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How to Keep a Book Journal

I’m Jessica from brown paper bunny and today I’m going to give you some ideas for starting and keeping a book journals book maybe you want to read more or you you’re already reading but you want to record the books that you’ve read so you can look back at them later I’m going to walk you through some ideas for how I keep my book journals book.

How to keep a journals book?

So first you’re going to need a notebook and I’m using a dot grid notebook because it just helps me line things up and I’ve got my tombow dual brush pen blue blendables I like to stick to one sort of color family it just it makes things a little bit easier to do a page and I don’t have to think about what colors I’m going to use and if it’s easy I’m more likely to keep doing it on journals books. And I also recommend using a tombow funozooki brush pen which has a small brush and this is water resistant which means that you can color with dual brush pens right over the top and it’s not going to bleed or smudge or anything and then I like to use some tombow mono drawing pens on journals books and I’ve got a few different sizes a five a three and a one and these are fine liners which are just great for details and drawing writing that kind of thing and then if you want to sort of map things out ahead of time you can always use a pencil as well and I’ve got the tombow monograph which is a really nice mechanical pencil and it has an eraser on the end let’s get started first I thought I’d uh show you inside my book journals book in case it sparks any ideas of things that you might like to try for yours so near the front of my journals book I’ve drawn out this page that looks like a bookshelf and every time I finish a book I write the name on one of the book spines and I read quite a lot so I’ve got a lot of books sort of drawn on here ready to be filled out but maybe your goal is to read one book a month and you just want to have 12 books journals books on your bookshelf you can either do them larger or fill in more space with plants and you know decorative items that kind of thing and I also keep track of the number of books and journals books that I read each month I just like to have sort of a visual bar graph so I can say you know which months did I read a lot which months did I not that kind of thing and this is what a monthly spread looks like for me I try to keep it fairly simple so that it’s not too daunting to start and I want to make sure that I do it every month on journals books. So I usually list the month and I put my tbr my 2b red list I have a couple of books and journals books that I know I’d like to read this month and I don’t always get to them but hopefully I do and I’ve colored in some of these check boxes and those are ones that I’m reading for a book club or I’m doing you know a read with a friend that kind of thing and then I’ve got some other book stats you know how many pages I read in a month how many books were audio versus physical books ebooks that kind of thing and then I write down a list of each book as I finish it I just write it down and record it and you can see I sort of doodled around the edges june for me was all about sort of a seaside theme um so just added some little very simple shell illustrations using my dual brush pens and I’m going to show you how you might like to record each book journals books if you wanted to do a full page for each book journals books that you read so let’s get started with that I recently read something wilder by christina loren and I want to record it in my book journals book while it’s still fresh in my mind so I’m going to start by putting the title of the book across the top of my page and I’m going to use the bullet tip of my tool brush pen for the first word and it’s something just I like to kind of map it out make sure I have enough room before I actually start writing journals books okay looks good I’m not super precise with my lettering but um hopefully yours will look a little bit nicer than mine and now I’m going to add in wilder along here and this time I’m going to use the brush tip of my dual brush pen okay I’ve got my title and now you might want to think about what sort of things you want to record about each of the books journals books so I might put the author the publisher maybe the format I listened to a lot of audio books but I read this one as a physical copy maybe how many pages are in there what your rating of the book was maybe characters names and any notes you have about the story so let’s add a few of those things in and we’ll start with the author so yes i’ll use this one just a little line to separate the title from the rest of the information my and then the last section will be my notes about the book journals books and I’m just making it a different color so it stands out a little bit okay now we’re ready to fill out all the information and this is where your mono drawing pens can come in handy and but today I might use my fudenosuki brush pen to fill in this information and to find the publisher you can either look inside the book usually or it’s often on the spine so this book was published by gallery books journals books so add that in and the format was physical so I’m going to write that and pages let’s have a look and see how many pages were in this book um 366. and my rating I loved it I give it five out of five stars so you might like to um draw or stencil out all five stars each time and then just color in um to you know the right amount of stars to denote how many stars you gave it so if I only liked this book journals books a little bit but it wasn’t my favorite I might just fill in three of the stars if I hated it one star and you get the idea and now for the characters I’m going to switch to my mono drawing pen because I have a few characters to put in and I want to be able to fit them so let’s start with lily okay now I’m just going to make a few notes about the book and this is particularly helpful for me to come back and look at later to remind myself what the book journals books was about and this is one that I’m talking about with my book club so making some notes journals books will sort of remind me what I want to talk about when we all get together to discuss the book here’s a look at another one of my monthly spreads where you can see the books that I wanted to read the books that I actually read journals books and some of my statistics here’s another one I read so many books I had to add in another little folded down section it was a big month oops and there’s may and then june so you can see you know I’m doing a different color each month but just sticking to that one color family to keep it easy thanks for watching and if you share your own book journals book on social media make sure you tag tombow usa and brown paper bunny because we’d love to take a look.

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