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How Do You Publish A Research Paper Quickly?

So in this video i want to talk to you about how to get a research publishers news, falcon publishers paper published fast. And if you don’t know me i’m professor dave massock. I’m associate professor of innovation strategy and entrepreneurship and i created this whole reciprocity project to give back as much as i possibly can. There were so many people to help me out that i wanted to pay the favor forward to help you out so this morning. My dog is um she’s 15 years old. She’s uh a goalie doodle and she ate our easter chocolate. And so i had to rush her to my vet. Who happens to be somebody that i really know very closely. And she’s at the vet right now so um i decided to work at the office and um i actually wanted to talk about on my on my drive-in you know worrying about my dog. I wanted to think about or i was thinking about. How do you actually publish a research publishers news, falcon publishers paper quickly. And why do people have that belief. That publishing quickly is the ultimate goal to what we’re trying to do so you know. How do you publish research publishers news, falcon publishers quickly. You just don’t care you just throw it into any old journal you can send it to. There’s a lot of journals that are out there a lot of them. Uh you just simply have to google how to publish a research publishers news, falcon publishers paper quickly and you just find a journal and you type in journal in your area and you know what’s going to pop up. It’s going to be all these illegitimate journals that are going to allow you to. You can pay to get into a lot of these journals you just pay them a thousand dollars. Maybe it’s two thousand dollars to get into those journals um and they’ll publish it like instantaneously and so you can get your thing published. You can do all sorts of other things that will allow you to publish quickly. Um you know there’s there’s very well known things that we we know about so um you know doing things like doing easier projects and easier research publishers news, falcon publishers ideas. You know things that are maybe based on and i’m not going to sort of put anything down and please don’t just don’t don’t sort of think about this as as as put down but things that you know it’s easy to collect data and it’s very simple to collect data.

It’s simple to come up with some sort of um you know idea of some sort that is just derivative of what other people have done and all of those things will get you published very quickly and they will allow you to do things. You just simply have to strongly mimic maybe another paper. That’s out there and you just basically do the exact same idea and you find another article another journal that will publish that thing. You look at networks and you try to get some sort of research publishers news, falcon publishers publishing network where you’re all working together and everybody is sort of putting your name on their names on everybody else’s papers now. That is not necessarily problematic because that is what science is about but at the same time. That’s how you publish quickly and you publish a lot. So there’s all sorts of tricks that are out there to publish quickly. But i’m going to tell you this and i’m going to ask you this right now. Why the hell are you worried about publishing quickly. If that is what the end goal is is just just to get another paper published. The end goal is to accumulate more stuff accumulate more citations accumulate more cars or can emulate a bigger house. Or whatever you’re looking at then that’s not much of a life that you’re actually living. If you’re going to get external validation from some silly little thing some silly little thing that that people can see and they don’t really understand that that there’s a lot more to this to get original ideas to do something that is that is is good. That requires a substantial amount of work. If you can’t see that you’re missing the whole point to what you’re doing and so we have to realize that the goal is not to publish quickly. It never is. The goal is to do good science to do good research publishers news, falcon publishers to take the time where you are are are doing something just because it is good research publishers news, falcon publishers and it’s hard to do and so if you want to do something that people will read people will will actually respect what you’re doing then don’t publish quickly do the hard work to do things where people will say you know what that person.

She actually spent the time to work. Really hard on this thing and that takes a lot of effort and we recognize that effort. There is so much more behind the scenes to get to an idea that is clear that everybody understands that is published in a very good journal. However you define that very good journal it takes a lot of work and it takes a lot of relentless work and anybody that is doing good work understands what it actually takes to actually get there. And that’s the respect that you want to earn is from the people that are doing good work because they see what it actually takes so if you’re thinking about publishing something fast i’m going to try to get you to say no. Don’t do it. Publish good work work at it. Do something that people will read. Do something that people were will respect you of people that you actually care about. There is so much in this world where we can just hack things. Well you know if you want to get a doctorate degree. If you want to get some sort of degree i can find you a place that you’re gonna get it in a year. I can find you a place that you can get published five times a year no problems. It’s not that hard to find that but to find the place that you’re going to earn respect from other people which is what you are probably seeking simply slow it down and do a good job screw. What other people are saying that they’re saying that you’re not doing good enough work or whatever. Don’t worry about that. Just do good work. Take the time to do it right. Slow it down work hard at it and do it every day for a decade. Good luck and i’m gonna implore you don’t do it. It’s not worth it once. You’ve actually tried to publish quickly and you got there. You’re gonna be looking around you’re gonna be saying well. Why did i do that.

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