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Hello welcome to another class. I’m robin and today i am going to talk to you about journaling english journal. All right so some of you might be wondering what is journaling english journal. Maybe you’ve never heard this term before so journaling english journal is basically the act of expressing your thoughts and feelings in writing english journal okay. So it’s writing english journal but it’s writing english journal about something uh connected to yourself okay so this is possibly a goal for some of you in the new year. If you watched my video about new year’s resolutions i said that one resolution that many people have is to start journaling english journal. Why what are the benefits of journaling english journal. If you are a language learner for example like you learning english journaling english journal can help you improve your writing english journal skills. But in general for anyone journaling english journal is a great tool because it helps you to manage anxiety it helps you to reduce stress. It helps you to organize your thoughts by writing english journal them down so there are many many many benefits of journaling english journal for you as a learner for your mental health etc. So i’m going to give you some tips for how you can improve your writing english journal skills through journaling english journal and then i’m going to give you some different examples of the types of things that you can write about because there are many different options and the idea is for you to do it every day if you can if not once a week as often as you can the more you do it the more you practice the more you will improve so my tips for journaling english journal as an english learner. Because you’re trying to improve your writing english journal only focus on one tense so you’ll see with some of these examples what you are writing english journal about. Try to think. When does it take place. Is it in. The past is in in the present. Am i writing english journal about the future. Okay so think about that and try to keep this in mind when you are writing english journal so try not to use a lot of different tenses. Because then you’ll start to be confused and that’s when you make mistakes which is okay but to avoid this. Try to stay in one tense. You can also make a list of vocab related to the topic that you’re writing english journal about okay.

So if you’re going to write about your hobbies you might want to make a list of them. If you’re going to write about your emotions you might want to write the different emotions that you know and this way you see what vocabulary you are missing and what vocabulary you already know so. This is a good exercise as well. And if you need help with some of these tenses etc you can refer back to our course because we have a complete grammar course or you can refer to some of my old micro lessons or from another teacher so we have all kinds of topics and you can check some vocabulary from those micro lessons if you want to um to add that to your writing english journal. Okay and as i said it’s okay to make mistakes but the idea is to keep going because the more you do it the more you’re going to improve uh you will start to make a habit of this of journaling english journal and and you’ll start to notice your progress so if you start journaling english journal in january and you continue doing it through december just imagine the progress that you’re going to make okay so i’m going to give you some daily prompt examples. So what is a prompt. A prompt is a short text or even an image that provides a possible topic idea or a starting point for writing english journal. Because you may think yes. I want to practice my writing english journal every day. But what do i write about. Do i just start writing english journal. Random sentences. Um these prompts are going to give you a little bit more guidance of what you can write about according to the topic so there are many different kinds of journaling english journal topics that you can refer to. You can find them online. You can google search. You can even buy a book um so. There’s all kinds of different ideas so i’m going to go through through. Excuse me i’m going to go through some of these different journaling english journal topics. The first one is creative writing english journal so if you enjoy storytelling if you enjoy writing english journal stories being creative using your imagination then this is the kind of writing english journal prompt journaling english journal.

Prompt that you’ll want to do. Here’s an example of a creative writing english journal. Prompt write about a ship or other vehicle. That can take you somewhere different from where you are now. Okay so that’s the prompt. So then you start imagining okay. Where is my ship taking me. Where am i going so this is a great prompt a great exercise for you to use your imagination. Some other prompts are related more to ourselves so not so much about being creative but really thinking about ourselves our feelings etc. So here’s a self-discovery prompt a couple of them. What was your biggest fear when you were young. Here’s another one. What do i love doing okay. So you’ll notice that i gave you one example. That’s in the past. What was your biggest fear when you were young. And what do i love doing. So this is the present so again. Think about the tense. And you can write in the past if you’re talking about when you were a child or in the present if you’re talking about your current likes and dislikes for example okay. Another possible category of journaling english journal could be inspirational so for example. What are the questions you need answers to okay. So this is a very broad topic but something to get you thinking what is a question. I need the answer to okay another one. How can you be kinder to yourself today. Okay how can i be kinder. How can you be kinder to yourself today. And along the same lines. Many journaling english journal. Prompts are related to mental health. Because journaling english journal really is a great way to assess to analyze where you are how you’re feeling. Uh the status of your mental health and then maybe share it with with someone else with a therapist or or your friends and family whoever you want to talk about it with. Let’s look at an example of a mental health. Prompt write about the worst or the best emotion. You are feeling right now. Okay so again. If you need that emotions vocabulary you might want to consult back to another lesson. How am i feeling. I’m feeling sad. I’m feeling happy i’m feeling grateful etc.

Okay another example list. Three things that made you feel anxious today. Okay so this is a great exercise if you do it multiple days what makes me feel anxious today. What made me feel anxious yesterday. And then if you see that it’s a pattern that it repeats then that’s something that you could change. Maybe in your life okay. Uh here’s a deep or thought-provoking prompt okay thought provoking if something provokes you. It means it makes you think thought-provoking means something that makes you think for example describe a life-changing moment. Okay so like a before and after before my life was like this and after this event happened it was different for example. Okay describe a life-changing moment so this is a really good one and you may want to do something. A little bit lighter. Maybe you don’t want to write something so serious so you could look into some funny. Uh journaling english journal prompts for example if you could be an animal which one would you be okay so these are funny another way to be creative but to get thinking this one is in the conditional so remember that you could answer in the conditional. If i could be an animal i would be which one okay so now. I want you to tell me in the comments. Do you journal. Uh maybe you journal in your native language and not in english. Maybe it’s something you want to start doing. Um i’ve never been a very good uh journaler into journaling english journal so this is something that i want to start because i know the benefits and i. I’m going to start doing this as well so i hope you will too um and i want to challenge you to pick one of the questions. One of the prompts that i have given you and to write your answer in the comments so i look forward to reading them. I hope that this class has been useful and i hope that you will use this as an opportunity to improve your writing english journal skills by journaling english journal every day so take care and i will see you next week bye.

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