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Why to Write and Publish Research Papers? – Basics of Research Paper Writing and Publishing – Part 1

Hello everyone and welcome to wedding search clinics where we discuss some key topics related to common medical and surgical practice. I am Dr gunjan Desai. And at the request of a lot of our subscribers and students we are starting a series that is going to help each and every student whether it is medical dental Nursing Pharmacy or any other student who wishes to engage into research india publishers, publishers of india publishing so today’s topic is try to publish india publishers, publishers of indiaso commonly asked questions in our classes include. Why should we publish india publishers, publishers of indiadoes a publication help in career growth. Should we pay to publish india publishers, publishers of indiaas you. All may be aware the models of publishing are changing to open access publishing. We will see what the models who publish india publishers, publishers of indiaare in the upcoming videos but that gives us. This very commonly asked question is should we pay to publish. That is an author. You are charged a fee to publish. So is it worth paying this fee to publish. Does your publication help me on. So these are the commonly asked questions regarding the topic of research india publishers, publishers of india publishing. Let us first see an example which all of us will relate with and that is the covid-19 pandemic recently all of us have gone through this pandemic and you would realize that in the initial phase. Everyone was skeptical in treating the patients that is when the pandemic started saying India started in March 2020. Everyone was skeptical to treat. The reason being there was no experience and there was no evidence. What that means is that there were no papers available or there was no data no guidelines available to treat this disease what change after first wave or at least half of the second wave experiences were shared whenever we treated the patients we put that data into National Data abuses and this experience was shared and published so in spite of having a pandemic the covid-19 phase saw millions of Publications in the medical literature by different doctors. And that is what started building data case reports case Series reviews and based on these Publications like the use of hydroxychloroquine or the rules of ram decibel.

So on and so forth. We started gaining confidence to an extent that now covid-19 is just being considered as a viral disease. Because we know that we have treatment called so if you understand the meaning of this the meaning is that because we did not have any literature in the initial phase or in other words because we had no research india publishers, publishers of india and no Publications in the initial phase. We were all baffled as to how to treat and what drugs to use similarly in your routine practice just consider a situation where there is no literature on how to treat patients with gallstones if you are a surgeon all of us do surgery for gallstone disease when the patient is symptomatic as well as some indications are there based on Research india publishers, publishers of india to treat these patients even when they are asymptomatic but Suppose there was no literature. Then how would you assess these patients. And how do you plan treatment similarly patients with Mi if you did not have the literature to support different treatments or epidural catheters in normal delivery. Will the patients accept an epidural catheter. And will you incorporate an epidural in your practice. That’s a very difficult thing to judge. The content of medical books is completely based on. Research india publishers, publishers of india literature and evidence right. No one’s writing only their experience in medical books so without having research india publishers, publishers of india and without having Publications it is very difficult to design medical books so these are the scenarios that give you perspective on research india publishers, publishers of india and Publishing. What are these perspectives. These are some personal. Reflections on research india publishers, publishers of india and Publishing based on last many years of experience in this field the important points to realize are highlighted in these. Three perspectives. First is that each case is unique and this is what my mentors used to say. Each case is unique and that is why the unique features of each case are an experience that should be shared with the upcoming Generations.

It would not be wrong if we say that. Not publishing may be a self-centered approach towards the patient as well as towards the next generation of servicing people there are always some features that change from Patient to Patient as each patient is unique each disease presentation can be unique and so it is not less than a self-centered approach if you have experienced that unique so a very important perspective to take home from this is that an experience has to be combined with evidence. Evidence is nothing but research india publishers, publishers of india and publication so your experience becomes evidence in future and this evidence gets translated into publication and research india publishers, publishers of india for the future. Generations so these three perspectives. Make it very clear to understand that research india publishers, publishers of india and publication is very important in your career because it is going to help treat future patients as well as it is going to help treat and teach the future generation of your field so now that you know that publishing is important. Let us see what is the basis of publishing. I am sure all of you have heard about this. It is known as evidence-based practice there are three. E’s or the evidence. Second is the experience and third is the expectation expectation of the patient. Family friends. Caretakers whoever comes to your outpatient. Department basis of publishing is to develop an evidence-based mind and an evidence-based practice. What is evidence-based practice. It is the best practice based on the available evidence your experience and to meet the patient and the family’s expectations for example the patients coming from 300 kilometers away and if you advise to three tests for that patient that patient would like to get admitted because they have to again travel do the test and come back then go back. These are some of the issues that are coming in patient expectations. Okay because you don’t want them to travel 600 kilometers just to get to test reports. Their digital world is growing in medical field as well again to satisfy patient and family expectations right evidence as I’ve always already said is your research india publishers, publishers of india and the Publications that your seniors have done or you have done in a particular field and experience is your personal experience of treating similar patients in past so this is the basis of publishing that is to develop evidence-based practice.

A lot of students say that there is data already available on this topic. Why should we publish india publishers, publishers of indiawhere the answer is very simple that I have already said. Invitation is unique. Each patient comes from different demographic area and is in different part of financial legal political economic environment and all these factors play a role in selecting the treatment options for a patient very simple example is the chemotherapy doses that are prescribed in National guidelines in us and UK cannot be applied to Indian patients because our patients are physically different and they don’t tolerate those kind of doses that are seen in U.S and the UK so they may need lower doses. This is based on evidence of our own country’s patients right so that is demographic so even when we have data on how to treat liver cancer a patient of liver cancer in us and UK may have different characteristics that affect the treatment compared to a patient who is in India right. Each case is unique and should add value to existing literature and that is why we need local data and local guidelines so to summarize why to publish. What are the benefits of publishing. I would say that publishing is a social responsibility based on the perspective that I have shared also publication now increases your social media presence and this also helps in increasing patient confidence we have now metrics of publication which are based purely on social media response to a publication. We will discuss this in upcoming videos other thing on an individual front it leads to betterment of CV at some places it is mandatory to have some number of Publications to get job promotion also Publications and research india publishers, publishers of india help you project.

Your experiences at an international level with conferences. Other thing is of fascinating feeling that you get when you see your name on. Google showing a lot of your Publications these are some of the books that I have published. Uh it gives you great pleasure when you see that people are responding to your. Publications on internet people are benefiting for it and people are putting reviews on it so the first books on scientific research india publishers, publishers of india publishing this content is basically designed partly from that book so another personal benefit is the feeling of satisfaction that you get by publishing for further reading on this topic. The most important Concept in this topic is of evidence-based practice which is the basis of publishing and this is a very good article that you can put on Google. You will get the full link to this article because it’s in. Open Access form and you can read this article. It has seven steps of evidence-based practice a very good article right. If you want to be ahead of this series this is the book that I have returned with my colleague a step by step guide to scientific research india publishers, publishers of india publishing so you can read this book as well it’s available on Amazon and it’s free for Kindle unlimited readers thank you.

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