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What Are Some Research Paper topics? 10 Good Research topics To Explore (Research Project Ideas)

Hello this is dr. Dave Maass back talking about reciprocity calm the e is written with the c3 and in this particular video. I really want to talk to you about you. Know what are some great research paper topics for you. You know what are some good research paper topics. I mean a list of ten different so research paper topics that you might want to explore. I’m a professor of innovation strategy and entrepreneurship and this is really useful for anybody. That’s interested in becoming an academic writer  research paper topics or maybe somebody that’s interested in doing sort of nonfiction and exploring around the world around them so as part of my Monday write research paper topicsseries that just try to be helpful for writer  research paper topicss out there so the first thing then I would point out the sort of first research paper topics that you should explore and try out. Its just find something. That’s really unusual in your day to day life so you want to look for things that just kind of stop you in your tracks and in it and they just make you feel really strange and weird right. You’re like why does that happen. That’s really strange and that’ll happen to you every couple of days you’re sort of king paying attention to different things and stuff like that that you will definitely understand what are things are strange and you will jump out to you if you’re just keeping your eyes open. That’s the best way to find a research paper topics that you can explore research paper topics and spend some time into the second thing that you can do is look into a particular phenomenon at a different level of analysis research paper topics. So what do I mean by level up. Now let’s say it says how you sort of look at a particular phenomenon. So whether it’s at the individual level maybe it’s sort of the chemistry level biology level. Maybe it’s at the population how things sort of interact and you know just looking at it. A different level of analysis research paper topics can get you some really cool insights that you would never imagine that you’d be able to think about before if you just simply change the level of analysis so maybe how love works and what is the effect of love at the population level.

Right so why do people actually love each other or why do we have this evolutionary propensity to love each other. I mean it’s kind of a strange and wonderful thing right why we actually have that. The third thing that you could do research paper topics is go and just really ask your friends and family about what you should be looking into right so maybe you are getting into research for the first time and you’re not kind of comfortable with what you should do. Just go ask friends and family and have a conversation go have a tea a coffee a beer whatever it is just go out there and explore the world and talk to people and see what they think so for us you know being a professor of innovation and strategy. What we have to do is go talk to managers and when you talk to managers you’re like well you know well. I didn’t think about that before that really comes research paper topics. You know comes in comes into the foreground when you start talking to people and sort of looking to see what they also say you know. The other thing is looking to see it what other people are investigating and exploring and talking about you know that is gonna get you to a really good spot because that means it’s really popular but then just use the completely different theoretical lens or a different way of looking at it right. I think that’s where Malcolm Gladwell does a wonderful job of sort of understanding the world. He looks at it kind of uniquely that somebody else wouldn’t have looked at right so for example you might look at the world in terms of you know. One particular theory research paper topics like transaction cost economics for example and you can sort of look at the same phenomenon using a learning-based model of the world. Right that’s gonna give you a different really different view of the world right the fifth thing that research paper topics I would suggest that you might want to explore is to try to show something you try to find any situation that you think would be impossible to actually happen and then sort of work back into figuring out the conditions in which you might be possible.

That’s gonna be really interesting research paper topics. It’s gonna really jump out at you and you are going to be surprised and how you might be able to find that so for example you know maybe there is life at the bottom of the sea research paper topics. What are the conditions under which the life under the bottom and sea is gonna pop out right and that might be really warm vents and stuff like that then. We’ve never sort of thought about for a long time right. We didn’t think that that was possible. Until what was it like 40 years ago right now we know that that is possible because of these fence you know. I sort of six thing. Seventh thing that you should explore is look to see what you’re spending your money on so du and a quick audit of all the receipts and all the things that you spent your money on. Just go into your bank account and look for the last three months of what you spent your money on and and and that’s gonna go what’s called the revealed preference in economics if you don’t know that basically whatever you spend your money on is the thing that’s most important to you so you might look at something that is sort of. You’re free money free cash. You’re expendable cash and look to see what you’re spending your money on and do research research paper topics on that that’s gonna be something that you’re gonna be passionate about that you are going to to to love right. You know the other thing so anything that you could try is do something. Do some research on a particular topic that is essentially meta right so go into what do. I mean by that so go into so for example go into organizations and then try to understand organizations but then try to use a lens or trying to explain a phenomena and that is that’s personal to you right so I study learning from failure. Feel you’re something. I’m really comfortable with. I really truly know I’ve experienced it lots and lots and lots and life so that’s reason why I study learning from failure and that means research paper topics I have a lots to say about how that works and organizations and how it might start.

Play out and anything that you can try to do which is gonna be really fun is do a brainstorming exercise and brainstorm. It’s really fun. You could look up all sorts of different exercises. I put stuff up before if you look up my so many older videos what you do. Is you just kind of spend a half an hour and write research paper topicsas many crazy ideas as you possibly can. Just go and write research paper topicsand write research paper topics and write research paper topics as many crazy ideas. You can’t don’t stop yourself. Just write research paper topics as much as you can and then stop after the half an hour once you get about thirty fifty ideas a hundred research paper topics ideas and you will be able to get . Those ideas doesn’t matter what they are and then at that point you kind of screen them or you combine them and interact them in kind of different ways that you might find something research paper topics. That’s really unique and fun that you would never. You wouldn’t be able to do when you shouldn’t be able to be stuck at that moment. There’s so much that you can do and nine thing that you could do. That is really wonderful for finding a good research paper topics or finding some sort of research paper topics that suits you is go and find available. Data sets are really easy to find and that are open. There’s lots of them that are available that you can jump into and just start looking around and finding well research paper topics. Why is that happening. Why is that happening. Just kind of break it down and look at all those available data sets and you’ll be able to find things really quickly and you will find phenomenon that you that are really quite interesting right. So then you’ll find a research paper topics very easily and quickly so the ten thing research paper topics that would recommend a ten some good research paper topics that I would recommend is to mimic what that mimic what other people are doing in in what you’re interested in right or one particular area.

It’s for a general area that you’re interested in replicate research paper topics. Their findings go and do their study. Redo it again see if you can replicate it if you can’t that’s really interesting we’re in that sort of tell us people that there’s something going on there research paper topics. Go in and try to mimic as much as you possibly can with everything that they’re doing and see what happens when when you do that and you’ll find out that there’s so many really interesting things when you do that then you wouldn’t be able to know before and it’s gonna be wonderful so for example you know just go mimic research paper topics. Maybe try to find out. What would you know some of the stuff. I’m do it. I don’t know maybe you can find out what size somebody in particular research paper topics. Or maybe you’re interested in sort of calorific intake and the impact on exercise or something like that so you can go and look to see you know what is a essential paper there see if you can replicate. It should be fairly easy on sort of a pilot scale a simple scale. See if you can replicate it if you can research paper topics. That’s awesome. You have a interesting insight and you try to figure out what are the conditions under which it does hold and doesn’t hold and you will have a wonderful study that is gonna be very impactful. So that’s it that’s what. I really wanted to talk about. I’m sparing my money right series of gain trying to be as helpful as I possibly can. These are ten really good great ways to find research paper topics to explore. You’re gonna love them. Try them out and I’m really looking forward to seeing you in the next video bye.

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