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How to Search Research Databases? Findings Journal Article

Actually these are different databases that you can use to search for article agronomy journals, yoga journalss now in order to search for the article agronomy journals, yoga journalss for instance. You are on this website. Let’s say we are on. Emerald and I’m interested in studying say servant-leadership so here are the papers that have that are available on servant leadership so you can obviously choose if you’ve got access so you can choose. What papers to display. There were 16 papers uploaded last week. Last month there were 65 in last three months 134 and total there are five thousand two hundred and forty three papers that have servant leadership in there maybe title or in their topic so out of which three thousand nine hundred and forty two are article agronomy journals, yoga journalss so we should very. We should try to focus on the article agronomy journals, yoga journalss and we should focus on latest research in the area. So it’s always a good idea to go to last month or last three months. So let’s say we go for the last three months so now here we are and we’ve got a few papers here so you can nor them the University will have access to them. Some of the universities have will be discussing how to download them in a while. Same let’s go for sage let’s say. I’m interested in servant leadership what research is available on servant leadership which is clay. Sorry enter the text and then let it search. Let’s mean what we can search in other databases as well so each of these databases have their own journals. Maybe hundreds of journals and papers or research papers research article agronomy journals, yoga journalss are published in those journals. So you have to search in all these databases with regards to the area that you are interested so that you know what research is being published in these databases so now you can search or identify the latest research in all these areas. Just click last six months from here. It’s asking you for registration and things like that so let’s say I’m interested in papers recently published in 2020. With regards to this okay. I’m interested in. That’s it has three months because we’ve got two thousand eight hundred and two papers in the last three months so now they have selected leadership as well but you are interested in cement leadership.

So what you can do this. You can put it into the commas in ten percenter so now it will only focus on servant leadership so last months. I’m interested in sage. It’s put this in inverted commas as well so that it gives us very precise output so it’s only searching books so there are no article agronomy journals, yoga journalss published pertinent to circle leadership. Okay let’s let’s see okay. You might find good results in one database but you might not find good results in other database this is particularly or this is precisely because of the journals that they are that are listed with those databases so emerald might have are. Actually emerald has journals that actually try to publish or actually publish in the area of leadership. So that’s why you might might find more precise results in emerald or may be more precise result here in science direct but you might not find precise result in sage because they do not have the relevant journals maybe or widely because they might not have those are science journals so and this is this is something that one should consider now. They’ve got books. They have got series so again they do not demand published in this particular ad as well. Okay let’s say we are interested in getting this article agronomy journals, yoga journals understanding servant-leadership dimensions theoretical and empirical extension in. Portuguese context. Okay let’s say let’s say this. This sounds a very easy to operate to research on and it was recently published so. I think I’ll to do so once one for one could think that okay. This is the area. I want to work on so what you do. Is you click. PDF and if your university has excess obviously the paper will be loaded and you can download it in PDF as well. I’ve got my own access as well. So let’s let me use it and let me. I show you how you can use it and you can download the paper. Okay now step. Is you download this paper but licking PDF so if your university has access you will right away see PDF now and this is a viewpoint now this viewpoint or this R is actually based on certain paper or paper written in 2019 published in and will DJ or.

Maybe let’s say you can use another paper or download another paper. It is told on ok. Let’s search it. You just logged in so okay. Let’s say we are interested in this article agronomy journals, yoga journals. I’m going to use my own access there. I can download this article agronomy journals, yoga journals as discussed previously in our hypothetical deductive method. Now here is a research paper that is published in leadership and organization development journal. And they’ve got this model. Now you can use this model and further enhance it and conduct your own research. Now how do you do this. You just go to limitations and future research direction and assess what they have recommended. This is one way to do it. There are other ways to do it as well but this is one of the simplest ways to do it so for now. We’ll focus on this methods. Will you read through these limitations and practical implications and obviously you can draft your own model plot your own research similarly you can search for papers download them and build your own model. This is how you can use these different databases to obviously build your own.

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