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How to Write a Quality Research Paper: Learn to How to Publish in High Impact Journals

How to write and publish a good research paper publishing house india, publishing houses this tutorial we are going to look into. What are the key ingredients of a good research paper publishing house india, publishing houses and what wants to do in order to publish a good research paper publishing house india, publishing houses now. The focus will be a general introduction to publishing how to write and publish great paper publishing house india, publishing housess and what the authors should avoid. Okay now we want to publish yes. Everybody wants to publish. That’s the reason we write. But what you need is that you need to have a new and original research that advances the knowledge if you fail to do this obviously do not consider to publish if the results lack interest or there is the work is outdated or it is just a mere replication of what has been already done so there is no originality in it a research must have value contribution originality and three. You need a strong manuscript to present your contributions to the scientific community. In order to publish publishing house india, publishing houses these three points are considerably important now. A strong manuscript publishing house india, publishing houses. What is a strong menu script number one. It is one with good content one that is novel useful and exciting number two. It has to have good presentation. It has to be. When structured logically constructed clearly presented and three reviewers and editors are able to grasp these scientific significance easily. You present your ideas. You present your concept you present the nobility in a manner publishing house india, publishing houses that they are able to understand the contribution of your research to the body of knowledge now before you start on this journey before you start writing about a particular topic. Suppose you start conducting your research if you are looking for some exciting topics the first thing publishing house india, publishing houses that you can do. Is you go on to these research. Taping databases go on to Emerald sage Springer Elsevier ScienceDirect. One of the example could be top-25 dot science direct comm to identify what are the top 25 topics or you identify. What is being cited these days publishing house india, publishing houses. So you go to. Scopus and web of science or if you want share sharing information at what is being shared in the scientific community you go to altmetric.

Your university will have access to these websites publishing house india, publishing houses. Now you identify the trends in the subject area. Keep informed of advances in the field through journal alerts set yourself alerts from the journal and identify what the journals publishing house india, publishing houses are publishing these days to follow the author guidelines structure and format according to what has been prescribed by the journal publishing house india, publishing houses and finally evaluate the journal. Does it have imperfecta. What’s the journal rank. You one key to q3 q4 and is it in ABS list or ABDC list. So you get this information and then you start your journey towards research and publication now getting a research paper publishing house india, publishing houses published can be challenged or can be challenging but it is a big challenge with these days so many paper publishing house india, publishing housess being written with limited outlets with so much scrutiny in the paper publishing house india, publishing houses when there is a high risk of rejection but obviously one should not get discouraged. Risks that come from submitting a paper publishing house india, publishing houses to a journal that it’s not the right fit. It’s important that you submit to the right journal. What are the risks. The first is rejection and that would add months to publication slowing your career progress. Look at your references. Now how do. I select the right Journal publishing house india, publishing houses. Look at your references where have previous authors or scholars have published with this particular area with this particular concept with this particular variable. These will help you narrow your choices on the other hand every big database like publishing house india, publishing houses Elsevier Springer have got their own journal finder. You put in your abstract and then they will suggest the right kind of journal for you. It’s very important that one looks into the language obviously for most of us. English might not be our first language. But obviously this is no excuse. So see if your editor and reviewers the trouble of guessing what you mean. Obviously they won’t read your manuscript the second time you have to make sure that it is understandable.

The first time they read now these are one of the comments or some comments that are received when someone sent a paper publishing house india, publishing houses for example. The first one you can look that they require that go give your paper publishing house india, publishing houses to a native English speaker because there are grammatical mistakes. This does not go well with the editors and obviously the reviewers the second example is again of the same nature that English obviously needs to be a very high standard now. What you need to do is you need to write direct in short sentences more professional-looking one idea or piece of information per sentences is sufficient. Do not repeat your ideas. Do not mix your ideas. Do not put many ideas into one single sentence. Avoid multiple statements in one sentence. They are confusing to the reader. For example this is one example similarly there are research studies which have ascertained the impact of service quality on organizational performance but there is a lag or but there is a significant lack of internal service quality perspective in existing research. , most of the clean up what you see is that there are there are if and buts there are commas but the whole paragraph is just one single cent so this is not a short sentence. There are too many ideas in this particular paragraph. So you should avoid such paragraph divided into multiple sentence. It should look like a paragraph not a sentence that spans over a paragraph the communication is good text Corrections are needed to eliminate typical typing errors and reformulate some paragraphs which are hard to read for example. This is a review received from a reviewer. Now if you look at this sentence or read the sentence there is a certain lack of clarity plus the writing is somewhat informal for example. TM can act. As an antecedent of knowledge workers at a section the arguments are as follows. And this is not how you write. This is not how you provide your arguments. This sentence is unnecessary. The arguments are as follows.

So avoid such lack of clarity in your writing now. What is the structure of a research article you start with the title. Then you write your abstract provide your introduction your literature review research methodology data analysis and results discussion conclusion limitations future research directions implications and references. Now these are at least these 12 things should be part of a research article now what should be included in each of one of them. And we’ll be discussing this through the goal for this session now the title and abstract. How should my title be a good title. Should contain the fewest possible words that adequately describe the contents of a paper publishing house india, publishing houses. Now your articles with short catchy titles are better cited. Your article should be understandable. It should convey the meaning. That what you intend to do in your study and your abstract it is your advertisement. It is the first impression that the reviewers have of your writing. And your your your article so it is what you are doing but how you are going to sell your article to your reviewers. And the editors it should be one paragraph but obviously that depends on the format of the journal as well now you have to be accurate and very specific. The abstract should be very clear clear. Abstract with will strongly influenced if your work is considered further or not. So this is your first impression. Make it count. So how do you write your interaction. What are the key ingredients of introduction. You start with it. Says it’s a sort of a funnel approach you start with general introduction about the venue of your topic then narrow it down to why this particular area why this particular variable why this particular concept is important in this or in a particular field where you want to study it. What existing research is available on your variables what relationships have been started now. Obviously existing research will have certain limitations. So what are the limitations gaps and future research directions on your topic or on your variable or on the concept that you want to work on it should be latest preferably obviously must be latest past one year.

What you reticle lens. Are we going to use. What’s what theory are you going to use to develop your conceptual or theoretical framework. What are the contributions of your study. These this is particularly important and the proposed structure of your thesis. Obviously you can add to it now. How do you write the lift revue but other things that what are to be considered by writing your literature you start with the individual or independent discussion on variables. So what are the key things that one should include. Obviously this list is not exhaustive. So you start with the concept of the variable and then what’s the definition of the variant. Is there a particular definition of this particular variable in your area of study for example higher education. What does this variable do for the organization. Why is it important for this. Variable to be studied in in a particular organizational setting or industry second. Or why is it important in your area of study. What are the general consequences. Why and why should this be studied. Then finally what conceptualization operational definition are you going to use in your study. Does the conceptualization reflect an instrument or measurement. Why use a conceptualization. Is it very close to your area of study. Now you need to identify. How are you going to define a particular concept in your study. And obviously this particular definition will guide the choice of instrument or measurement that you are going to use now when you develop your theoretical framework what things should we include for example. You are writing about relationship of variables for example you are writing about how career satisfaction influences life satisfaction as part of your literature review. So how do you write it. What things you need to include has previous studies linked the two concept if yes what were their findings are the variables in any way linked with each other were the findings of the previous studies unanimous or contradictory now obviously if they are unanimous you need to mention it.

If they are contradictory you need to mention it and this contradiction will give rise to the need of further research now why studying this linkage is important and why studying this linkage in a particular area of study is important how the independent variable effect or influence is the dependent variable or has there been studies that has people rated the impact of individual dimensions for a particular variable and most of in the news theory to develop the linkages a detailed session on writing. The literature review is available on the channel. Please go and see and that obviously explains with examples. Now once you are through your literature review the next step is writing about your research methodology. What is your population. What is your sampling size and samples technique. How and when the question is were distributed if it was a primary study and what are the sources of the questionnaire with sample items and if it’s the secondary study you need to mention these sources of the data and why a particular sample was selected. Maybe if you are doing it. Five countries why those five countries why not – why not 20. What were the days the collection and analysis techniques and in case of a research in finance and comics. You need to mention your regression model and explain it. The next step is once you are done. With the methodology the next step is data analysis and results start by providing the descriptive statistics statistics. The next step is establishing reliability convergent and discriminant validity. In case you are using survey based study or conducting a survey will study. The next step is hypothesis testing and then finally providing a summary of your hypothesis. An important thing is discussing your results some of the research which.

I reviewed or which students come up with. They do not write a discussion. Without discussion. There is no research so you start your discussion by identifying the objective of your study and how the second step is how your results compare to the results of previous results. Now if your documented your literature this will be very easy. That’s the reason we strongly recommend documenting your literature in excel sheet. There is a video available. The link will be shared in the description. Why certain relationship may be significant or insignificant. Now in your research if you found certain relationship to be significant why was it significant. Why what’s the reason. What does the significance and insignificance of the relationship. Show in your field of study. So why why is it important in your area of study. The next thing is right about the conclusion and overall conclusion from your research in light of your research objectives the next thing limitations identify the limitations of your study in terms of sample in data collection measurement analysis conceptual limitations. What are the future research directions. What variables could be studied in future. What do you recommend for future. Researchers what future analytical techniques might be used may be do they need to change the sector or conceptual scope and finally write about the implications of your study. What are the theoretical implications. What have you done for the theory to improve the theory. And how can we our research benefit at individual management or organizational level. What are the policy implications of your study. Well implications would change with the sector and area of study. I hope this session short session would have helped you understand the structure of a research paper publishing house india, publishing houses and what things to include in a research paper publishing house india, publishing houses. Thank you very much.

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