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How to Write a New Year’s Resolution

All right you all this is a very exciting time for me because I am swapping out my beloved books journal right every time at the beginning of the year I order a new one and it’s here right here so I thought I’d do a little fun unboxing video those are big on YouTube I love seeing them and then dive into it show you how I do it I’ll probably go to a coffee shop and get out of this apartment but I want to show you real quick this is where the magic happens let me do this there we go all right here excited ordered it from Miller pads and paper on Amazon look at that there’s nothing in there blank pages oh that’s oh it’s beautiful this is the one I use I’ll go into it everything you need to know about books journal in this video by the way this thing I in case you’re wondering right there it’s ten bucks it’s a sketchbook and it is 110 sheets Amazon just Google like handsome sketchbook, books journal this one is the 11 by 8 and a half inch if you want to get the exact same one all right guys let’s dive into it and if you call in the next 15 minutes I’ll double you order for books journal and throw in a free edition of springboard launching your personal search for success what dudes Clark this is the how-to books journal entry or infomercial so let me show you real quick how we books journal but first I want to do three things I’m going to start with the why the what then the how one two three I want to show you those first two the why and the what why books journal why does this matter to you watching this video right now if I’m going to go into ten minutes why should you watch the whole 10 minutes hands down books journal is the number one thing I’ve done the number one tool for expanding my human consciousness for developing as a human being more so than seminars more so the nutrition more so than exercise more so than books than speaking than talking it’s books journal okay why do we books journal it’s because it’s the one thing put simply that if my house was burning down I would run into and first thing I would do is grab my current books journal right and then I’d probably go back in try and grab the other two and then I’d probably grab my cat because you know he’s kind of high up there so books journal I want to go into kind of what it is and and really what it’s not but I mean I can’t convince you enough how many insights I’ve had in my own personal life through books journal  from just putting a pen to paper there’s something magical that happens when you take these guys in different colors and you dive into it you know we’re so used to this kind of a dee dee Society some of you can’t even watch this whole video without skipping through it there’s something that happens when we are inundated with information but starving for knowledge and wisdom we get text messages throughout the day we’re checking our Twitter feeds we’re liking photos on Instagram wondering how many people liked our photos it’s where we get our self-worth we’re skipping 250 videos on YouTube before sitting through each one our attention spans are going everywhere advertisers are trying to get into your head they make millions of dollars doing it when are you going to stop and really take time to reflect on yourself by books journal and what you’ve done this year mention it in another video you know let’s just call it out of the hundred percent of people that set New Year’s resolution for journal books 92 fail by February right most of people aren’t going to the gym in February most of people have set goals fall don’t follow through why is that I believe it’s because the distractions come and we don’t really concentrate on one thing long-winded answer books journal is how you concentrate on that one thing books journal is where you are today and expanding yourself based on their successes so that’s kind of the why I can’t emphasize this enough books journal is something you choose to do or you don’t and if you don’t choose to do it it’s not for you that’s fine what is books journal is the big question okay so if I sold you on the Y let’s get into the what and then I’ll show how what is books journal well I think one of the best ways to go about this is to kind of shatter some Mis beliefs about germs some misconceptions rather you know it’s almost stigmatized or how the dirty word a dirty connotation when you think a books journal what it is not we think of a diary right or something where we write in journal book a 13 year old girl right you know I saw this boy I kissed this dude and we hide it under our bed hoping our older brother doesn’t find it tuck it in our mattress right or we write in journal book down our it’s like a mini blog really who gives a but books journal isn’t that at all in fact it’s really the opposite there’s two kinds of books journals that I in my years of doing this have come to realize exist and what are they well the first one is more of a log this is a stream of consciousness this is a daily entry style books journal this is something that I’ve never done I like the second time I’ll get to but this is very useful if you do daily entries or you just free write in journal book and you date them and you can look back it’s a narrative people do it when they’re traveling give my brother one of these you know many books journals he went to Europe and did it every day and now he’s writing it up and loved it but the second kind is what I’m big on so the first kind of log in books journal the second kind is what I’m about to show you here in this video it’s the best book you’ve ever read that’s it that’s the second kind I don’t know how an elegant way to put it besides the best book, books journal you’ve ever read and the thing is you’re writing it you’re reading it and it’s for you now every single great person here of in history they books journal Leonardo da Vinci sold his or he didn’t personally smell but Bill Gates bought eight pages of Leonardo da Vinci’s books journal for I think it was in the hundreds of millions of dollars you can look it up he scanned them in there online now for the general public but these things are so valuable that everyone before us knew about them and we just forgot about it they were creating the best book they ever read all their insights for one place logged down I’m going to show you how to do that but basically the best book, books journal you’ve ever read starts with gathering your information that matters to you – Jake – Sally – Mary – Brian – dust and whoever the heck is watching this video it’s your book I personally take books which I’ll show you and I go through and I highlight them and I annotate them then I distill it into I don’t know 200 or so pages and over the years I’ve gathered that I can instead of reading the entire book again I can go through and pick out stuff from way the superior man and realize you know number 23 is really stood out to me because there’s no one out there who knows you better than you who knows what you like better than you in books journal it’s like trying to get your friend to cook you your favorite meal you can tell what your favorite meal is you can tell them how you like to prepare it but ultimately you know your style books journal you know exactly what you want and that’s where you get it so I think I’ve kind of dived into the wine the what I really am excited to show you guys the how this is something a lot of you have been asking for in every single video and it’s something I kind of put off put off put off and and I’ll get to it so I’m finally get into it and I’m going to show you right now diving in to how we books journals hopefully you’re on board hopefully you’re still with me and let’s get into the nitty gritties of how you can Rock 2015 and beyond make it your best year ever and develop as a human being okay here we go oh here you see my three my three friends this I mentioned in the intro is my favorite books journal of all time it’s the pen talaq sketchbook now let me open it up real quick before I get into kind of dividing it into sections you can see it’s all blank that is money right there why is it blank well.

I believe I believe that the lines kind of stifle creativity and that you should be able to write in journal book wherever the heck you want if you want to write in journal book sideways do it if you want to right diagonal do it if you want in circles do it if you want to sketch something – it doesn’t matter there’s no lines there anyway back to it this guy is the pentelic little one and this is the first books journal I ever had and filled it up in 2012-13 I’m not too sure what it is but you know you can see it’s really full with with things like art it wasn’t organized at all and just you know creations and and all these different things I was going through I would recommend going bigger than this I’m going to show you how I actually books journal so what I have here is the old books journal from 2014 and my new books journal from 2015 okay and so the first thing I do when I get a new books journal is I started on the new year and this will be carried with me all year wherever I go clearly it’s it’s in better condition than and this one has been so I like to choose five or six sections that really resonate with me now they’re pretty consistent with this I was not organized I was scatterbrained anything goes but I found when I really redid this that dividing it up into sections helped a ton because there I would have all my stuff in one section for instance this where is it not really adding to it okay here we go that’s a book note gratitude right here this is the gratitude section for the next ten or so pages it’s all going to be about what I’m grateful for what I do for this one this is my new one okay now I’ve blocked out my number for books journal because some of you in previous videos found my number and actually gave me a phone call which is fine I don’t really care but it’s just some no offence I don’t want everyone do and watching this video a little creepy guys okay so first thing you do is put your name address in case this is lost remember this is your book if your building is burning down this is the first thing you are going to grab so you have your books journal name you’re ready to divide it into sections these guys pilot g2 pens get a four pack it comes with green where the hell is my green.

I lost it only way you can get green send me some green pens these are the best pens I’ve ever found love them people always look at me when I’m books journal in a coffee shop and they say you’re so OCD why do you write in journal book in pens why do you highlight every book why do you take notes it’s because life life is in color and your books journal should be to write in journal book okay but getting weird here first section is book notes remember these are just my five or six sections you can do whatever the hell you want it’s your books journal you don’t have to copy me but this is a good place to start if you is this is your first time books journal so what I’m gonna do in this section is any book I find I’m gonna go through and when I read it I highlight the things I want to reread books journal I’ll show you for instance I just read my first book of the year that I’m going to put in here is the power of habit why we do what we do in life in business great great book bought it in an airport this past the first of the year and I finished it about a week ago so you can see I read the whole thing you don’t have to read the whole thing of a book if it sucks don’t feel the need to finish something books journal let’s stupid it’s a waste of time and let’s just say right here you know I was reading it about the habit loop and rewards can range from food or drugs across physical sensations emotional payoff such as feelings of pride accompany praise congratulations habits are powerful but delicate so some reason that stood out to me and if I’m really if I reread all this stuff in yellow books journal and I like it I’ll go through and underline it and it’s always the stuff that I put stars next to or underlined that makes it into the books journal because then I can go back and know so like that you know I start that and so yeah I mean that’s going to be the first one for instance this one springboard which is really one actually got this recommendation for books journal off of Amazon review someone said this one book sucked and this book was better under the Amazon review so I went for it and I read it and actually turned up being a kick-ass book I’d never heard of but this you know clearly I wrote in here and I underlined a section so basically in the books you know when they give you ideas or stuff to work on or or anything like that you should really take that in consideration and that’s what your books journals for it’s a workbook because how often do we read books and they tell us to do something and we don’t do it how often do we watch these videos and we tell I yell at you or give you ideas and we just click on to the next video or say we’re going to do it tomorrow myself included that’s what I do and having something to write in journal book it all in really holds you accountable back to you so springboard this was a chapter on your unique strengths and I’ve taken several strengths tests in books journal which I’ve gone into and at the end you know I just wrote them all out and said pretty much like where do all of these integrate and how can I use those in service to the world so I did the strengths finder the Martin Seligman one which is my all-time favorite strengths tests just did a video on that check it out and then I’ve done this book which gave me these and you know what after books journal on these it really kind of refocused Sande reframed what I wanted to do in 2015 and making these videos and where I want to go with this business and what I want to do in life in terms of travel and giving and contributing so before I ramble on you get the idea let me show you an example let’s go into my old book first page, books journal real quick I just use it as the biggest things so for example you know if I find something in a seminar or a teacher or a book, books journal that’s underlined an asterisk and quoted in something that I would tweet or something that I can instantly go to and feel uplifted inspired elevated by that goes in the front right there so for instance three three thirty two thousand eight hundred and fifty that is the number of days you have if you made it to 90 years old basically meaning that we think that life is forever but it’s only thirty two thousand eight hundred fifty days if you’re lucky to make it to 90 and if you’re twenty three right now cut that number by a third or you know it’s your 30th third or wherever it goes for some reason that really stands out to me it’s a lot less than I thought we had and maybe it is for you too or for instance what one can be one must be for Abraham Maslow basically meaning that you know if you are self actualizing in life that’s the best thing ever and that’s what you have to do there’s no other choice top five regrets of the dying where the nurse the nurse studied thousands of terminally ill patients and asked them what they regret in life and these were these were their top five you know.

I wish I had to courage to live a life true to myself wish I hadn’t worked so hard wish I had courage to express my feelings which had seemed touched my friends which I had to let myself be happier again those really stand out to me I don’t know about you but if I interviewed thousands of dying people I want to know what they thought they missed in life or even what they were grateful for but what they could have done better and and where can I learn from not their mistakes but there I guess regrets on their on their dying death and every time I read that man it’s an eye-opener so this is getting a little nostalgic I’m again into the book notes and show you back to books journal and how to do it but um yeah it’s just I mean even right now when I’m reading the stuff I’m like man got to incorporate that or or read that again so I’ll come back to this but anyway where was I book notes right here chapter so Osho of love love and freedom and aloneness I read his book basically books journaled on some big ideas 22 immutable laws of marketing went into that one philosophy books sex at dawn springboard right there good the great way the superior man happiness hypothesis best books ever prosperous coach Leonardo da Vinci how to win friends and influence people you get the idea okay.

Moving on next section section one is book notes section two gratitude books journal what I like to do in this guy is break it up into five things you’re grateful for that day or that week or whatever basically the research on this is coming out of universities and they’re finding out how do we take people in psychology field and make them better we’ve gotten really good at taking the depressed people and making them not depressed right bringing them books journal back to baseline but where do we take the baseline folks and make them excel make them the the thriving 10% how can you improve yourself from not feeling like to feeling better but from feeling better to feeling awesome how do you get there where does that come into play people such as Martin Seligman books journal have been studying that over the years and they’ve found that one of the best things in the world’s best things books journal in the world is gratitude they took three groups of people and they had them I think one group was didn’t do anything right case study one group wrote down I think like a books journal of what they could do better and I’m butchering the study.

Basically one group wrote a gratitude Books journal of just once a week like every Sunday five things they were grateful for the only constraint was they had to really go into those and and think about them and let gratitude fill their soul or fill themselves up and what they found was that there was a significant increase in the people who kept a gratitude books journal even if something is once a week five things you’re grateful for one time a week can have significant double-digit numbers percentage-wise on your overall happiness now I’m not speaking from a study that I haven’t applied in my life when I was in Hawaii every single day I wrote down five things I was grateful for I could remember doing that every day and feeling happier than I had felt in a long time and you notice yourself when you incline your mind for joy like that throughout the day you’ll be you’ll be seeing things and being like got to remember that from a gratitude books journal later or I need to work on that more or anything else along those lines so if gratitude is something you’ve never experienced or experimented with then I would go into that and the batteries give that so I’ll get this going faster gratitude the second section and I have videos on this channel all about that I’d recommend you get there and start practicing that okay what’s the next section this is a new section I got called brain dump basically this is remember I was talking about the two styles of books journal this is that first style of kind of like a log but this is where if you’re feeling depressed or down or out of it you’re just having one of those days this is the uncensored section of your books journal you can rants you can rave you can cuss you can tear it up you can rip it up it doesn’t matter this is where you take it all out and you might be wondering why would you want that in the best book you’ve ever read because the best book you’ve ever read guys has high as it has lows it doesn’t just try and be this don’t worry be happy’ thing in life I think that’s a dangerous place to be in or you don’t just try to think yourself better out of something no I feel like you should be able to feel the loads of life and feel the emotions and feel what’s going on and really take it out books journal I always say that if you what you don’t express you repress so if it’s not coming out here it’s coming out later so one way or another you’re going to take it out on a loved one are you going to take it out on yourself and build it up or you’re going to it’s going to manifest itself somewhere else and that’s not fair to those around you that you love I’ve noticed when I haven’t expressed myself fully books journal or things are pissing me off over a long period of time I lash out at those around me and that’s a dangerous place to be in because it ruins relationships so this is a really important section this is where you take out your your your mental clutter this is where you express it so you don’t repress it brain dump that’s the section that’s a new section in books journal for me this year for sure it’s a small one too because I don’t really plan on on on having tons of that but freedom this is the next section section three this is artwork this is expression this is let me show you real quick in in this books journal let me find it for you bear with me you know okay so freedom this past section you know I drew this thing online like a raven or I did cool artwork I saw or I did um right here like a mind map or I did like an elephant or it did The Tree of Life or I did um you know just kind of something I was feeling arts and crafts or I did um you know just our freedom is anything you want again these are my sections, books journal you don’t have to use them moving on something next one yes it is I give myself about 10-15 pages on each section video notes online stuff any video I see any seminar, books journal any coaching call this is where it goes this always is really jam-packed full of full of good stuff and that’s why it’s a bit one of the biggest sections okay in the last section I have you all is a business what do I want to create this year what are my goals books journal how do I get those what do I want to do with the podcast what do I do with the YouTube channel what do I want to do online with my blog this is the business section this is where it all and so I’m excited to fill that up last thing you do is stamp it with the year and your name what everyone do there you go guys my books journal in about 25 minutes kind of an insight of one of my favorite things that that I do in life and I’m not perfect in any way shape or form in fact one of the biggest things I realize is when I go back through my old books journals and it’s a humbling experience you realize the times where you’re struggling in life or the times you were high at the highest in life or your reflections or the things you’ve gotten out of books and you realize how much you still have to incorporate into your life and where you’re not showing up fully books journals you can’t bsut if I could give you one piece of advice to leave you with I would say when it comes to books journal don’t censor yourself enjoy it give yourself some slack but don’t go easy on yourself say things as they are but not worse than they are you’re doing a brain dump go into it fully express it allow yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling go back and edit it maybe when you’re having a better day or you’re not feeling like that anymore long story short do it however you want to do it there’s no right way to books journal there’s no wrong way to books journal okay this is about you and what you need to do in your life to fill yourself up really so best of luck control your life don’t let life control you trying to think here any closing words.

I’m just excited I am this is something I’m passionate about so best of luck to you let me know what you think in the comments below if you have any questions or or you want me to go over something more happy to help let me know how this worked out for you and and and where your books journals go or tweet me a photo or tag me an Instagram post or something all right guys stop settling start living you.

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