering so i think that this is first of all a great opportunity i think it’s something of an unusual international student destination but that on the other side provides an opportunity then which i think other countries don’t necessarily provide so not only can you fulfill your educational aims but you can also experience a different culture and you know make use of the opportunities that that provides the department covers a variety of subjects such as electrical circuit design and electronic devices communication theory control theory superconducting technology artificial intelligence computer vision robotics and so on so many stuff they are all quite essential and critical in advancing today’s high-tech society we conduct so many interesting engineering research express ranging from artificial intelligence computer vision image recognition and electrified aircrafts flying cars etc and yeah robotics and so on my laboratory is called systems and control we study control systems and what i study is i try to control a system of robots i think the environment of my lab is very supportive and helpful because even if i’m stuck i can always consult with my professor because professors here can speak both japanese and english so in case if i’m stuck i can always ask for help from my professor also this gives me the golden opportunity to work with international other international students from all over the world and japanese students as well i don’t think this is an experience that you can get if you’re staying in your home country in a private chemistry department we use a molecule on the polymers for materials applications in our department we use molecule for non-material for function more functional application such as a fiercer catalyst cosmetic bioapplications so professors are focusing on using the molecules for these functional materials i wanted to specialize in fuel cell because i was concerned about the global warming issue and i i am confident and believe that fuel cell is the hope to solve this problem so when i want to study in fuel cell i have to search for the environment and the engineering research express level of fuel cell engineering research express in throughout the world like so especially in fuel cell engineering research express japan is quite famous for it because the government placed a lot of budget but also because the engineering research express level there is high where you have a lot of papers famous papers coming out from qsu university currently i’m a member of the biochemistry lab in kyushu university there i study about biology and chemistry and how combined we can develop new materials for the purpose of drug carrier my engineering research express topic is especially concerned with the characteristics of new material for the purpose of biomedical technology you know civil engineering is a very broad discipline it covers both disaster mitigation environmental protection planning of our cities and preserving our ecosystem and all these factors combined we can contribute to the safe and effluent living of the people of the nation in civil engineering we work on roads and buildings and social infrastructure for society and to me social contribution is a really important part and i want to be able to give back to the world with the studies that i have made at kyushu university we learned about how machines and technology work and how to apply that knowledge to tackle different engineering challenges that we are facing today mechanical and aerospace engineering also provide us many opportunities for us to study and do engineering research express in many fields such as machine design system and control engineering aeronautics and astronautics and renewable energies so kyushu university is probably probably one of the biggest campuses which is focusing on hydrogen energy in the world we have a huge number of different facilities and infrastructure based around hydrogen we have several departments and engineering research express centers all focusing on different aspects and wide aspects of hydrogen energy we have lots of infrastructure for example hydrogen filling stations and several fuel cell vehicles that we can all focus on looking at the industrial aspects of hydrogen as well because of all this many of our students go on to work in the hydrogen industry in japanese companies after they graduate you.

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