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The Shapes of Research logo, researcher logo, researchers logo Initials

We’re back valium back all right guys I’m going to go in here and I’m going to show you what I mean by shapes and not details okay I’m looking at these examples of research logo, researcher logo, researchers logo initials that I showed you guys in class earlier and I’m just going to analyze them in terms of shapes okay so we’re gonna start with melissa smith here we got two m’s in here a bn and uh va over there okay so let’s go so what do I mean the first thing looking at melissa smith the ms does not stand out to me photography doesn’t stand out what stand out most for me is the dark black writing here letters so this stands out first in terms of hierarchy of looking at thing I’m looking at this but again let’s talk about just shapes here’s a shape then I’m looking at photography research logo, researcher logo, researchers logo possibly right here as this see so anything you write think of it as a block of letters that becomes a shape okay when you’re working on research logo, researcher logo, researchers logo design initials it’s not about what font we use what details we did I want you to not think of details I want you to think about the big idea the big idea is how are these shapes coming together to represent your initials and your full name at some point that’s the point of this okay so what I’m saying to you here looking at this person I already told you that I don’t like the I didn’t particularly like the decorative fonts research logo, researcher logo, researchers logo here probably this is stage one of somebody’s work so there’s the m and here’s the s it’s dropped it drops something like this so here we go oh okay so these are the shapes that I am seeing I want you to think of shapes if the shapes make sense then you can easily plug in whatever letters you want whatever words you want it does not matter in my opinion this is balian this is my theory I’m sticking to it okay until you guys can prove me wrong you want to debate you want to discuss I’m open for it okay so we’re looking at this right now okay we’ve got the overall shapes like that very cool very successful in terms of shapes however later I said to you guys earlier in class that I didn’t like the application of using decorative fonts on all three ms same font her name same font photography same font so to me maybe this was a stepping stone of a designer research logo, researcher logo, researchers logo saying okay I’m starting here now I’m going to change it up so this is just a moment in time for us this would have been stronger if it had different typefaces we’re not dealing with that right now okay so let’s look at mc here to me overall right now even though you see two colors I’m looking the big idea for me is a rectangle and within the rectangle there’s a second one embedded here which is something like this okay so let’s go there you go so if you want you can you can do stuff like this to help you see things differently negative positive right okay really cool speaking of negative and positive here okay guys look at this one now right bn again I just downloaded these off the cuff off the internet right did a little search here’s the big idea the letter b is here I did not draw a b guys that’s not what I’m asking you to do right there’s the shape big bold letter boom b what they did is very clever they took a negative space in here and added the n it doesn’t matter what letter you use here it’s the shape idea that’s what I’m hoping I’m asking you to look at I’m asking you to look at things differently don’t fall for the details it’s the same for character design for art you look at all the work the people’s work you get lost with the details that’s not what I want I want you to look at the big shapes here okay so here we go so if I just do something like this you can see there’s the two right sticks out right this one I can come in and highlight this one research logo, researcher logo, researchers logo if you want it doesn’t really matter it’s just shapes think of it as shapes one two three done let’s go with alexander here av so I’m seeing something over here one big where it’s alexander doesn’t matter what’s written in there again does not matter okay and then she’s got something over here here underneath okay and this one is thinner in proportion okay so again it’s hard to draw I’m at the edge of my my my table here so it’s hard for me to get this to work okay so basically proportionally this is thinner okay so I’m just going to try to darken it thinner there’s that then we’ve got something over here doesn’t matter that there’s another letter at the end of the day I see this okay so possibly possibly here’s another level of sophistication to think about let me just move this over a bit I just love using this app because it has that pencil texture research logo, researcher logo, researchers logo okay it’s really superb I think it’s just unbelievable I love that texture okay command shift a to d select okay b for brush so look at this okay let’s talk about proportion now okay I’m just going to talk about geometry and proportion let’s say that this is this is something to look at let’s say this is one thickness this is half the thickness of that.

What do you guys think of that look see veterinary center research logo, researcher logo, researchers logo to alexander do you guys see that so if I go proportionately this is a one this is a half something like that don’t debate and go one third or whatever ideally like we’re playing with just quick quick proportions okay so this could be roughly two let’s just say two what do you guys think so if I take this here and I go like that and I punch it twice let’s say this is two two one to half does that make any sense to you guys what do you guys think any thoughts anybody when I’m talking about proportions research logo, researcher logo, researchers logo not too much somebody says yes okay so look if this was one square right you double that square you end up seeing this look two squares you take the square and divide it in half you get this dude over here isn’t that cool this is kind of like a hierarchy right it’s really it’s really interesting okay so anyhow that’s just an added level of math in there proportions okay so right now looking at these the m right here the full name right here so when you are starting this assignment and I haven’t talked about the practice lines research logo, researcher logo, researchers logo and all that that’s a whole other thing if you’re looking at this and you’re thinking of your initials I don’t want you to come here and go oh yeah mine is a b I’m going to do this now look b and I’m going to do an a and here you go I just did what they did right okay all right so if you do that let’s say this is my initials right a b right do I want a to b first do I want b to b first it’s up to me right so let’s say as a teacher I’ll say value to b first that’s not what I’m asking for I’m asking for you guys to look at things you’re going to bring in eight ideas eight references okay and then you’re gonna just write what you like about it right so I for example for this one bn let me just zoom in for example if I was using this right now let me press six to kind of angle this sheet I particularly okay so you can you can write this in google slides if you want particularly particularly research logo, researcher logo, researchers logo like the use of negative space the use of negative space okay so this would be something I would say about why I like this one okay and it’s also I could go on I can say there’s a block letter and all that so that’s nice and simple okay here contrast of colors I really like that right contrast of color and also this part like see how they took the full name and they kind of brought it in they kind of connected it okay and uh shape relationship is an interesting uh component here shape I can say I like the shape relationship right here okay look at that look how cool that is this one has really good shape relationship right there’s really like the the thing I don’t like is the the s is lost to me here right melissa smith where’s the s it’s somewhere over here I don’t know where it is even though it’s gray okay um so maybe I could say the overall uh let’s see what else can I say I like I’m going to change it up here I’m going to say I like the fact that her research logo, researcher logo, researchers logo speaks to a service she provides to a service which is photography right service and also and it’s about the company okay and about okay I’m running out of space here guys about her company I’m just gonna go over here see how cool that is there’s no right or wrong guys I just want you to think and tell me why you find these research logo, researcher logo, researchers logos that you’re bringing in that makes sense to you right okay so watch this here now I’m going to press I think it’s four to straighten it out okay so what I’ll do right now is let me just take these ones down I’ll push these down to make it easier for us to leave tight space buddy okay so let’s go free transform bring it down like that okay so I have more room there anyway and shift a and so on and this one here I love the proportional gain being played here uh I like this one for example because of the various the hierarchy of information okay let’s just say higher higher or key hierarchy of arrow key is it e y oh my god my brain’s not working I’m sorry guys information of geometrical shapes of if I put geometrical shapes okay that’s what I like I like the fact that the av stands out what does the av stand for alexander and what is alexander alexandra veterinary center and the way I said to you guys earlier it connects from the colors right research logo, researcher logo, researchers logo I thought that was really really cool all right so let me just grab all this I’ll lay this out a little better later okay I’ll just come in here and I’ll just go command t move this down down here okay all right so this is four I’m asking for you guys to do this with eight four times two two times four uh eight examples give your notes as to why you like it you know you can say use of color use of shape negative space hierarchy of information the fonts they chose the visuals right there’s so much we can talk about right so this is what this would look like all right so your first task right now is to go away is to go bring your references in and uh analyze why did you bring these research logo, researcher logo, researchers logos in right remember earlier we were looking at this group here I’m just going to review it again one more time I’ll say better that I’ll just bring this over okay so remember I brought these arbitrarily and like look this one I said I love the fact that it’s a symbol it’s a circle it’s a shape what did they do within the shape they divided it they played with it right so that’s very cool what does ga stand for giorgio armani lovely we talked about this this one I said to you guys works um it’s a little confusing in here but I understand the intent the e and then the d it’s another play on negative space so this is what I would say with this research logo, researcher logo, researchers logo is that you know what it’s kind of interesting right and I love the line underneath okay we’re playing with shapes shapes what are they circles squares that’s all we got here and then negative overlap overlap one over the other very cool and the next one I told you how much I love this one right first off it’s a a is for who so it would be a circle for this one right amelia and what does amelia stand for what is it company perhaps it’s a company what service do they provide photography there it is look how clean this typeface is very clean proportionately it’s smaller I want you to look at the a the the person who designed it says think of the a the a is amelia what is amelia what is it it’s a photography company suite and when was it established 2014 remember that thing I said the lace the over uh like it just beautiful right instead of just drawing a circle here this designer used an interlace right a web a weave those are the things that I’m seeing when I’m looking at this and added and added another level what kind of photography it’s about people people coming together yeah right guys you see how cool this is like see here like we have a picture in the background we’re not there in this course to do this in grade 12 I add the picture um it’s not something I care about right now it means nothing to me I need to see that these shapes work right so for example let me just see if I could also add this one in my in my analysis for you guys okay let me just do this okay hold on let me say bye to this buy to that one I’m gonna make a new layer here I’ll bring that image in okay so let’s just bring that and I’ll analyze this as well this is really cool okay so let’s go in here uh let’s zoom in and I’m just gonna bring it I’m a lefty so I’m gonna bring it to the right side so I could draw on the left okay you guys can do as you wish so here’s an example of something you brought in I brought in and so on right looking at this right now b for brush I’m seeing something like that first off okay I’m seeing something here there then I’m seeing this look this is should be lower but that’s okay and I’m saying it’s something like this overall look at that hierarchy man this is beautiful hierarchy gorgeous right and then we got something here and we have something here don’t worry about what it says inside don’t worry about the letters again I’m repeating so that you don’t get caught up in the details guys if this works right everything else is not an issue then you pick the font you start rewriting your name and so on that’s going to be my next lesson how to write out your letters okay but this is just analysis analysis of shapes look how beautiful this is on its own and it gets better right ready this is my favorite part okay I haven’t talked about this at all yet look at the end of the day okay your research logo, researcher logo, researchers logo becomes a patch okay and that patch can be put on a t-shirt my research logo, researcher logo, researchers logo right here could be on a business card I look at this this is beautifully framed okay so now look at all these things that I’m saying look all right don’t worry that it says an a here this could be any letter that’s why it’s irrelevant for this stage of our growth right of our learning think of it circle square rectangle we got the square we have the circle we have a bunch of rectangles and they all they are all with hierarchy okay this is gorgeous love it and the fact that they have an image in the background whenever you put an x like this it means there’s a picture but that’s in the desktop publishing world don’t worry about it right now just think of it like this okay and also it’s centered it’s symmetrical and so on and so on I could go on but I think this is cool all right I’m going to leave it like this right now I’m going to merge these two together right now and I’m going to resize it and I’ll leave it with you guys in your notes okay so how sweet is that look at that oh love the work I love people who you know who do this kind of this kind of work for a living right I mean it’s pretty amazing like graphic designer is a is a direct component from this course like people who take communication technology think about uh potentially them becoming graphic designer media artist and so on right they could work at a marketing company you can take a business course in school and you have an a you have a better understanding of visual language right and slowly I’m trying to kind of embed that in this course for you guys without like saying this is dogma this is not dogma this is this is something we all discuss and and we debate we say does this make sense to you maybe this be a this method of negative space doesn’t work for someone that’s okay right there’s no right or wrong there’s no I must do the following x y z to make this successful this is about placement of shapes okay so guys I’m going to stop talking here uh we’ll take some I’ll take some live discussions right now on the chats okay.

I’m going to stop recording here.

This is a short lesson nice.

Thank you stop recording.

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