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Ethics in research ethics research in research ethics research is important as it provides research ethics researchers with ethical principles or guidelines for the successful conduct of research ethics research but first what is ethics broadly defined ethics is the morality of a human act by morality. We mean the rightness or wrongness of a human act. Speaking ethics is concerned with what is good for the people and the society as a whole thus ethics really matters because it urges us to do good to others and take responsibility of what we do as a branch of philosophy that concerns itself with questions of how people ought to act ethics therefore provides rules that govern the society as a whole this explains why behaving ethically means doing the right thing at the right time in research ethics research ethics provides guidelines for the responsible conduct of research ethics research moreover ethics allows research ethics researchers and scholars to further educate themselves and monitor their activities in the conduct of research ethics research so as to ensure a high ethical standard. Now it must be noted that aside from the fact that research ethics researchers must ensure that research ethics research subjects or participants are not placed in harm’s way they need to be reminded that they have the moral obligation to provide maximum benefits to the participants. This means that research ethics researchers need not think only of their own interest why they conduct the research ethics research it is for this reason that research ethics researchers must be guided by ethical principles in the conduct of the research ethics research to maintain research ethics research integrity and avoid research ethics research misconduct. As we can see there are acceptable and unacceptable conductive research ethics research especially when humans and animals are involved. Needless to say research ethics research misconduct can lead to dire consequences if ignored just consider for example. The famous nazi human experimentation as is well known the nazi human experimentation was a series of medical experiments on a large number of concentration camp prisoners including children conducted by nazi germany. As is well known during the nazi regime in germany.

Nazi medical doctors forced concentration camp prisoners to participate in the experiment. In fact the prisoners did not willingly volunteer to participate in the experiment and no consent was given for the procedures as records show. The experiments had resulted in trauma disfigurement permanent disability and death some of the famous experiments that the nazi medical doctors conducted in the prisoners include sterilization and fertilization experiments head injury experiments mustard gas experiments freezing experiments malaria experiments experiments on twins and bones muscles and nerve transplantation experiments now here are some ethical principles that guide research ethics research honesty research ethics researchers ought to honestly report data and results of the study including the methods and procedures employed in data gathering as well as publication status. Thus research ethics researchers should not falsify fabricate and misrepresent data and results objectivity research ethics researchers should uphold objectivity and scientific rigor at all times thus research ethics researchers should strive to avoid all forms of bias in research ethics research such as bias in experimental design data analysis and interpretation peer review process grant writing and other facets of research ethics research confidentiality research ethics researchers should always uphold the principle of confidentiality. One way of effectively. Doing this is to protect confidential communications such as papers or grants submitted for publications patient records. And the like competence. Research ethics researchers are supposed to be knowledgeable and experts in their own discipline or field of specialization in short research ethics researchers should be competent scholars. Thus they ought to maintain and improve their professional competence and expertise through lifelong education and learning more importantly they ought to take steps to promote competence in science integrity research ethics researchers ought to keep their promises and honor agreements such as agreements with donors and research ethics research participants thus research ethics researchers need to strive for consistency in thought and action.

Legality research ethics research always has a legal dimension thus research ethics researchers ought to obey laws and relevant institutional and governmental policies maturity and openness knowledge is supposed to be free hence research ethics researchers must willingly share data results ideas and resources. They must also be open to constructive. Criticisms and new ideas respect for intellectual property. Research ethics researchers ought to honor copyrights patents and other forms of intellectual property thus they should not use methods data and results owned by other research ethics researchers or scholars without permission or proper acknowledgement more importantly research ethics researchers should avoid plagiarism. At all times responsible publication research ethics researchers need to publish in order to advance knowledge and scholarships and not just advance one’s own career. They also need to avoid wasteful publication such as publishing in predatory journals and duplicative publication non-discrimination research ethics researchers ought to avoid all forms of discrimination against colleagues and students on the basis of sex race ethnicity and other factors that are related to scientific competence and integrity for this reason research ethics researchers ought to respect their colleagues and treat them fairly senior research ethics researchers also need to help educate mentor and advise students senior research ethics researchers therefore have to promote the welfare of their students and allow them to make their own decisions human subjects protection. Research ethics researchers should respect human dignity privacy and autonomy at all times when conducting research ethics research on human subjects research ethics researchers should take precautionary measures to minimize if not completely avoid harms and risks. They also need to maximize the benefits. That participants may get from the results of the study. For instance if a research ethics researcher discovers a cure for a particular disease through her research ethics research on indigenous plants a reasonable part of the patent should go to the indigenous community or communities where the plants are located animal care in recent years.

We have what we call animal rights. Thanks to the efforts of animal rights advocates. For this reason research ethics researchers should respect animal rights at all times as a result they ought to show utmost care for animals when using them in research ethics research research ethics researchers therefore should not conduct unnecessary or poorly designed animal experiments. Social responsibility as already emphasized research ethics researchers should conduct research ethics research not only for the advancement of their own career but for the good of society as a whole thus research ethics researchers should strive to promote social good and mitigate social harms you.

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