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Research Methods – Chapter 02 –  Applied vs. Basic Research

In this video I want to talk briefly about two general types of research applied research that we can do. This is mentioned in this chapter of the textbook one of them is called applied applied research and the other is called basic research applied research and so in apply research. This is exactly what it sounds like. You’re doing research applied research and because we have some specific use that we are intending to apply that to. We want to find something out but we’re not trying to find about to tell us where to satisfy our curiosity or to understand things better. Yes we want to understand things better but it’s so that we can apply that understanding to do something of practical use to solve a problem so the way I’ll put this is that this is applied. Research applied research is research applied research that is specifically intended to solve to solve a problem or I’ll say do something practical use so an example off the top of my head would be. You are a health psychologist and you want to help. People eat better so that they you know the problem is that we have high rates of say cardiovascular disease before our dying from heart attacks which can be prevented if they to a large extent if they eat better and how healthy lifestyles get enough exercise and so on so you want to change their behavior and maybe you’re doing some research applied research to try to figure out how to best do that so you want to understand maybe how to give people a message that will convince them to eat healthier foods now in doing that. Your your understand. You’re going to come to a better understanding of how the human mind works and how you know how it works in this in the sense of being able to convince them with a particular message about what they should be doing. So you’re coming to understand human behavior better but you’re doing it for the purposes specifically of getting them to eat better so you’re trying to solve a problem. In contrast basic research applied research is on the opposite end of the spectrum. That’s research applied research where we’re just. We’re not particularly concerned with any particular problem.

We may not even have any practical use for the knowledge that we’re hoping to get out of the the research applied research we’re just wanting to understand so to learn something more about the world so basic research applied research is research applied research that is meant to learn or understand and it had no obvious or immediate practical use. An example of this might be say when Einstein in the early 1900’s was doing all this research applied research in physics. Trying to understand better how the physical world works he didn’t as far as I know at least necessarily have any particular practical application in mind for what he was trying to discover. He was just trying to understand better how things worked. So that’s the idea behind the basic research. We’re just doing it to further our understanding now. Something that’s really important to understand here. Is that yeah. Some studies are very clearly applied research  applied research and others are very clearly basic research applied research but some are in between and you know we can learn a lot when doing applied research  applied research we can really greatly improve our understanding and sometimes when doing basic research applied research that without even intending to we learn something that down the line leads to all kinds of applications all kinds of things we can do with that knowledge that we didn’t think of so basic research applied research will often get criticized for not being of any practical and that is sometimes about criticism. Sometimes researchers do you sort of get lost in this super theoretical world. Where they’re yeah. They’re coming to understand something but really. The thing is so incredibly abstract or unimportant or disconnected from from real life. That you could argue it might be a waste of money but even when that seems to be the case often those studies actually down the line lead to really useful stuff so for example going back to Einstein. Some of his work that he did in the early part of the 1900s that was purely just basic research applied research at least it seemed to have no particular practical applications within a few decades.

We were realizing we could use these concepts. We were developing things like laser technology. Came out of partly out of some of those. Einstein’s ideas so and those you know obviously we use laser technology for all kinds of things for laser eye surgery or for DVDs for example use laser technology. So it’s very often the case that we have something that we discover in basic research applied research that doesn’t have any immediate applications but down. The line turns out to lead to all kinds of useful stuff that we can use to solve real world problems.

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