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What to Write in A Journal

Yes this is a video about. What’s right in your journal writing in journals  . But yes there is no role so yes keep writing. Goodbye come home. I’m Tina with overall adventures. Today is a super special video. I have a new YouTube friend. Her name is. Shayna lease and you can see all of her channel info in the description box below together though we both agreed to make a video about what to actually write in your journal. We talked about journaling writing in journals  . But it’s like what the heck do we actually write when we sit down to write. We’re each going kind of share. Our perspectives please. Check her out. She’s so bubbly and lively and she is a life coach and has just like great advice for people like recently graduating college like twenty-something she’s just like she’s great so check her out for sure. Let’s do this. My original idea of what journaling writing in journals  was especially when I was younger was just like write down what happened in my day. And that’s great and you can just literally word-for-word like write down a conversation or something that you want to remember but to expand from there what you can do is really kind of like take a situation and kind of use your writing in journals   to pick it apart or to look at it from all sides of the situation and kind of analyze it and see like how you felt was really going on. What did you say writing in journals . What didn’t you say what do you wish she would have said. What did you hear. How did you interpret what what happened in writing in journals . How does that apply to greater things in your life that you’re working on or greater issues or things are trying to work on in yourself and if you want to just complain for your writing in journals   like four pages on pages and pages. I say go for it I really do for writing in journals . I don’t think there’s like – I think the negativity that we sometimes carry with us needs to go somewhere and if it’s going to go anywhere dump it in the page before you dump it on people that you love you know. A large percentage of my current writing in journals   and my writing in journals    in general from high school. And you can check out those videos if you want to see some pretty embarrassing stuff these love letters or just letters in general and letters to people that.

I’m struggling with or I’m angry with or that in writing in journals . I’m having some kind of conflict or that I just want to thank and don’t know how to like. Say it in the right way or lovers you know exes you know you. Don’t just send it in your journal or writing in journals . You know you can rip it out and send it if you want to send it god. YouTube is just personal. It just is like sharing myself and being honest like just gonna come out okay. I am very single at this point. In my life use my writing in journals   to write to my beloved this person this man who come in wherever he is. So that’s enough embarrassing info for this video dreams can be quite weird and sometimes you know that can be great material for a poem or a story writing in journals . I’ve had some weird instances this year where I have literally written poems in my sleep like I wake up and I look in my writing in journals   and I’m like oh my god I wrote a little ditty in my sleep that’s cool. I also use my writing in journals   for planning so whether that’s like for videos for me but whatever that could be for you for school or for work and any kind of poems anything creative like it doesn’t have to be that crazy. You know how you can like sketch you can like make a physical doodle. You could do that with words instead of like. You know praying or meditating how you might think you can actually write down like to whoever you choose and whatever word you choose to use own. God spirit universe blah blah. Write that down at the top and write write a little letter or write your prayers out. Not that being literally by writing what you want as if it’s already happening to you that means for example. Let’s say you want a boat. I don’t know why I’m just like that but guys you’re writing it like imagine that you’re really on that boat like I’m writing underling right now from my beautiful new ship or in my new sailboat. It is rocky and the waves that is that and really like get yourself in that zone of what you want a one sentence phrase of something that you want something you want to cultivate in your lives in it.

You want to be something that you want to feel and writing that sentence over and over and over and over and over again in your writing in journals   because why not it’s yours can take notes from books or inspiring videos or movies that you’ve watched or from classes. There’s a lot of books out there. Better that are just like straight prompts or you could find plenty online a couple of my favorites below. Take a bunch of magazines rip em up and just smack them on top or each other and like right around why not why not sometimes. I need to hear that like I’m fabulous and like I got this. I got this when when I feel like sometimes I don’t you know so using your writing in journals   to just like camp you up instead of put you down a bucket list. Of course like what you want to do for the summer or what you want to accomplish in the year raisins to stay positive or favorite movies and you can break it down based off of your moods like if you’re feeling sad or if your watch these if these are the good movies to watch or if you’re feeling like you need like a kick in the butt and you need to like amp up and like in my case like I guess like feel hope again for justice in the world like watch these movies or these videos like I think it’s not like lithography I listed below but basically. It’s just a book of list prompts. So if you’re ever just stuck on writing and you want to just like get something going. It’s a great way to start just like writing. I think it’s really important to take the time to be thankful and grateful. I know some people have like hold writing in journals    dedicated to just gratitude. I think that’s awesome for me if I have too many writing in journals    I start to get it scattered and then I feel like but nothing is happening anywhere. You can look up a tutorial as much as you want. I’m like what to actually write but in the moment it’s just you and this a blank piece of paper so there are no rules except for the rules that you put on yourself all right.

Thank you so much for watching. I’m Tina with overall adventures. Again please check out. Jana’s Channel. She is so lovely. And if you have any questions please let us know. And we’ll talk about it in the comments below thanks Pete.

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