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How to Choose a Right Scopus Index Journal

What is a scopus index journal?

So today we are going to speak about uh how to  choose a right scopus indexed journals scopus while we   try to publish our written research paper on any  subject like whichever field you belong to or   whichever area you belong to the very important  thing is to make sure that you are publishing   in a bright journals scopus so that your paper gets  that kind of quality and appreciation when   you drop it in your resume so that’s what  we are going to look at uh today I know   it’s going to become like very difficult to choose  right scopus index journals scopus at the right moment   uh usually there are many businesses  coming upon to help in this regard to   push our papers towards scopus journals scopus that way  we are very much we are very much thinking that   somebody could help us to reach uh to publish in  scopus but unfortunately many of the mediators   are only there to help us okay that’s one way  but themselves they don’t know exactly what is   the right scopus index journals scopus for your research  paper that’s when all the trouble comes so here   I’m going to decode some of the best tips for all  of you like to get into some kind of understanding   how to choose right scopus index journals scopus for your  upcoming research paper.

How to choose the right scopus index journal ?

Now here are my guidelines   the first thing is uh anytime we want to publish  our research paper anytime anytime the first thing   is we always depend upon google search engine  like we go and type scopus index journals scopus in   my subject and google will give you some options  and most of these options are ads and most of   these options are consultancies mediators we  don’t get uh all uh all the way straightly the   journals scopus which we want to publish in our paper so  this is the first mistakes the this is the first   mistake that anybody could do like when and they  want to publish in scopus paper so don’t do this   mistake like google is very popular to search  websites but not for publishing journals scopus papers   publishing papers in journals scopus google doesn’t give  straight away journals scopus that kind of technology is   still not evolved in google okay just don’t type  in google search engine like what is the journals scopus   in my research paper because google shows most of  the websites consultancies ads which help us so   the conclusion is we come across mediators  on google search that’s the biggest problem   so when you want to publish your research paper  make sure your research paper um is published in   in a right path and google is not right path to  search for it don’t do that first mistake stop   typing on google search engine about your research  paper publications because you will end up with   consultancies and mediators that’s first top  mistake you should avoid and the second problem   with scopus indexed journals scopus is even though  you enter you take some direction from your   supervisors professors yes such and such journals scopus  is existing here and you go and publish your paper   and unfortunately most of these journals scopus even are  cloned journals scopus like not original journals scopus that’s   one biggest problem again in scopus we are really  in a situation where we came across cloned what   do you mean by cloned which means that the words  original journals scopus is here and the other journals scopus is   here and both of them come together like uh that’s  a clash which one to choose so mostly this journals scopus   is what we come we try to publish our papers than  this original journals scopus so this is what clone means   there are two journals scopus of similar nature same  design same colors same contact details everywhere   so second thing to avoid is to be aware  of your cloned journals scopus that’s very very   important when you want really to make sure  that your paper is going on the right path   and the third mistake to avoid is this is the  biggest biggest mistakes of all mistakes that   choosing a scopus index journals scopus that has  been discontinued that has been discontinued maybe even in 2021 december and now  in january 2022 uh you are trying to   publish in a journals scopus where there is that’s  not still continuing on scopus now how to   find this that’s what I’m going to tell you uh  as you come along with me in this webinar um   okay but try to avoid what I mean is initially  I am trying to tell you some mistakes that you   should not do it when you want to publish  your paper the third thing is be aware of   your discontent of the discontinued status of  journals scopus and that’s very very important here um   having said that the fourth mistake is misleading  journals scopus misleading journals scopus what are misleading   journals scopus misleading journals scopus are nothing but  like the journals scopus that are in a kind they will   mislead you telling that their journals scopus is of  high quality or this day journals scopus is a kind of q1 or q2 q3 high quality journals scopus but and also  index indexing like they may claim that they   have good impact factor h index factors and  all but unfortunately we need to be very clear   then what is uh mentioned on the web page that  that such insert is the impact factor sachin   such as a h index of that journals scopus or website  um so that’s how you need to be very careful   uh so you have to be really uh understanding this  like what which journals scopus uh is what what are their   rankings what is the h index what is impact factor  what what is its whether it is uh q1 q2 q3 or q4   without knowing all this just somebody said some  journals scopus is there and you push your paper hard   work paper and that is where things would again go  wrong so that’s why you need to avoid this fourth   mistake be careful of the misleading web pages  or misleading journals scopus and next is poor quality   journals scopus poor quality journals scopus is the combination  of many things like uh though it is on scopers   uh what I mean by poor quality is these  journals scopus maybe now let us say this february 2022   they are they’re well known scopus but when you  check it on march um um when you check it uh   like um and um thank you for sharing this  video uh mr ranjan kumar I appreciate that   you are sharing this video and now the fifth  this is a mistake that poor quality journals scopus   are what is very much alive what is very much  alive here in uh scopus this journals scopus may not be   in march or this this journals scopus may not be in april  very much active so you should understand what   are high quality journals scopus what are poor quality  journals scopus poor quality journals scopus are those journals scopus   which are uh almost like um which are almost  like they go into a discontinued state in march   or april so how to know that the best way to know  that is check the history of the journals scopus and also   check whether are they taking money or not or  check whether they are they publishing previous   papers relevant to the theme of the journals scopus or not  like like the title of the journals scopus is something   and the paper that they are accepting is some  other papers there it’s not matching like team   is not matching with the research paper titles so  that’s how you need to be very careful about poor   quality journals scopus um okay for rapid publication it  is okay for now and then and then like now and now   but otherwise after one or two months uh it  it it is discontinued okay and that is what be very careful so avoid these five mistakes when  you want to publish in scopus index journals scopus uh   we take care of these things that is don’t search  in google search engine because it gives only uh   ads and mediators consultancies and don’t  uh go with cloned scopus journals scopus that is   the journals scopus which look the same as alike with  the original journals scopus and the third mistake is   be careful with the discontinued journals scopus maybe up  to 2021 status journals scopus and fourth mistake is be   careful with the misleading rankings like h index  and impact factors and the fifth fifth mistake is   poor quality journals scopus which will be discontinued  next month or after two months or three months   they are called poor quality journals scopus so you need  to be very careful with these five wrong steps   before publishing your paper so now now what is  the right way let me go with what is the right way   the right way to publish your scopus indexed  journals scopus okay scopus index journals scopus is this   first please go to scopus database that’s  very very very important there is a website   to understand to which journals scopus are you going to  send that is corpus.

Com this is the website that   you are going to catch the moment you get in  your mind yes I want my paper to to publish in scopus index journals scopus then at that moment you  have to go on scopus database some of them are   asking some questions I’m happy to respond in  the middle uh hope it’s not a disturbance like   a haunted story is asking by my jar  of karna kindly post it in english there are many opportunities in history  but remember always whether you do   jrf or you do net or set all these things are only  the entrance gates okay the thing you should do is   decide which universe do you want to  do phd first that’s very very important   go to the university meet the head of the  department then you talk to him about your   first decide university where you want to do it  then you can that is a starting step first of all   can we get some insights on free scopus  journals scopus please what do you mean by uh   likes free scopus index journals scopus means  like there are two types of scopus journals scopus one is like uh paid scopus and unpaid scopus  journals scopus there are two types okay paid scopers   are that they take money and they publish  they are very good quality unpaid uh um   another way so okay uh before responding  to your questions let us continue to you to   with the webinar uh I will try to respond last 10  minutes surely and we will clarify all your doubts   it’s okay so having said that what is the right  way it is like I’m typing in the chat this is a link okay you need  to go there to and uh you have   to start searching okay and okay once you go to now what where what we have to click   like once you go to scopus.

Com you have to go to  the sources there is one tab like so you are ces   sources and that’s when you need to click  and you will get journals scopus information there   uh now how these cloned journals scopus look like let  me tell you how these cloned journals scopus look like   for example you take one journals scopus  called pencil p-e-n-s-e-e-pency this is a  cloned journals scopus if you observe clearly this   particular journals scopus this is a  cloned journals scopus because when you open the journals scopus   you’ll find all kinds of colors on the website  remember when when you want to know whether   that scopus index journals scopus is good or not  original or not cloned or not fake or not   you will understand easily because of the colors  of the website these fake websites they give lot   of colors original websites will be very black  and white okay and with very very minimum colors   but whereas uh fake and cloned journals scopus of scopus  that they um they give lot of uh coloring on their   websites they try to make you believe that that  this uh from this is in scopus they try to give   their rankings that they try to give their iss  and numbers and all in front of the web page it   doesn’t look one one word not professional looking  so that’s how you will find out it’s our logic   and common sense will make us think whether that  website that scopus journals scopus is original or fake now uh if you want to like I  told one fake journals scopus the original journals scopus is from   pan france that’s called lapency o that is  the original journals scopus in the same way like we have   journals scopus dash this is one  journals scopus if you open this journals   you will get all pinkish color of the website that  itself shows that is a feature now how to avoid   this clone and duplicate journals scopus now that is the  question how to avoid this many other who are who   are making this clone fake scopus journals scopus now how  to avoid and these things I’m telling you three   thumb rules remember that there are three thumb  rules to find out uh the journals scopus quality always   check home page link of journals scopus on scopus.

Com now  if you go on if you go on uh if my connection is breaking I think uh i’ll have  to look into this uh I’m sorry for the signal here   um yeah is my voice what if audible uh miss chetra   can you just tell me whether my voice is  audible right now is it still breaking I think youtube has issues that’s why we have a  zoom as a platform always that’s what I prefer   anyhow hope let me continue but anyhow this  stream will be there available again after this okay how to what are the three thumb  rules that you need to follow first   thing is always check home page link on  off journals scopus on now when you   go on to remember when you go  into when you click on sources   and when you click on issn number you you type  issn number or the given there and click arrow   mark scopus will you which journals scopus is linked to  that issn number you should learn this to do on   scopus because issn number is all about iss number  you should know and with that is a number you know   whether the journals scopus is good or not so you type on  scoper sizes and number and it gives the journals scopus   profile page and there in the bottom you will  have a journals scopus home page link which means the link   from scopus the link is leading to the original  scopus website okay there is a homepage link on   scopus that leads to original website so that way  this is the first thumb rule you have to make sure   um okay thank you if it is audible uh if you  have to make sure this linking from scopus   to the journals scopus this linking home page should be  present that is of that’s a high quality that is   the best way to um that’s the best way to uh check  as a three thumb rules the first rule is check the   journals scopus’s home page whether it is there on scopes  or not that way you will find out whether that   particular journals scopus that you are going to publish  or given by mediators or professors original or   fake that’s one thing okay and the second thumb  rule now check indexed status of journals scopus for   example like 2019 to present now you have to check  the indexed status if you open scopus.

Com take is   a number and check on uh which journals scopus  belongs with these iss and number journals scopus gives   scopus gives the journals scopus profile page and there  and there you will find journals scopus indexed status   remember this is also very important second thumb  rule what does that index status main it should be   2019 to present remember present this is very  important it is not 2017 to 2021 it should not   be like that okay it should not be 2017 to 2021  it should not be like that it should be 2017   to present the present status should be there on when you type in this information okay   remember always always make sure issn number  is the backbone for every journals scopus to search   everywhere on scopus or in on anywhere okay get  iss number not home page link please don’t get the   home page link or website pages links issn number  is everything so with ics number if you type on   scopus it will give you all the information  about the scopus journals scopus and there you will   find out home page links of the journals scopus and also  what is it its indexed status from when to when   if for example the indexed status is from 2017  to 2021 then you that means in 2022 whether is it   is it present or not is a big doubt so you have  to contact scopus scopus support is amazing   but nobody contacts them remember if you if you  write an email to customer service is   excellent more than anything you will get a reply  in three days or sometimes in 24 hours telling the   whether that journals scopus is good or not whether it  is indexed or not whether it is there or not now   but otherwise also if that present p-r-e-s-c-n-t  that word is there then that journals scopus is original   that is the second thumb rule you have to check it  and the third thumb rule is check up to when the   journals scopus is indexed by scopus that’s what exactly  I’m speaking about in second also you have to   check its index and makes make sure whether this  journals scopus is going to be in 2022 also that’s very   important so there are two ways to contact first  one is contact the editor of the journals scopus what is   the journals scopus indexing status for example when  you publish paper will it that paper will will   will that go to scopus database after publication  that’s very important so find out with the editor   and also find out with the scopus customer  support whether your paper will land into the   scopus or not that is one thing you need to get  into these three thumb rules are very important   like check home page link of journals scopus on scopus.

Com  and also check indexed status of journals scopus   okay from 2019 to present and third thumb rule  is whether your paper is going to be indexed by   scopus or not after publication then if you are  okay with all this then uh let me also continue   uh you can continue publication okay you can  continue sending to the editors of the journals scopus   now there are some methods to catch predatory  journals scopus first one is other search second is   title search third one is university search fourth  one is publisher search fifth one is sai mago   search the and the next one is sham web  design means colorful web design so with   all these you can search on uh scopus what my  recommendation is try to spend on scopus more please spend more on scopus that’s very very  important so uh just click everywhere again and   again every day for one month that’s where you  will come that you’ll get that knowledge what   is in how journals scopus are categorized how  journals scopus are given ranking how to look at profile   pages of journals scopus how journals scopus are there on how  long they are they’re existing on scopers what   is the customer support that they give us so it is  a lifelong practice if once you know what is there   in scopus.

Com which journals scopus are there belonging  to your discipline belonging to your subject   remember let me tell you you will wonder how many  journals scopus you you don’t know to publish your paper   you will wonder if you see the database we only  know because of professors in our universities   okay this journals scopus publishes our paper all  mediators online google only these journals scopus are   there who can publish up here but you will wonder  if you search scopus database how many journals scopus   are there so you will wonder so in your discipline  so that’s when you need to search scopus database   that is I highly recommend that when you  want to publish scopus journals scopus and next   still remember choosing your scopus journals scopus that  is relevant to your research topic is very very   important now there are remember there are four  types of scopus index journals scopus there are four   types scopus itself categorized according to  the rankings maybe h index or impact factors   they are q1 okay q1 q2 q3 q4 these are the  journals scopus scopus categorized you can even filter   on now what are q1 journals scopus  q and journals scopus are of high quality like   if you send paper to them they may take around  up to two years to publish your paper remember   q1 journals scopus may take from 9 months anywhere to  two years to publish paper that is the power   of q1 scopus journals scopus it takes longer time but  at the same time they will never get deleted   on scopus and also they they are evergreen  of high quality okay your resume becomes   your curriculum with higher becomes powerful  and the queue to scopus journals scopus these are   like seven to eight months period also these are  of good quality and q3 your paper gets published   around in six months to eight months time and  q force corpus journals scopus around four months to   six months you will get initial review so these  are the four types of uh journals scopus that scopus um categorized uh journals scopus  now having said that like um how to write a sample email to editor now you  you have your paper now just I have told you   all the things how to search your journals scopus in your  subject now you got one journals scopus from scopus and   you want to publish your paper don’t go to any  mediators or professors just send email to the   editor okay there is always contact contact of  a editor on every journals scopus now for suppose you   selected one journals scopus from scopus database after  verifying all the fact is what I’ve been saying   for the last half an hour and now you can send one  sample image here like now this I have written for   you dear editor okay journals scopus name you mentioned  issn number homepage link remember to do this for because tomorrow when you want to search  come back and search again then you don’t need   to get confused which journals scopus this email has  been sent or what was the iss number what was   the home page link for example if you would have  if you would get positive response from editor   you don’t need to go back and search which  journals scopus was that exactly that you had sent email   and you got prostitute response so always make  sure whenever you send email to the editor you   purposefully write the editor his name and journals scopus  names is number home visiting then you start the   body I am write your name from india or any other  country I have written a good quality research   paper under the discipline of dash the title of my  paper is an inverted commas dash if you feel that   my paper is fits your journals scopus that’s very very  very very very important remember don’t waste   your time sending your paper to the journals scopus which  doesn’t accept your theme that’s very important   many scholars are wasting time six months to  eight months sitting there and at the end the   paper gets rejected that’s why use  this sentence in your email if you feel   that my paper fits the theme of your journals scopus  I would like to submit my paper can I submit   this paper to your journals scopus thanking you  and you can just mention your orc id or   email mobile number whatsapp or where are you from  writing and all okay so there’s a sample email   okay having said that now we will uh  also learn what are the some things like editors usually reject papers so I have written  some five things here that is first thing is just   I am speaking in my email which I gave you  sample image unsuitability of paper now what   is this unsuitability of paper every journals scopus has  its own theme even though it is from your subject   even though from it is from your branch there are  sub themes for every journals scopus they may not publish   the title the theme of your research paper if it  doesn’t matches their theme though it is from your   branch or from your subject so that’s why be  careful with this that’s where always contact   editor without contacting editor without telling  him the title of people never send paper or never   register your paper with them on any portal  because once you’ve done this you can’t take   it back again so that is why be careful that your  paper doesn’t get rejected means the first step is   think whether your paper is suitable to the  journals scopus or not before sending that’s the first   thing now I will read now one real time email  that a scholar got it dear colleague see I’m just   reading it dear colleague many thanks for your  inquiry I am afraid that the subject of your   proposed article doesn’t sound suitable for our  journals scopus I wish you all the best in placing it   elsewhere best which wishes richard happy he bit  now this is one real time really given email that   you will encounter when if you don’t send paper  to the right journals scopus and for example another email   also I will read this is also recently one scholar  received thank you for your interest in our   general journals scopus unfortunately your paper does not  fill the topic requirement of hippogriffer rivista that refers only to hispanic literature and  culture of the golden age period 16th and   17th centuries your sincerely marilla in suwa  so this particular journals scopus is only accepting   hispanic literature and culture of the golden age  okay that may be belonging to history because you   have history paper you cannot send a director to  them because their their team is very very narrow   narrowed that’s when you’ll get rejection okay now  okay if your paper fits to the journals scopus what is the   second thing you have to see unacceptable language  remember there are thousands of journals scopus all   journals scopus may not publish in english some journals scopus  may publish some themes in english some themes in   other languages so you have to be careful what  type of language that they are accepting okay   now let me again remember read email of rejection  we we do not publish articles written in any other   language but russian as for the subject of your  paper we have more than once addressed the work of   uh on our pages and another journals scopus we of this  cannot be accepted okay it’s a it’s a big email   so these people are very clear about that they  are only publishing about that particular team   in in russian only and not in english so  you to be careful but this may not happen   it is a rare occasion okay and third issue that  your paper may get rejected is scientific paper   versus critical paper remember whether  your paper is scientific or critical   now critical there is a difference between  an essay a review paper a critical paper or   a scientific paper and all so you should be very  well aware what type of papers this journals scopus is   accepting now otherwise you will get a rejection  like this we have considered your article proposed   to our journals scopus we are sorry but your article  doesn’t meet the requirements for a scientific   article and cannot be published in the journals scopus  so your pep this is what another real-time email   and the fourth where when your paper gets  rejected is flooded of papers for example   when your papers if you send the late  at the last deadline now for example   this is february the deadline is february  27th journals scopus is accepting papers journals scopusism   means they’re inviting papers let’s think  if you send the last date what does it mean   by the time journals scopus receives flood of papers and  you know these for each volume they only require   maybe 30 other positions 30 feelings now what  they do even though they have the deadline   they sometimes they may not bother  for the last one week of the deadline   to consider papers anymore and they will shift  it to other volumes so that way your paper gets   even more delayed you won’t get responses  this happened many times with scholars   why their papers are not getting reviewed uh fast  okay so here we are sorry one more example I am   just reading out we are sorry to inform you that  we have been suggested not to publish your paper   we are waiting for the second opinion but  however there will be a lot of work to be done   if the second reviewer suggests the paper can be  published we believe it will not be before the   end of the year because our next two issues are  already completed so this is how things would be   going on okay so having said that the fifth place  where your paper gets rejected is uh formatting   formatting and all the guidelines remember if  you are formatting if you have wrong formatting   and that’s when you will be in difficult position  because every journals scopus has different formattings   every journals scopus has different other guidelines  it may be professional you whatever you are   doing format is the amount of space the amount of  putting your block quotations normal quotations   the way you are using the references bibliography  and the space the everything the formatting   differs from each journals scopus because that is in  editor’s hand so be careful don’t send the paper   that is very much accepted in another journals scopus the  format to another journals scopus all of a sudden always   read the formatting and other guidelines and your  paper may not gets may not get rejected okay so it   may take so much time to format around three hours  two hours sometimes for example for non-technical   people because you have to be careful to reach  each and every point how the format should be   whether it should be apa or mla or what type  of format also you should be very careful   and finally I would like to tell about some  helpful sites some mediators are there but I   don’t suggest but as a part of the webinar i’ll  give you i’ll give you some helpful websites   like um ada conference arda one  more you can take help from them   in ifv rp dot in they are helping for  pay-per-publications and uh igrdvo   syrup.

Org s-a-r-a-p-s-a-i-r-a-p and there are  many many whatsapp groups going on who are helping   out but remember whether whether when you deal  with mediators please don’t send your papers to   them beforehand and their acceptance letters  are not valid and never pay money beforehand   okay you have to be very careful with  the mediators because they mostly suggest   uh wrong journals scopus okay so this is uh like  a quick uh overview of um how to go about   with your scopus publications and having done  that now I’d like to clear some doubts here so here are some doubts can you speak about  the difference between abdc journals scopus and   scopus journals scopus see there are different kinds  of platforms different kinds of platforms it’s   not like uh uh every platform has its own  unique quality now for instead of like uh   knowing the difference like we can’t tell that  one is of high quality one is of low quality   everything has its own quality with two things  that is h index impact factor whether it is any   platform whether it is any platform there are many  platforms like uh willie platform and we have uh   other ieee uh platforms and also ugc approved  journals scopus and we have many many platforms like   uh even we don’t know how many are there scopus is  one thing that is uh that is of uh people know it   of quality and web of science is one thing  uh people know of its quality.

Irrespective   of quality first you should understand what  type of journals scopus are good for your resume or   your university is accepting that’s first thing  very important okay and whether that university   what you are applying for or to make your resume  powerful what is that quality means h index   any journals scopus h index is very important impact  factor is very important if if it is there   then that is normally a high quality journals scopus garfall university very good okay you  can visit garwal university and speak   with head of department that you want to  do phd in history and he will guide you   how the process is going to be there any other doubts you can just to push  it here I will quickly respond it okay then um thank you for all for attending this  quick question short webinar um publishing your   paper means the first thing is please bring  quality to your paper and the second thing is   after bringing quality we are all educated  people you can you can directly send paper to   editors second thing third thing if you are in  a situation where paper should be very much in   urgent need paper is very much that you require in  one month then that is the time you can approach   low quality journals scopus depending upon the needs  of the university as a quick thing that’s okay   no other way for that so their mediators  are another assistance plays great role   so but most of the time if you have enough time  like four months three months then kindly contact   directly the editors and then that’s when you’ll  be you’ll be bringing quality to your papers okay   thank you all I’m ending the stream  and if any doubts you can chat and i’ll   reply you can comment uh in this video probably  i’ll post this video right now thank you.

Resources while looking for a good scopus indexed journal:

Global research papers can be a valuable resource when choosing a journal for publication. Finding reliable journals: You can find the most reliable and respected journals in your subject by reading international research articles. You may determine which journals are probably the most prominent and influential by looking at their amount of publications, citations, and impact factors. When choosing a publication to publish your own research, this can help you focus your search.

Examine journal coverage: You may also get a sense of the coverage of various Scopus-indexed journals by looking at international research papers. You can determine whether your research topic and methodology would be a good fit by reviewing papers that have been published in these journals. This can assist you in choosing a journal that is not only trustworthy but also pertinent to your research and likely to draw an interested readership.

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