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How to Write a Article in News Papers Summary

Hello’s if you’re watching this you should already have watched part 1 of this tutorial on how to write a pak urdu news papers article in  pak urdu news papers summary also you should have pulled up the article in  pak urdu news papers itself if you don’t know where that is located please see the description below remember step 7 puts together the thesis along with the paragraph points grouped up into different categories according to how they are related to this thesis so here’s the slide again once again you’ll be totally clueless about what we are doing here unless you have watched part 1 of this video tutorial on how to write a summary so please pull up the article in  pak urdu news papers itself and watch part 1 if you haven’t done that so the skeleton of the thesis and the points you saw in the last slide that is converted into a summary and an actual writer with the help of 4 micro skills that I’m just about to discuss the first of the micro skills is paraphrase paraphrasing is simply restating something using different words so for example here’s a line from the article in  pak urdu news papers.

TB should rank as the public health crisis of our time if you remember this is the last sentence of the first paragraph and it can be reworded or paraphrased as TB is a major source of sickness and death worldwide today in order to paraphrase you need to use synonyms which is words with similar meaning so for instance cricket is my favorite sport can be paraphrased as I love cricket and so forth the second micro skill you need master is generalization which is the act of converting specific examples of something into a general idea in this passage from the article in  pak urdu news papers a number of countries are mentioned India and in the the Philippines and Bangladesh and China and so on and statistics are also mentioned but look at how countries and statistics are generalized to a statement on the right hand side TB has been killing large numbers of people in many Southeast Asian countries now we come to the most obvious of all micro skills integral to summary writing this is in a way the mother of all micro skills without deletion without ignoring details you cannot produce a summary so let’s revert to the same passage that I discussed just a while ago look at how details the names of countries the statistics are all wiped out now they are not completely eliminated in that the general idea the common denominator is preserved in the statement on the right hand side but the details are deleted the fourth and final micro scale is synthesis in a way it is the other side of the generalization coin so if generalization is looking for the common denominator the general idea that underpins specific examples or instances synthesis is a matter of combining instances examples and specific specimens of something this passage comes from the fifth paragraph in the article in  pak urdu news papers where reasons for ytb dots the treatment method for curing cuba closest is not working those reasons are discussed and in the article in  pak urdu news papers these reasons are explained over several sentences and lines as you can see here but on the right hand side they are converted into a single list so once again paraphrase generalization deletion and synthesis these are the four micro skills you need to master in order to produce a good pak urdu news papers article in  pak urdu news papers summary and now we’re going to proceed to the actual summary itself so here’s the summary the opening sentence is the central idea sentence of the topic sentence look at how we have rephrased it from what it is actually in the original article in  pak urdu news papers where it’s located at the end of the first paragraph then the following two sentences capture really two to three paragraphs of the actual article in  pak urdu news papers in Southeast Asia it takes hundreds of thousands of lives each year and as TB bacteria grow new types it has become more challenging to deal with the disease there are many reasons that make TB deadly and difficult to treat along with the fact that treatment is lengthy and expensive HIV and diabetes common in many countries increase the risk of tuberculosis moreover due to distant or inaccessible treatment centers in many places lack of medical staff and shortage of medicines the shorter direct observation treatment method is ineffective too so this again captures more than a paragraph the standard treatment takes six months many patients fail to complete the process and relapse into illness scholars also highlight the underlying social factors including overpopulation for food and stuffy houses given the alarming situation health ministries have taken notice of the TB crisis and some like the Philippines health secretary have raised voice at the United Nations since traditional methods are working they need to work on alternative treatments including new drugs and vaccines requiring shorter therapy has become urgent equally the training of health workers will be vital however for any proposal to succeed strong political leadership is necessary which is often led by public outcry and media publicity so this was the summary which is about two hundred and fourteen words the original article in  pak urdu news papers is over 750 word long so you see it’s less than a third of the original and typically that is the length that is expected in a pak urdu news papers article in  pak urdu news papers summary we can’t be mathematically exact or precise about the length of the summary but in general the rule is the longer the article in  pak urdu news papers the bigger the ratio so for example if the article in  pak urdu news papers has saved 2,500 words.

Then your summary need not be like 800 word long it could be much shorter than that in this case if your summary has say 500 words then the ratio is 1 is to 5 which is a much bigger ratio than 1 is to 3 on the contrary if the article in  pak urdu news papers is relatively short let’s say the article in  pak urdu news papers has said 500 words or 400 words then it’s possible that your summary is approaching 40% of the original rather than the exact 33%.

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