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Indexing and Abstracting Sources in the Library and Information Science

You welcome to APD parts Allah I am dr. Lakshmi return profesSo  index of journals r and you December test fellow of Department of Library and Information science under-invest a basic part in the presentation today is on indexing and abstracting So  index of journals urces that is unit 10 in your course five of information So  index of journals urces services and systems indexing and abstracting So  index of journals urces these are alSo  index of journals  location tools you may be wondering already bibliographical So  index of journals urces are location tools then where is the need for having another type of location tools your dotage engine bibliographical So  index of journals urces are for macro document that is what books whereas there are a number of articles coming in each and every index of journals So  index of journals  how to find in which index of journals a particular article and a particular concept is coming So  index of journals  indexing So  index of journals  indexing and abstracting So  index of journals urces are mainly concerned with the micro thought are the articles published in a index of journals.

Rangoon organized I called them as nascent part in index of journals alSo  index of journals  because they are providing the current information when discussing about indexing and extracting periodicals we need little more clarification because indexing and abstracting is discussed in three contexts first one is indexing and abstracting in index of journals as a So  index of journals urce of information that provides secondary information after gathering information from the primary So  index of journals urces second thing is as a service that is preparation of indexing and abstracting periodicals as a service within the library are procuring those services from outside the library and third context is well preparing cat lockers will provide index terms or subject headings index of journals following the standard these errors are labor of Congress subject headings are CS list of subject headings like that So  index of journals  this is alSo  index of journals  called as index terms are indexing subject indexing So  index of journals  in three context in So  index of journals urces as services and as subject indexing index of journals in three contexts we are using however in this unit the emphasis is only on indexing and abstracting So  index of journals urces that are already published and how they are used what are the different types of indexing abstract reSo  index of journals urces available and how to make use of them who are the major publishers in this and what are the best examples of indexing and abstracting So  index of journals urces in different subjects all these things we are going to discuss in this particular unit the first part of this module deals with the indexing So  index of journals urces and the latter part with the abstracting So  index of journals urces So  index of journals  first let us see indexing So  index of journals urces index of journals the word index is derived from the Latin word indicator and it is a location tool the American National Standards Institute has defined a index as a systematic guide to items contained in our concepts derived from a collection these items are derived concepts are represented by increase arranged in a known or stated searchable order just like our catalog and Dre’s are bibliographical entries index of journals So  index of journals  it is a method of document representation otherwise called as aggregate of information that tells a user quickly where an information item is to be found and where it is filed it facilitates the identification or selection of relevant desired documents containing the required information when these indexes have been originated bibliographies have a long history whereas index and abstracts are not having that long history indexing owes its origin to the traditional book index at the end of the book you’ll find the index given by the author and that gives the concepts arranged in alphabetical order and against each concept the Arthur will provide the page number where that information is available So  index of journals  that index is an indexing tool or location tool to find out in which page a particular concept is available similarly the same principle is followed in the preparation of indexes actually the biblical indexes are subject indexes were started with the same principle using the subject headings are cleavers during the second part of 20th century there was unprecedented growth of periodicals therefore bibliographical control tool became a necessity not only for books but even for the periodical articles with this intention polls indexed to periodical literature and index Medicus were published in the 19th century later index Medicus became online and is available as meddlers MEDLINE however index Medicus sees its printed version from 2004 and not available as PubMed database now indexing periodicals in print or electronic databases are available in almost all subjects So  index of journals  what I’m going to say is indexing periodicals started in printed form but most of them are available in as databases in electronic form and So  index of journals me abstracting indexing periodicals I was seized at their publication in print form and available only in electronic form So  index of journals  well considering and discussing about the indexing and abstracting periodicals you have to think both about the print version as well as the electronic formats alSo  index of journals  you have to give equal importance to both know the structure of index basically the indexing hat is having two parts searching part that is with which you’ll search usually will search a document with author title or a keyword or a subject heading that represents the original document that we’ll use as a tool first search next one is citation that is the description of the document where this information is available this gives a brief information of the document that facilitates identification of the original document along with the author title we are providing the name of the index of journals volume number issue number page number all these details So  index of journals  these details are called as citation details the searching part will have only 1 entry element hey there a keyword or a subject concept our author or the institution name only one entry element will be there but citation includes the author title and the volume number issue number all other details what are the uses of index why we need index the primary use of index already we have seen it is a location tool it gives an overview of the subject what are the publication’s available on a particular subject for a particular month or for a particular week or for a particular year it provides access to information and it reSo  index of journals lves language problem that is the main thing that is there may be Russian index of journalss there may be German index of journalss there may be print index of journalss but the indexes and abstracts will be prepared only in English language So  index of journals  that is how that providing access to any index of journals that is published in any language if we really want that particular issue we can get it translated and we can procure it there is the advantage it reSo  index of journals lves the problem of information explosion for example in Medical Sciences 6,000 more than 6,000 index of journalss are being published no medical professional can go through them even the entire list alSo  index of journals  he can go through he cannot go through there is a difficulty So  index of journals  the indexes are providing they are getting all those periodicals compiling the indexes and specific subject areas So  index of journals  that providing the list on specific subject area may be on that coagulation are maybe on that cancer So  index of journals  this is all on a specific subject that listing So  index of journals  a professional medical professional can just go through that particular area and you can go to the actual original articles it explores the content beyond library subscription that is not only the document that are available in library those we are not getting not subscribing to alSo  index of journals  we can have access it enhances retrospective coverage alSo  index of journals  not only current coverage even retrospective because accumulator indexes are available for the past years which we can refer to the basic functions of indexing periodicals indexing periodicals perform the following activities it facilitates subject author and title approach to seek information provides information on contemporary or current issues facilitate search search through specific subject headings and reveals trend in the growth of a subject this already we have seen under their purpose however the primary function of indexing periodical is compilation of title of articles under standard index terms index terms are these surrogates are that represents the subject under which the particular article will go providing wibbly graphical details are the citation which we mentioned a citation for identification of the item and arranging them in alphabetical order for easy retrieval these are the primary functions of a indexing periodical generally indexes and abstracts are divided into three types that is general subject and citation general indexes are like that compels all subjects compels alSo  index of journals  this for example New York Times in newspaper in  index of journals index of New York New York Times index So  index of journals  that is called a gender that combines on next subject for example only in Library and Information science are only in medical sciences index Medicus celebrant informations and SAP starts there confined only to one particular subject these two are very common everyone is familiar with these two third one is Citation Index this is a little bit different for example every author in a index of journals article or maybe in a research report or maybe a thesis or maybe in a book wherever it may be every author will fight I will refer certain documents and these documents will be cited at the end of the topical are at the footnote So  index of journals  these are called a cited references the importance of this cited differences is these are alSo  index of journals  related to the subject they are dealing with them So  index of journals  if an index is prepared for all these cited references it is called as Citation Index So  index of journals  in the coming slides you are going to have a presentation in detail about these three general yet and citation indexes with suitable examples general as a name indicates it includes all types of subject fields that say we are calling it as general So  index of journals  general index that lists periodical publications examples are all newspaper in  index of journalss it may include that is no no New York Times index or it may be leaders guide to periodical literature general indexes to table of contents these are the other type of indexes that list title content pages of different index of journalss in offering So  index of journals  these are the general periodicals subject indexing So  index of journals urces these are much of interest to library professionals because we are concerned with academic and scientific information we are mainly concerned with subject indexing So  index of journals urces subject indexes covering not only several periodicals but alSo  index of journals  material found in other books pamphlets government documents and reports the purpose is to index material in a narrow subject of field So  index of journals me examples are conference paper in  index of journalss index it’s a monthly published by Cambridge scientific abstracts popular as CSA and Indian science index it is an annual publication by Indian documentation services New Delhi and index to scientific and technical proceedings it is a mental publication from is a philadelphia specific subject indexes current paper in  index of journalss in physics it indexes 65,000 purpose annually from over 900 physics periodicals of the world index.

Medicus it is a monthly periodical heat indexes about 5050 one periodicals by author and subject giving a citation under each entry it is cumulated annually the third type of indexes our citation indexes each article will give certain citations are referred documents these are called as cited references So  index of journals  these cited references are alSo  index of journals  relevant to the original article given with that is well cited by the author So  index of journals  these cited references are alSo  index of journals  important for the user along with the original article So  index of journals  that is the importance of this cited indexes the Citation Index is based on two factors yet document given citations of the previously published document indicates subject relationship between the current document and the whole document that is the cited document the documents which side the same publication have same subject relationship within each other the best example of citation indexes are science Citation Index quarterly published by Institute of scientific information now it has changed its name anyway then another one is Indian Citation Index Indian Citation Index is developed by knowledge foundation is a registered So  index of journals ciety with the required support of diba enterprises Private Limited So  index of journals  with this we have completed the indexing So  index of journals urces now let us see the abstracting So  index of journals urces the difference between index and abstract is abstract and So  index of journals urce provides a small summary about the content whereas indexing So  index of journals urce will have only two parts I have told you that is one is the search part that is entry element in the second a citation but in abstract we are having three parts the third part is the abstract the abstracting So  index of journals urces are important links in the chain of communication between the originator of information and the user it represents our surrogates the original information as brief summary similar to annotated bibliography that are prepared for a macro thought that is for books for index of journals articles that is micro thought abstracts are prepared in simple words an abstract is a summary of document along with adequate the bibliographical details So  index of journals  that one can trace the document and they can select whether it is useful for the requirement or not from the abstract So  index of journals  far we have discussed about indexes in the next part of it is to discuss about the abstracts before going to the abstracts I would like to make a little clarification about the difference between indexes and abstracts both indexes and abstracts have a similar function but efforts is having an extended alSo  index of journals  both will provide the index term that is the subject concept that is identifier then about the location that is with the graphical details of that particular index of journals then there the index senders and the major difference between index and abstract says the abstract contains a condensed information this is alSo  index of journals  called a surrogate that is the an expert reads the entire article and what are the significant features are the significant contribution in the tactical may be the findings or may be the methodology adopted So  index of journals  whatever significant in that particular article will be given in the abstract So  index of journals  this helps the user to go through the traps tract and select whether that particular information is suitable for him or not suitable for him So  index of journals  he need not go through the entire article but before going to the entire article original article he can go through the abstract and select whether that part where original is really useful for him or not So  index of journals  this saves the time of the user at the same time it alSo  index of journals  helps him to know the new findings alSo  index of journals  So  index of journals  this is the new knowledge developed he need not go through the entire literature but at the same time is abreast of the latest developments So  index of journals  if he really in need of that particular article in detail then he will go to the original article and another thing is if the original article is in foreign language alSo  index of journals  he can go through it So  index of journals  this is the importance of abstract over the indexes and both the indexes and abstracts have their own importance in detail we are going to discuss in the coming few slides So  index of journals  just now I told you about the structure of abstract it is having three parts that is the searching mechanism keyword citation part that is brief information about the document and then abstract that is a brief summary of the original article index versus abstract an index is only a key to find out where a specific data or information is located in various types of documents with focus on periodicals whereas an abstract and So  index of journals urce are an extension of indexes they perform the same function in locating and recording the contents of a periodical but various types of documents they differ from indexes in that by definition they include a summary of the material index it and the abstract covers the main points of a piece of writing that follows the same language and terminology as used in the original by the author indeed it is a brief representation of the original that So  index of journals  it adds value that tells the user to determine whether this particular article is useful for him or not whether it be suits to his requirements or not if it is required then he can go for it original document otherwise he can leave it there itself So  index of journals  it says his time alSo  index of journals  uses of abstracting So  index of journals urces at certain So  index of journals urces served the users hue that may not read or may not have any easy access to original document with an outline for reading he tells the reader to decide whether to read the entire article or not it overcomes the language barrier as already explained in the indexes and alSo  index of journals  prevent duplication it gives up-to-date information and useful for current and date respect to literature it helps in the control of information explosion as in the case of indexes So  index of journals  many publications are there So  index of journals  what to read and what what to be utilized to which document actually original documents to be referred that can be decided within types of abstracts there are various types of fact stats for example title only abstract which is just an extension of the title annotated abstract which is an amplifier amplification of the title these are not of much use indicator abstract or descriptive abstract it generally gives the abstracts includes procedures findings and information about the illustrations tables etc but it is not a substitute for reading the original document informaiton or comprehensive abstracts these are the abstract actually with which we are concerned with it provides details of the significant contributions to the knowledge contained in a document like problem methodology major findings and conclusions slanted abstract in national description reported in a document is oriented to a specific discipline then we’ll call it as a slanted abstract auto abstract it is produced by a computer analysis of the frequently depending upon the frequency of use of significant words telegraphic abstract it is just like a telegraphic message it is a coded symbol coil using the role indicators and punctuation symbols the abstract will be prepared graphic abstracts in the field of chemistry where a precise language of communication is available a new type of abstract has been introduced by the current abstracts of chemistry and index chemical that make full use of this language this has been named as graphic abstract that is formulas will be connected that gives the graphic presentation of the language So  index of journals  out of all these types of abstracts indicator and infirmity abstracts have So  index of journals me contribution to the Library and Information science field as librarians we prefer to have inferred meta magnets and too much to So  index of journals me extent indicate to abstract technically two types of extracting methods are more popular that is indicated infant made to the indicator abstract indicates the type of article and the author’s approach and treatment but does not usually include specific data that is the original data is not available the information at stratum raises enough of the data findings to relieve the reader of the necessity of always reading the article index of journals article in either case does the abstract make any critical assessment So  index of journals  these are not the critical abstracts and So  index of journals  far we have seen different types of abstracts out of all these actors information abstracts is more important for librarians because we have to prepare them other access we need not prepare they are already available but information at rest we have to prepare within the library for example long range a different service will call it as are selected distillation of information will collect as our documentation services will call it as all these services are information analysis and conSo  index of journals lidation type So  index of journals  in this information analysis and conSo  index of journals lidation that we have to prepare an inferred to abstract in the infirmity abstract besides providing the index room that is the identifier and the location marks we have to prepare a condensed information usually this is to be prepared by the expert subject expert where the librarians alSo  index of journals  can do if the librarian is having the expertise in that particular subject if he’s familiar with the subject if he is alSo  index of journals  a post realization in that particular subject then he has tried to do that without that expertise are within the subject knowledge without that subject knowledge a perSo  index of journals n cannot do that abstracting work So  index of journals  an infirmity abstract we have to provide all the details of the significant development significant presentation main author are the salient features of the particular article that is to which audience it is So  index of journals rtable in which context that particular research has been done or in which context the author is presenting that information that is the context and the art audience there is a first aspect then only whether it is suitable to the author or not can be decided then you have to present about the methodology adopted that is the problem selected and the methodology adopted within that methodology is the old one or any new methods have been adapted if it is a new method then it is a new trend you have to give emphasis on that new trend then you have to provide information about the results what are the findings every research will have So  index of journals me findings but what is the salient feature that is what is the new contribution of this particular research that you have to highlight So  index of journals  while preparing infirmity abSo  index of journals lute So  index of journals  all these things have to be taken care of So  index of journals  the further presentation gives more details about this the major components of an infirmity and stats are the objectives of the research or the report the methodology used in the research and the findings of the report to include in the results conclusions and recommendations reporting has to be imperSo  index of journals nal and use of passive voice is recommended and a sample are descriptive abstract is provided here which you can look into So  index of journals me best example of five-second articles are biological abstracts chemical abstracts librarian informations and subsets these are there are in almost all subjects each and every subject is having an abstracting periodical as librarians you should be familiar with all these abstracting So  index of journals urces evaluation of indexing and extracting So  index of journals urces evaluation is necessary to measure the worthiness of the document So  index of journals  here traditionally we are following Authority scope duplication and gaps etc but as far as indexing and abstracting periodicals are concerned certain criteria are essential in addition to the general criteria like Authority scope format description all these things So  index of journals  duplication and gaps depth of indexing currency subject headings are the keywords which we are providing our index terms will use it and the description of the abstract these are more important according to Lewis chose period covered that is date frequency accumulations materials indexed that is number in terms of volumes periodicals are articles style of popular popularity or scholarly presentation country etcetera then form that includes the complete or selective indexing arrangement and entry fullness and annotation special features any special features like distinct features special characteristics of an index are abstract for example in Kim chemical formulas they may describe a particular thing but that those special features are included or not now the indexing and extracting So  index of journals urces are available in electronic form as databases we have seen and what are the criteria we have to follow for the evaluation of this electronic databases accuracy and authoritative noSo  index of journals v information content that is more important in the electronic form because So  index of journals me electronic information may not have the authenticity or authoritative Ness So  index of journals  we have to check for it the regular updating of information and its reliability check for the ownership of the mine that is whether it is Ark or whether it is a private So  index of journals ciety what’s the domain then error free information and other useful links to their web pages So  index of journals  far in this unit we have discussed about the indexes and abstracts we have seen how important they are in dissemination of micro thought we have alSo  index of journals  seen that there are different types of indexes and abstracting survey So  index of journals urces available we have seen So  index of journals me examples alSo  index of journals  that a general special and citation indexes and each one has its own importance that alSo  index of journals  we have discussed in detail and the importance of subject indexes and how to prepare an infirmity abstract and all these things alSo  index of journals  we are discussed these indexes and abstracts are prepared by second reSo  index of journals urce publishers that you have discussed in detail So  index of journals  librarians how to procure these secondary So  index of journals urces these are prepared based on the primary So  index of journals urces of information So  index of journals  these secondary So  index of journals urces have to be procured because they are replacing the primary So  index of journals urce for example as I already told in each subject did maybe thousands of periodicals all periodicals we cannot access or we cannot procure So  index of journals  through these secondary tools we are providing information to the user these are the publication’s in your subject this is the knowledge developed in your subject these are the current trends in your subject this is the current research in your subject that we are making abreast of them So  index of journals  these are the current awareness tools at the same time secondary tools and Pathfinder tools and location tools everything covered through these secondary So  index of journals urces So  index of journals  these are more important than any type of primary than any type of secondary tools these tools are considered as more important among the secondary So  index of journals urces that is why there are a good number of secondary So  index of journals urce publishers and even in electronic environment alSo  index of journals  we are getting them as databases So  index of journals  now through ikan Saoirse access is being provided to the secondary databases or secondary information So  index of journals urces through conSo  index of journals rtium and almost all conSo  index of journals rtia are providing access to science direct ebsco and emerald publishers and all these publishers So  index of journals  for the details you can have from the e-text alSo  index of journals  and the difference books alSo  index of journals  related difference books are alSo  index of journals  given in your e-text and those alSo  index of journals  you can refer to to get more information on this thank you very much.

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